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PF Regime’s Poisonous New Year Gift of Heavy Tax Burden is Destroying Jobs and Businesses-HH

Headlines PF Regime’s Poisonous New Year Gift of Heavy Tax Burden is...

HH addressing the media at Dr Kambwili’s residence
HH addressing the media at Dr Kambwili’s residence

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says the pending job losses, operational reductions and closures of businesses which are causing untold misery to Zambians people should squarely be blamed on the PF regime’s lack of vision, incompetence and greed which is fueling corruption to levels never seen before in the country.

Mr. Hichilema says it is now abundantly clear for all to see that the PF regime’s poisonous New Year gift of a heavy tax burden is destroying jobs and businesses in the already distressed country.

“From the vantage point of knowledge, we, HH, UPND and other experts, have for a long time rendered free advice that multiple and excessive taxes injure both our people and the economy alike but this greedy and corrupt PF leadership is not listening. For a long time now, this is what some of us knew would happen sooner or later. It is called ‘vision or ichimonwa’ which PF lacks in a large measure”, Mr. Hichilema said.

He said as things stand under what he has termed as “this ‘ Clueless Hyena / Chimbwi No Plan (CNP)’ PF regime” many businesses including mines are being taxed to a point of shrinking their operations to a minimum (care and maintenance) or even possible closure.

“The resultant effect of this negative development include huge job losses in an economy which overall is not creating new jobs for the youth and other citizens who need income the most. For instance: (a) Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), Chingola – The ill-conceived newly introduced 5% import duty on concentrates will result in the scale down of operations at the KCM plant in Chingola”, He added.

Mr. Hichilema said this negative development will result in loss of many jobs and other negative effects on business while at First Quantum Minerals in Solwezi, over 1,000 jobs will be lost with substantial pain occasioned to families and related businesses in Solwezi, North Western province and other parts of Zambia.

He said all this will arise because of the new PF driven high/destructive tax menu and non-refund of the US$400 million the PF regime owes to FQM.

“We should all remember that many other businesses (including local ones) are owed money directly or indirectly under this VAT refund mess, high fuel costs imposed by PF, PF’s high electricity costs, despite all this pain, Zambians have to endure under the uncaring and brutal hands of PF, we ask our citizens to remain strong and retain hope because the UPND have a solution to this PF inflicted mess”, He said.

He said the UPND will lower the tax burden for the people and businesses including removing the 5 percent import duty on concentrates, removing the withholding tax on rentals and other costly/unnecessary taxes, licences and levies, drop the multiple/compound effect sales tax and revert to VAT at reduced rates and lower both the cost of living and doing business by reducing, the cost of fuel, reducing the cost of electricity, among other cost reduction measures.

Mr. Hichilema said the benefits to the people of UPND measures include protecting/preserving the current few jobs and businesses, creating more jobs and business opportunities, economic expansion and development leading to more jobs, business consolidation and growth (in number and scale, local and others).

He added that this will also lead to improved public revenue generation ability which will improve their capacity to provide social support to the youth, the sick, the old, orphaned children and those with disabilities and from poor/ disadvantaged families.

“In the UPND, we believe that it is not possible to achieve any meaningful and sustainable job creation, business growth and economic development when a government (like the PF one has done) takes money/resources (through over taxation and corruption) away from the efficient hands of individual citizens and businesses and places it into the hands of a few (greedy and corrupt ) PF officials and politicians who are inherently incapable of exercising any kind of honest and prudence in resource utilisation or management”, he added.

Mr. Hichilema has since urged Zambians across the country to unite in supporting the UPND team and other citizens of goodwill for them to take the country out of the PF inflicted damage and pain.

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  1. This is the reason HH should not become president as his interests lay with the big, rich guys and not the ordinary Zambian. HH is a houses negro. He is eating with the people that are stealing from us.

    • We know this Under 5 Privatizer. He only sees bad things in every policy direction. We are resolved to keeping him away from the corridors of power. There’s no way someone can claim to know it all. He really lacks political experience. He’s an infant. He’s bad for Zambia. Today LPM and MCS are darling angels in his crooked mind. He used to call the late president a Urine Bag.

    • There goes the Anglo-American proxy who is ready to do their bidding once given power by Zambians to preside over ZAMBIA LTD.

    • HH is absolutely right on this one.

