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Zambia Police targets people who spread false information about the sale of ZAFFICO


Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja has announced that Zambia Police have instituted investigations into reports that people with a concealed agenda, peddled falsehoods, that caused riots in Kitwe on the Copperbelt.

Mr Kanganja said that the investigations into the riots will not only focus on criminal elements that took part in the riots and looting of shops, but will be extended to people that orchestrated falsehoods that led to the disturbance.

Mr Kanganja said that the conduct by those behind the riots in Kitwe will not be condoned by Police.

In a statement made available to the media, the Inspector General said that police are also investigating those issuing racial and discriminatory remarks which are likely to cause fear and alarm and propagate xenophobic attacks.

Mr Kanganja has further warned political parties, any grouping and members of the public to desist from any criminal acts and called on the public to always verify any information before taking action, and should always follow laid down procedures.

Yesterday Police on the Copperbelt arrested 151 people in connection with the riots that took place in Kitwe . The riots were sparked by reports that government is in the process of selling off ZAFFICO, a strategic government owned business responsible for timber and wood resources to a private Chinese buyer.

The riots brought business came to a standstill in Racecourse, Kamatipa and Kawama compounds as saw millers and residents alike fought running battles with the police.

Some Chinese owned shops in Kawama compound were looted as residents accused government of favoring the Chinese at the expense of local people.

They also burnt tyres and logs on the road leading to Kamatipa and Nakadoli compounds while charging at the police.


  1. Why arrest HH over ZAFFICO, when infact it was IDC who said they will list it at stock thing so that even Chinese or anyone can buy it? Or buy stock to be owners?
    Target State House to explain in Bemba to people in Nakadoli.

    • @Nostradamus you God double H is always at the wrong side of the whip. He is still pushing for Armageddon now that his case no longer holds in water in court.

    • Zambians are Zambia’s worst enemies! They can’t think or rationalize on their own. They have no idea what fake news is, anything they read on the internet is fact. You have wisdom but no intelligence!

    • Kekekeke @Nubian you are right again. You Nubian Princes is like HH, so Sharp but no wisdom.
      Then Ba Edgar and Inonge so full of wisdom, but not intelligent.
      Mukapa, PF chaimani has wisdom, but not intelligent. How can an intelligent man sell ZAFFICO?

    • Wow you mean you have to listen from politicians for you to act? Ba PIG? Am failing to understand how an opposition leader can incite people in a pf stronghold to go on a riot. Where is the Intelligence ( ZIS, CID )? You mean HH has outwitted you guys?
      Ba kateka was in town to open the $450,000 toll plaza oops! I meant to say $4.5 MILLION toll plaza and the intelligence did not warn him of the riots? I think someone must be fired here. SLEEPING ON THE JOB! oops!

    • It’s crime. Mukula logs were given to ZAFFICO. Meaning whoever had Mukula is one owning ZAFFICO.
      Kanganja don’t go to New Kasama to look for him, start inquiries with Ba Jean she knows someone who knows someone.

  2. Board Chair person is appointed by who? This are the people eating with both hands. This Govt has never told us the truth .

  3. Any one targeting HH is just afraid of him and his is the one inciting the people , Should you insist to do that mark my word, what shall happen, it will be you PF police to blame.

  4. Riots are not a solution but how else will you know that the situation is tense? A hungry man is an angry man. Poor people will revolt if they feels their back is against the wall. Pass strict laws to protect the locals from economic exploitation by foreigners instead of witch-hunting.

  5. So they already know who the PFools police is targeting, but the Chanda brothers can steal and nothing happens to them, what a country. All these statements by the other Chanda(given name in PF can’t even make out which of the morons is any more) is to just point at who they want to make guilty, democracy my foot

  6. They already know who they are targeting with this PFools police, even this useless IG is just a stooge which they use any how and he can’t question any thing in fear for his job, u know convicted chakolwa can just wake up and fire him in his drunken state for no reason

  7. The PFoools police already know who they are targeting with the instruction from the drunk one and the useless PFoools IG will just follow orders in fear for is job

  8. Could we also be updated on the police officer who shot a teargas that killed a university student please before we get side tracked by the riots story!

  9. Let’s not put pressure on our hard working IG Kanganza. I feel for hi he feel presumed to act tough with the lies that he is fired or he may soon go. I urge hi to remain strong and only make arrest were there is proscutable offence. Not withstanding the fact that the upnd lies are the source of concern to majority independent minded citizen planning to arrest him without proof will not help the setuation. State should use its contral on the media to explain it’s policies and decision to the citizens than bein reactive when people acts . Upnd and it leaders are bend on taking advantage of the gap in information by peddling lies thorough their know it all leader which acts as a catering for mob psycology among the less informed citizens. The case of ZAFIICO is one example. president…

  10. The PIG him self has just woken from his deep sleep.
    Corruption is legal pa zed.
    Expression of views is illegal.

  11. The president should have taken his presence to engage the agrieved sawmillers over the alleged sell of ZAFIICO just after the first demostration in Kalulushi. even if he didn’t have time he would have incited them to statehouse . His iteration could have calmed down the protestor who I believe had a genuine fear bearing in mind that it is a big lively hood for many people. If the president responded after the first violent demostration in kalulushi the demostration would have not spread to kitwe which resulted in the rooting of innocent Chinese goods. When you ignore people you give room to hyenas to devorced the cacus and by the time you work up the hyna have taken over you place through falsehood. Take Dora to the ministry of tourism and drop one minister then bring in KBF or Tutwa…

  12. Or Antonio Mawnza or better still Father Frank Bwalya at information. I’m not in anyway saying DORA is not feed for information portfolio but it’s a known fact that many people fiinfs it difficult the listen to Her Defence or expanation for the GRZ due to her past quarrels with Pf.

  13. Pleas tell lungu people need jobs and officiating opening more toll gates is not the same as opening a factory , ok ?

    People are failing to breath because of taxes and you go and open another toll gate ???

    Lungu , sake you advisores ….

    You fail to provide jobs, when people riot , you want to blame HH ??

    Just declear a state of emergency.

  14. learn a lesson…… You can trample on someone ‘s right but you will fail to win a case against him in court. What is very embarrassing is to charge someone on frivolous offences and lose your face in court. Every time the DPP enters nolle which you accused Counsel Mutembo to abuse…..Ba IG learn from the past…..
    The politicians can ruin your career , reputation and family…..
    Where are Rupiah’s children and where is Chanda Chimba?
    In life never side with the wicked man……. his evil never know any boundary.. Today is your neighbour , tomorrow is you.


  16. Welcome move. But again what are the Chinese nationals still doing in these Kitwe compounds? There was a meeting in Kitwe and was all over the media that the Chinese will only be allowed to trade in the CBD.

    This again is confirmation of lack of implementation and follow ups. The local authority in Kitwe must tell us something why it is so?

    What are they still doing in these compounds?

  17. It was the same cover up with ZNBC, ZESCO now ZAFFICO whether part or whole the words sale shares are in it. Am shocked how too many Zambians are dull who do not see wrong just because they belong to that party or are eating looted funds together.

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