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NAPSA urges Domestic Workers ensure their employers remit monthly contributions


Domestic Worker at Work

National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA), Director General Yollard Kachinda has challenged domestic workers to be enforcers of compliance by ensuring that employers remit monthly contributions.

Mr Kachinda said the future of workers in the informal and formal sector will only be secured upon retirement if their respective employers make monthly contributions.

ZANIS reports that he was speaking during the launch of the NAPSA and MTN mobile solution for payment of contributions.

Mr Kachinda urged workers to utilize the newly launched mobile product to constantly check their monthly contribution statements made by their employers.

He complained that compliance levels among employers is very low compared to people working in the informal sector.

Mr Kachinda explained that out of the 6 million plus Zambians in employment, only 900 thousand are currently remitting monthly contributions.

And MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer Charles Molapisi said the partnership between NAPSA and mobile money operators is fundamental in the mobile money ecosystem.

Mr Molapisi said the strategic partnership will enhance the effective and faster transmission of funds in Zambia.

He explained that the product innovation is a response to the need for easier, convenient and affordable ways to pay NAPSA.


  1. We have just fired all our workers today! We can’t go on living with spies in our homes!
    We are better off outsourcing everything!

  2. Ba NAPSA…and you will put them on salary after 55 years instead of giving them their pension. Is it just desperation for more money or what? We are aware of benefits which we are supposed to give domestic workers but you people want to buy luxury vehicles and give yourselves huge allowances at the expense of a domestic worker?

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