Today’s Scripture

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
(Philippians 4:6, NASB)

Anxious for Nothing

So many people today are living uptight, worried and anxious about the future, filled with frustration and concern. In the natural there may be good reason, but understand, that is not God’s best. God doesn’t want us to live in anxiety and frustration; He wants us to live in peace. You can find rest in Him knowing that no matter what is happening around you, God Almighty has His hand on you.

The next time you’re tempted to worry or be anxious about something, remember this verse. God invites us to come to Him. In fact, the Bible says He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. But notice, we can’t just come to Him any old way. He wants us to come to Him with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. Begin by simply saying, “Father in heaven, thank You for the privilege to come before You. Thank You for hearing my prayers.” As you come to Him with an open and humble heart, He will hear you and fill you with His peace and joy all the days of your life.

A Prayer for Today

“Heavenly Father, today I choose to be anxious for nothing. I choose to set aside my worries and concerns. I thank You for Your faithfulness to meet every need in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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  1. I thank God for this message above, and I thank God for the life I am living, He really cares for me and my family. To God be the glory.


    • Morning prayers to the universe, your ancestors, your guiding spirits
      We are all spiritual beings having a material experience. We are so much more than the terrible things that happen to us and so much more than what the systems of oppression, the oppressors and society tell us and reinforce about us. Reminding ourselves of our power, worthiness and our divinity can fortify us and the collective.

      I give praise to the universe
      I give praise to mother earth
      I give praise to all of nature and its beings
      I give praise to all my guiding spirits
      I give praise to my ancestors
      I give praise to all that came before me in this struggle
      I give praise to my elders
      I give praise to all those who have cared for me, protected me, guided me and loved me
      I give praise to….(add any…


  2. Eff off with your religious crap. Religion had never helped anyone on this earth. If anything it is used repeatedly to.hoodwink weak minded chaps like you above. They tell you let us have national prayer whenever they mess up to make you forget that they caused the problem in the first place. Wake up you chimbwis



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