Mufumbwe District Administrative Officer, Patson Mulaisho has commended government for taking an initiative to translate the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) document into the main local languages spoken in various regions of the country.

Speaking during a stakeholders meeting on the 7NDP document presentation in Mufumbwe today, Mr Mulaisho said the initiative is proof of government’s intention not to leave any person behind in the developmental agenda of the country.

Mr. Mulaisho said the 7NDP is a document developed by Zambians to guide the nation in the developmental process.

He said the translation of the 7NDP into local languages will enable local people not to have an excuse of saying they do not know the content of the plan written in English.

And Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) Programme Officer, Eddy Musosa has implored ward development committees (WDCs) and civic leaders in Mufumbwe district to take time to explain the contents of the translated copies of the 7NDP document to the local people in their respective wards.

Mr. Musosa encouraged WDCs and civic leaders to put aside their political affiliation but to instead regard the 7NDP as their manifesto for development for the five years stipulated under the document.

He said people will only be in a position to demand for their desired development if they understand the developmental agenda which government has outlined for them through the 7NDP.

He pointed out that it is the first time Zambia is translating such a document into local languages ever since the country started packaging the national development plans.

And a Mufumbwe resident, Edson Katoka has applauded government for the translation initiative saying it will make people aware of the content of the document.

Meanwhile, Kamabuta ward Councillor, Kellys Kulaunda has appealed to government and stakeholders to ensure that the translated copy of the 7NDP document is made accessible to all Zambians.

The CSPR is currently implementing a 7NDP awareness project in Mufumbwe District of North-Western Province.

Among the key stakeholders engaged in the implementation of the project are civic leaders, WDCs, heads of government and parastatal organisations and the ordinary citizenry of Mufumbwe.

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    • The story is a lie. Who gets excited over a translation? When the plan translates into food on the table Zambians will be elated



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