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The Opposition Alliance and NAREP’s Role in It


NAREP leader Elias Chipimo
NAREP leader Elias Chipimo

By Elias C. Chipimo

Today marks the eighth day since 10 Opposition Parties came together to discuss ways in which our individual strengths and capabilities can be best coordinated and utilised to bring about a sense of hope in our citizens and a prosperous future for current and unborn generations.

We came together not to select a candidate for a future election but to fight for the ordinary lives that are being destroyed by the mediocrity, corruption, greed and neglect that has beset our once vibrant nation. It is, of course, inevitable that the debate about a single candidate will emerge but if we occupy our minds worrying about that at this stage, we will miss the opportunity to find each others strengths and cover up for each others weaknesses as we forge a path that will re-define how we pursue our politics.

Alliances have come and gone. What will make this current desire for unity succeed will be more than the operational framework we adopt (i.e. the way we organise ourselves internally). While that is important, our success will be based primarily on the effort each of us puts into applying our talents for the common good of our nation, particularly the most vulnerable among us: those battling to put a meal on the family table each day; those struggling with serious health challenges with limited or no financial means to address their plight; those seeking employment or vending on the open streets as a means of survival; those whose twelve and thirteen year-old children are entering the commercial sex trade because it provides a way out of their financial misery; those battling with addiction and substance abuse brought on by the hopelessness of their poverty; those scratching out a pitiful existence in a neglected rural community, not because their land lacks the potential for abundance but because their potential has been endlessly stifled by politicians that long ceased to care for anything other than their vote. These concerns must lie at the heart of our unity.

As an alliance seeking unity on matters of common concern, it is not our place to consider that we have all the answers. We ought to be prepared to learn from one another and to grow through an understanding of the things we lack that can be complemented by the strengths of others. No political party in Zambia is complete in and of itself. Indeed, no individual can exist by themselves. We each require the effort and support of others to live and to thrive. In order to build the Zambia we all yearn for, we have to build the foundation of unity in the mould of our forebears who worked hard to see beyond tribe and helped us to see it too; who sought to live within their means and not make the pursuit of illicit wealth their sole ambition; who understood the enduring power of investing in our people. That is the Zambia we stand united to reclaim.

There will be naysayers and doubters and those that will make it their aim to bring an end to what we are trying to build together. Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy. But this is a fight that must be fought and won; a fight that will ultimately benefit even those who – out of fear that they will lose their grip on power – will use all the means at their disposal to attempt to discredit and destroy not only our aims but our very lives. Our goal must never be to harden our hearts against our detractors but to recognise that they too are part of the fabric that makes up the Zambia we live in today. We must engage with them, no matter how nasty they become, but not on their terms. We must define and hold fast to a new way of interacting with one another, one that builds trust and respect, never giving in to fear and intimidation but to a burning desire to make the life of every citizen better.

So how will we do this? By creating the level political playing field that will allow the best of our individual and collective leadership and political talent to come to the fore. We cannot do this without an independent, investigative, well trained and supported media accessible to all (media reform). We cannot do this without well run institutions that adhere to high governance standards and are independently accountable under the rule of law (governance and rule of law). We cannot do this without a competent judiciary that operates under the glare of full transparency (judicial reform). We cannot do this without a system of electing public officials that is open to full scrutiny and transparent dealings (electoral reform). We cannot do this without a constitution that serves to meet the aspirations of the entire body of citizens rather than the protection of a privileged few (constitutional reform). We cannot do this while there is a constant looming threat of political violence (addressing political violence). We cannot do this without the talent of ordinary citizens whose potential is locked away by joblessness and political exclusion (citizen participation and creation of employment and economic opportunities).

These are the issues that bring us together. These are the issues that as we unite to address, will bring hope to each and every Zambian that is tired of the corruption, plunder and impunity that characterises the present political leadership. It is time to unite around mutual concerns and to remove the real enemy of the people: complacency and the acceptance of the abnormal as normal.

