William Mcdowell

On October 20th 2018, Showgrounds main arena was the premier destination for over 10,000 Gospel music-lovers seeking an unforgettable worship experience led by American based Gospel Mega star, Pastor William Mcdowell.  The event which was dubbed FREE to Worship also featured chart-topping local gospel acts such as Pompi, Christine, Esther Chungu, MC Wabwino, Rachael and James Sakala among others.

Pastor William led the masses in an unforgettable praise and worship experience with songs like ‘I belong to you’, ‘I surrender all to you’, and ‘I give myself away’ among other powerful songs. He ended his set with an altar call where about 300 people came in response.

William Mcdowell
Gospel music-lovers
Mc Wabwino
James Sakala
Esther Chungu

About Unstoppable Praise

Unstoppable Praise is an Interdenominational Gospel concert that features some of the best-known musical talents of our time. First setting the bar with American Gospel Artist, Donnie McClurkin, the event is rapidly gaining momentum. The second edition of the event was fittingly themed ‘Free to Worship’ with Pastor William Mcdowell and pulled a crowd of 10,000 worshippers from all over the nation.

Unstoppable Praise, a vision of Pastor Bruce Msidi from Mount Zion Christian Center, is a statement of intent and purpose to show that our praise and worship is unconditional and cannot be hindered by anything or anyone.

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  1. I was blessed by the ministry of Pastor William Mcdowell. It was great to see people come from all over for such a powerful worship experience for FREE!! Unprecedented worship!! #UP2K18



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