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KCM threats to downsize meant to blackmail Government-Nathan Chanda

Economy KCM threats to downsize meant to blackmail Government-Nathan Chanda

PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda
PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda

The ruling PF on the Copperbelt says it finds threats by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to downsize its operations as a result of the new tax regime as total blackmail to the government.

PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda says the reasons being advanced by KCM are not genuine adding that KCM should be truthful and stop issuing threats of job cuts.

Mr Chanda said the PF on the Copperbelt will not accept such empty threats.

“If KCM has failed to run the mine, it is better they pack and go. In the past few months, we had stated that if KCM is not interested in running the mine, let them go. We find the tendency by the mining companies to use threats and blackmail government as myopic thinking. The best KCM can do is to hand over the mine to Government if they are making losses. No normal investor can hold onto a company which is making losses,” Mr Chanda said.
“KCM should not subject our people to job losses. When the mines, in particular KCM, are making profits, they remain mute. Now that there is need to pay taxes which will benefit the Government and the Zambian people, they want to issue threats. Such unethical behaviour will not be allowed on the Copperbelt.”

Mr Chanda said this is a timely warning to KCM and other mines not to arm-twist and blackmail the government.

“We the PF on the Copperbelt will not leave the issue of KCM to the President alone to handle. We will stand by him and his government’s policy decisions. If KCM is not performing according to expectations, we the local leadership are at liberty to question and put on record what we want. And as the Provincial PF leadership, we will petition the Minister of Mines and the Unions leadership to ensure that the rights of the miners are protected through them not losing any jobs. If their want to save money let them fire all expatriate workers who get better salaries than our fellow Zambians,” he said.

“Like, His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has said, no form of intimidation will be tolerated from KCM and other mines. Why should KCM protest the new mine tax regime? These minerals belong to us the Zambian people and we can’t be subjected to intimidation of job layoffs. KCM should engage the Government through dialogue than these empty threats of downsizing its operations.”

He added, “We once again appeal to KCM to reconsider and stop their ill-timed move of cutting down on the workforce. If they can’t reconsider their position, let them hand over the mine to Government.”

“My advice to Zambians and all political parties is to not politicize this very important issue just to gain cheap political mileage. This is a matter of patriotism and livelihood for so many Zambians. If we love this country and our miners, we need to stand together, put politics aside and make sure our people maximise the benefits from the mines through this new tax regime in order to uplift the living standards of our people and develop our Country in a more sustainable way.”

“We know and have information that some of our fellow Zambians and some opposition leaders will be bought in order to be spokespersons for the mines but for us as PF party in the province, we want to stand with the miners and the unions. We don’t support Job cuts on the Copperbelt Province but we stand for the mines to pay what belongs to Zambians,” he said.


  1. I am curious: what happens if someone just says President Lungu or Mr Lungu? What is this outpouring of nameplates and praise? Anyway, ni pa Zed mama unga lakwe bene bake.

    • Okay, if you know that you are being blackmailed, what are you going to do to stop people from losing their jobs??, do just be making statements here

    • I don’t think it’s in Mr Chanda’s remit to issue such careless statements on behalf of GRZ.

      God Bless ZAMBIA.

    • It’s ironic that Chanda & PF are now crying out loud… “empty threats”…. by the mines and essentially KCM!

      Anyway, Happy New Year Lusaka Times & the bloggers.

      The Skeleton Key

  2. Mr. Nathan Chanda, you’re just talking without substance. You’re wasting time for the people you’re with on the photo. Those people are supposed to be doing some useful work or thinking what they can do. Nathan, you should be thinking ahead if what the mine companies are saying is true, what will happen to the miners who will lose jobs? Do you have immediate alternatives for them? You are the guys who are suppose to be thinking for solutions, then present to the president who is so busy. No Zambian is happy that were are loosing revenue, but each year Zambia Revenue collects money which part of it can be used to create national mines, eventually we can enjoy our money and effectively control multinational companies from the business point.

  3. The best thing would be for the government to take over the mine. Apparently its very clear that KCM and other mining investors dont want to pay taxes. Obviously the copper prices have droped recently but how honest do you develop when major companies are dodging to pay taxes? #Letthem go.