As NAREP, we see our contribution to this undertaking as critical in the ideas we generate. We believe there are solutions to the joblessness affecting the youth and will seek to work with our Opposition and Independent-minded brothers and sisters in Parliament to present legislation that can give life to our visionary TiPanGeni plan within the next sitting of Parliament. We believe that our thoughts on judicial reform, corruption and governance will offer a vibrant approach to accountability and slaying the now accepted prevalence of corruption. Regardless of who comes to power, it will be important to have established a solid working relationship among the various political stakeholders around agreed approaches to these and the other matters on our common agenda. Our doors remain open to all that seek a better Zambia, including genuine Opposition parties that are yet to step into this partnership. Join us.

The Author is the President of the opposition National Restoration Party in Zambia


    • Chipimo and his “party” is a failed project. Full of promise when he started but today is a shell of himself. He has no single member anymore. All of us youths who thought there was hope in this man have been disappointed. This chap has never held a mass rally anywhere. He has no following.

    • Chipimo you had an opportunity to lead a very successful party. But alasou failed lamentably. You have now become a Kainde worshiper.

    • “Opposition NAREP President Elias Chipimo has proposed a grand plan to usher in an interim President for Zambia who will be tasked to come up with a new constitution.

      The Blueprint entitled: “The Restoration of Zambian Democracy” is aimed at uniting opposition parties and other stakeholders to coordinate a mass movement of voters that will elect a neutral presidential candidate for a limited period of no more than 9 months.

      Mr Chipimo made the proposals during a media briefing held at the NAREP Secretariat in Lusaka Sunday morning.”

      Hahahahahahahahah hahahahaha hahahah. Hohohoho Hohohoho

      Some of these misguided politicians could be suffering from syphilis of the brain.


      Home Headlines


      Elias Chipimo proposes Interim President of Zambia to push for a new constitution

      May 11, 2014

      He’s finally lost it. He’s gone cookoo, nuts!

    • Young Chipimo, you are a good lawyer but a terrible politician. This is evident in poor decisions you make in politics. Anyone with extensive experience in capacity building, organisational change, and competitive strategy must be laughing at this circus. HH is simply asking you all to sign-up to be his subjects than 2021 competitors. Technically, you are relegating yourselves to the dustbins of history. The illusion of deposing Chagwa is never a unifying factor among voters. Aggregating your following on the ground, attest that this is another goose chase. Mature politician such as Nawakwi Hambulo, Brig General Miyanda, Kabimba and Sophisticated thinker M’membe will never parade themselves for the doomed HH elevator pitch.

    • In Texas we call such kind “All Hat And No Cattle”. He ain’t got no clue how this is run ship but he wants to be a Jack of all trades and in the end he just proves to be nothing but a jack$$ass.

      Like FTJ (MHSRIP – I must admit I never liked his politics) would ask!! Who are you representing, which MPs under your parte are in parliament. How about yourself, which elected office do you hold to claim you are speaking for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise?

      No ward level, no branch level, no councilor level, no constituency level, no national level … absolutely nothing!!! Which people Chipimo, which people … go play some golf if you have run out of things to do instead of creating anarchy in the nation, the only best country God gave man on the continent of Africa.


    • Continued…

      Zambia will be just fine without you in it, if we needed you for anything we could have given you votes but last time you couldn’t even get 1%.

      Forcing yourself on others is called dictatorship, let people seek out for you. That’s leadership, shaa!!!

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

      Original Content, No Copyrights Reserved.

      Get back to the courts and help the victimized if you care about the poor and marginalized or if law is what you studied. Politics is not in your blood. These things belong to the owners ka! Shaa!

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    Very classy and articulate… this over that ‘goat’ cow manure I just read. This Chipimo guy, I’m starting to like him because he speaks to my inner soul. I think I would join this fight… time for me to reevaluate my existence on this earth and examine what contribution I would want to make towards the destiny of my people. Clearly Lungu and his minions are not the right people as their objectives are to enrich themselves and accumulate illicit wealth at the expense of the ordinary people. Given a genuine vehicle, I’m prepared to sacrifice everything and this well paid salaried job to go and help my country pick up the pieces.

