The Ministry of Health has revealed that over 76, 000 women have undergone cervical cancer screening in 2018.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Department of Health Promotion, Environment and Social Determinants Assistant Director, Sharon Kapambwe said that 11 percent of the screened women showed signs of cervical cancer cell formation.

Dr. Kapambwe said that the affected percentage from the screened women have shown signs of abnormal cells that had not yet developed into cancer.

She however revealed that the affected women have been placed on a programme to come in for routine testing.

“Every month an average of 130 women come in with suspected cases of cervical cancer in our local clinics country wide” she said

Dr. Kapambwe has also revealed that of the percentage of women that showed abnormal cells after screening, were being treated in various clinics across the country.

She revealed that those that have full blown cancer detected, have been referred to the University Teaching Hospital where they are being attended to by professionals.

She observed that cervical cancer was the most common cancer affecting most women in Zambia, hence the need for early detection.

Dr. Kapambwe further said cervical cancer was a highly preventable cancer if detected early.

The Health professional has since encouraged women countrywide to go for screening, adding that the ministry aims at coming up with screening facilities in at least one health facility per district in the country.

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  1. Screen more and more. I attended the cancer clinic at UTH a few years ago and was left very concerned and wondering why Zambian women are particularly prone to this ( something No. 3 in the world?). has the ministry carried out a research on this? Could it be that unhealthy ‘ pads’ such as tissue or chitenge are used in menstruation? Or the infamous ground tree-bark for tightness and dryness? Just what is it, because now we also see an increasing number of women using ” insunko”. Please, Let’s find out, before we start seeing women with cancerous throats / noses.


  2. Cervical cancer is caused by the sexually transmitted HPV and I guess the high CACX figures mean that HPV-16 is highly prevalent in the country



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