    • Taking over the mine is a populist call and we (GRZ) has failed to run mines in the past. Compensation for the owners? If only it was easy to be in the mining industry.

  4. Running the country appears easy because leaders are accountable to themselves. They can fabricate false data about the economy or debt. Government to run the mine is like buying a fire truck worth $250,000 at $1,000,000.

  5. Dont politicise are matters I equally agree.

    Trump must go. But when you look at the Dems you just see disaster. They have started using vulgar language like upendi.

    I always say PF is a failed project and Lungu must GO

    But what is alternative voice.

    If upendi had a solution for Zambia here is chance to provide clue that sway swing voters.

    Dont just thumb me down

    Don’t insult me because I haven’t insulted anyone

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • Even if you were a partisan political commentator, you have a right to hold and air an opinion. No Zambian of any importance has a right to insult you for exercising the said right.

  6. It’s political, you were given a choice to choose between someone smart like HH who can articulate issues and a laid back individual who can’t articulate issues and has a checkered past. You decided on the later like a woman who chooses a bad boy over a good one and wonders why her life is miserable. You don’t know HH and I’m sure you have never come close to him to be able to make a truthful and honest opinion about him. You like many Zambians think they are smart and know what’s best for the country, which apparently is not looking at the many mishaps we have had at selecting right leaders. almost everyone we choose is a thief accumulating wealth at the speed of light. Trump was duly elected and he has done very well considering all the metrics and a good economy his opponents…

    • I agree with you 100%. We do know him thats why we dont vote for him nation wide.

      My point is simply if he is able to articulate economic issues let him do it now. PF is a failed Project. Let a genius give direction and we shall go for that alternative voice

      Sata would state his vision

      What we hear from hh is Mukula.zaffico.fire tender. Amnubulance .Znbc sale and arresting lungu in 2021.

      Is that a vision

      Trump will win

      And lungu will win

  7. The Chandas of Zambia are very talkative. Please this is a sensative issue and the PF should stop these Chandas from issuing statements that can have severe consequences. This little Chanda is in the party not the government. please people around the world are having thoughts of our political circus because any Chanda will stand up and spew his ignorance.

  8. Am very surprised and in shock to see some postings supporting the mine owners on the issue of new tax regime. Obviously, it can only come from opposition opportunists who cant see and sense that bu siding with those denying Zambians through Government the very best of its natural resources, they making a grave mistake. Its plain truth that mining investors have been raking huge billions of dollars time immemorial and evade tax. The wealthy they get from countries like Zambia is used to support their countries of origin and these guys live extravagant lives world over. Its time all Zambians came together especially youths to support Government on these issues and forsake opposition opportunists who side with investors that rob Zambia of its wealth.

  9. To prove that these so called mine investors have been raking billions of dollars throughout, just go back in history and retrieve the figures they claim to lose in profits once the country experiences power outages from ZESCO per day and you will never support them! We cant be robbed of our wealth for centuries just in the name of job cut threats, NO! Even the nimers themselves need to be in the forefront to support Government that its better we lose jobs but lt Government collect its share of wealth as this money can be used to build and develop other sectors

  10. The mines make a lot of money, we also should benefit, yes the timing might be wrong but we have to get a share of our pie. On this one the President is right we need to have a serious dialogue with these individuals because you cant make k200 and only share k5.


  12. There is nothing wrong in demanding the mines pay their fair tax to zambia , but what is wrong is heaping the incompetence and mismangment of Zambias economy by lungu and pf on the mines.

    There is nothing wrong in expecting a lean profitable business. That is what every bussiness strives for.

    Zambia should now be at a stage were we maximize taxes from mines , and if they downsize workforce , we simply redeploy the miners to other diversification industries.

    But after spending $17 billion, we find we are still fully dependent on the mines for everything. There are no jobs. The economy is stalling.

    A hallmark of Lungu and pf incompetence and corruption.
    News from the industrialised world is not good either with a slump in the global economy predicted.

  13. Now that this boy has been given the provincial chairmanship of the PF, he feels he should also squeeze in a few words into the topic at hand so as to let everyone see he has some substance.

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