    I’m increasingly starting to believe that the future of Zambia will depend on the sacrifices and contributions her great sons and daughters (wherever they…

  2. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    …I’m increasingly starting to believe that the future of Zambia will depend on the sacrifices and contributions her great sons and daughters (wherever they may be) make. Time to join the ‘fight’ people!

    Good on you Chipimo and your friends!

    • Joining hands with perpetual failures can never ever rebuild anything. Chipimo wants to change the exams because he has failed. The constitution has been changed the opposition must just roll up their sleeves and work the masses to their favour, them the change they desire will come. Transitional governments are another guise for illegal dictatorships… entering government through the back door after you fail to do so legitimately… cry the beloved country we have zero opposition just a collection of clowns

  3. Young man.sata beat mmd alone

    You dont know political warfare. You just look like cry babies. Be buoyant.

    Do exhibit fear. You just look girlish crying for a doll

    • Spot on. Zambian opposition party politicians always forget that it easier to win an election than for the incumbent to get re-elected in any free and fair election. So in this alliance the leader and/or he’s hasn’t been chosen, come 2021 if they will choose they will breakup and run solo then lose and accuse PF of rigging, which will be another recipe for PF to win.

  4. Nice piece of writing..indeed detractors will sing the loudest about how unimportant your alliance is.. but even a hurricane starts of a slow blowing wind which people don’t pay attention to.. but since in the short time you have come together people have already taken time to try and denounce you simply means you are actually giving your opponents something to worry about…

  5. The most important issue in the country now is how Zambia will make money to develop, talk about this burning issue of the day-Tax. What are your plans on taxing the mines? Stop this power digging quest , at least for now. How long shall we allow the exploiter fly away with our only Forex earner for free? Be it you or anyone else money is needed to develop Zambia. Help decide today how we will raise it if not from our natural resources you all sing about .

  6. Between parties, a pre-election legal contract framework is desirable. A post-election legal contract framework is also desirable. The critical issue is political collaboration. Political collaboration to achieve political objectives clearly defined. First, winning campaign strategy. Two, sharing political positions. Three, development agenda. The development agenda must focus on job creation, economic growth, debt and Foreign Direct Investment. Winning campaign implies manifesto, funding and coordination of campaigners. Sharing political positions implies designating and selling the wining residential candidate to the voters.

  7. The historuy of political alliances in Zambia is a disaster.Our Constitution does not support alliances because ours is a Constitutional Democracy and NOT parliamenatry Democracy where deals among aplliance members can be hatched in form of coalition govt.Unless at the end of the day you all agree to dissove your political parties(which is most unlikey) to form one united party,I dont see this unity of opposition parties going anywhere.

  8. Says the man who came up with a ‘Blue Print’ to usher in an unelected indivudual to release a new Constitution. Well written, hog wash idea. And this is the same character who teamed up with Miles Sampa and Eric Chanda as a group of educated youths.
    No confidence do they inspire.

  9. Well written than the crap I was reading from Chanda. Respect even the detractors and their bad mouthed goat language. Because if you fight a good cause it will even benefit the bad mouthed. I do not measure people by their popularity because in Zambia it is possible even for lunatics to lead the country and genuine people left out. Some very genuine and intelligent Zambians like Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, Peter Magande etc have no follows yet these are people of good standing character with good clean track records but have no follows. Zambia really puzzles me no wonder we are where we are.

  10. Which normal Zambians are these characters representing and what hope can they bring to Zambians? I nauseate to even see their pictures. For 10 years now, Chipimo, Mulongoti, Milupi and others have lead a one man party each with no members; no room for executive; no manifesto; no intra-party elections; no convention. What democracy are they talking about. When put together, they get 0.001% vote in general elections and now you think you can ride on Zambians like donkeys into state house. Ubepele fye boy. Not in Zambia.

  11. Which Zambians do these goats think they represent? Myself I go for work very early in the morning, pay my bills, taxes and take care of my children. Over the weekend I inspect my small Businesses and a small farms. Pay my workers. I last voted in 2006 just for the fun of it. Even the current government does not give me any hand outs to survive.

  12. Alliances in Zambia cannot work. The problem is that most of opposition leaders have one thing in common, presidency. Soon there will be struggle for who to lead an alliance. UPND by the virtue of being second largest opposition in the country, cannot accept to be led. Other opposition too will feel, it is them who are supposed to lead. In short alliances in Zambia is a pipedream and worst of space. It is a delusion to think that HH can accept to be led by small parties like NAREP. If he refused to be led by Sata, who had a larger following than him, what makes these opposition think he can change the mind and be led this time around? It is an illusion of the worst kind. Zambia will always be led by one party till the electorate think otherwise.

  13. Thats where you are wrong Elias. HH is in this thing for his presidency. If you think otherwise you dont understand him and are pony his chess game. If what you believe was true HH would have been president before, at least even VP.

  14. Sunday Chanda was right….Chipimo has been turned into another Useful I.d.iot for Hechi Hechi…

    Your alliance is a still birth Chipimo….

  15. Chipimo is frustrated .age and failure is coupled by such reasoning.The guy is among the people who think that HH can bring heaven to them.

  16. Hallo ba Chipimo,you may be very genuine as Chipimo,but can kambwili,hh,gbm allow you to over shadow them? All these guys are hungry for plot 1.Already just this writing u have done can cause ripples in your alliance hh,kambwili will feel out done,unless you are the spokes person of the group.GOOD LUCK.

  17. At last the opposition have realised that there is strength in numbers and it is now the time to oust this corrupt, thieving government .

  18. My son has nothing but a borrowed accent to offer. He has never been the same after participating in privatization of national assets. Infact the only thing my son and HH share in common is privatization.

  19. Elias Chipmunk Jr, need I remind you that Mr Michael Chilufya Sata started the party alone just a few weeks before the general elections and managed to produce one member of Parliament. The next general election his PF came 2nd, the third try he won the election. PF and all the parties are selling to the same customers (Zambian people ) and it’s the best that will sell. In short just work to be the best instead of harboring hate, spreading lies and advocating violence. Go out to the people even to the remotest corner and market yourself instead of making pronouncements from fancy hotels with fancy accents.

  20. Chipimo is an idi0t.

    He has nothing to offer apart from abusing his father’s legacy.

    Political alliances DONT WORK IN ZAMBIA u dumb a$$ Chipimo.

    Besides, HH got all the support that he needed on EARTH but the monk@y still couldn’t win an election.

    wake up u goats in sheep’s skin…

  21. Chipimo, please soldier on, you will find postings which are hollow like from bafana like Mr Kudos, just ignore the thing and soldier on. Don’t be discouraged, there will be twists, tribulations, treachery and so on along the way, Just carry on Man.

    • I totally agree. Let him be the leader and hh must be running mate


      Am a non partisan political consultant

  22. Opposition members please keep your eyes on the ball. Please ignore the spineless cowards posting negatively here. Your agenda is not theres. Remember most of those posting negatively about you guys are hired mangwamus. Aluta continua, let them post and post, just say Wooooo

  23. Ba Chipimo. You came into politics thinking you would use your great Fathers name MHSRIP. You are no where to making it as a politician. Mwaiche stop the nosense it’s not for you.

  24. Elias Chipimo jnr you are great.You are on the right path you people. Don’t listen to the distractors.They are feeling the heat.They know the opportunity of stealing from Government coffers won’t be there anymore as their survival deed

  25. The only way this alliance can yield positive results is when Elias Chipimo is chosen as the leader and HH his running mate.

  26. Chipimo,Mulongoti,Milupi,Siwale,Kambwili,lukuku,Sean re all running *briefcase* political parties.Without membership or any following.They ve now been reduced to HH waiters I.e serving him mineral water and the like.This alliance was there in 2016 and ECL thumped them!Nothing will change,its headed for another defeat!

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