      1.PF has killed farming in Zambia by not paying or under paying farmers and then increasing taxes and energy prices.

      2. Small businesses not affiliated to PF have to pay excessive fees and fines on top of heavy taxes to just stay afloat. End result is the unecessary costs are passed on to consumers who also have nothing left after Paying for expensive energy and high rent tax induced rentals.

      3. Now for the mines any tax increase can not be passed on to the buyer easily but easily absorbed by the business itself inform of job loses. To be honest if you include the millions paid to PF top officials in bribes, the mines have paid a better share of taxes compared to PF run companies.

      4. HH has a point when he says giving the control of…

    • 4. HH has a point when he says giving the control of resources to corrupt PF officials who use tax money for personal gain contributes to the reason why mines are reluctant to pay more.

      5. Because PF have stolen all the money and non is left they now want to squeeze juice from the rock by increasing energy prices and introducing high dodgy taxes.

      PF has failed. If the mines pack up and go like they did in Zim Zambians will join the Zim trend soon. I have long predicted that Zambia is slowly going the Zim way under Lungu and PF.

      In the end when people loose jobs in CB the burden will be on Lungu and his PF.

      Lungu must go.

    • Look at Zim today. It has all the diamonds gold and platinum plus improved infrastructure. But why is Zim suffering?

    • There is nothing Zambian in HH’s elevator pitch for multi-nations. He is callously lobbying for mining firms to continue extracting our natural resources tax free. Politics of treachery rhetoric must have a limit when it comes to national interest and what is for the common good. This explains why Zambian voters are lost at sea when it comes to opposition politics. No patriotic voter can risk the country with such treachery.

    • (HH) is just a scoundrel what a jerk, no figures no methods in his outrageous claims.

      “Mr. Hichilema said the benefits to the people of UPND measures include protecting/preserving the current few jobs and businesses, creating more jobs and business opportunities, economic expansion and development leading to more jobs, business consolidation and growth (in number and scale, local and others)”

      And they claim to be economic experts.

    • @Wanzelu nothing wrong with you being an ardent suppoter of the Headless Hyena (HH) but blind cadreism is dangerous. The arguments raised by Kainde reveal how truly flawed and under 5 his logic is. He says he will expand the economy? How? You need money to expand the economy. How can you expand without getting a fair share from our resources? Your friend Spaka is more objective.

    • LT you are poor at summarizing what someone says so learn to post the full statement so that we can read for ourselves.

    • **********
      Typical Armchair Critic.

      He never says how different he would do things. Its a Cry Baby, Cry Baby & Cry Baby …. all the way.

      ********This is the best time HH to suggest alternatives. He is speaking like a GOP or typical USA Republican Party Member arty

    • @1.11 Kudos

      Badala , as football shows , throwing money at a club does not guarantee you trophies…sound management does.

      You can tax the mines and citizens to the bone or borrow endlessly , but if you have incompetent leaders , it just aint happening.
      Sustained development will remain but a fleeting illusion , to be dreamed of but never attained….

    • @Kudos,
      Its you PF supporters who support the PF bunch of thieves blindly despite their massive corruption and thieving of public resources.

      What I just stated has nothing to do with being an ardent supporter of HH. My comment has everything to do with prudent economic management as outlined by HH, which unfortunately the PF does not have a shred of. When is PF going to create income generating investments that will sustain the economy as opposed to consumption oriented development? I have not seen any PF policy that has yielded any positive economic outlook for the time it has been in power apart from substandard Mall and road constructions which the top PF leaders are using as a conduit for embezzling loans borrowed using tax payers money as collateral.

      PF has borrowed a lot of…

    • @Kudos,

      PF has borrowed a lot of money already. But what sustainable employment investments has it made apart from giving construction jobs to the Chinese on the back drop of huge borrowing? Building eventual white elephants such as Malls will not solve any of Zambia’s impending economic down fall. Spain did the same and ended up abandoning the constructed sites. Zimbabwe has a lot of Malls compared to Zambia. It will take another decade for Zambia to equal Zim in infrasture. But look at Zim despite having a lot malls the country is struggling to point where the malls are empty most of the time.

      Over taxation is a dangerous recipe for disaster. Its actually killing the goose that lays the golden egg as the popular saying goes.

      With the money PF has borrowed, If I was the…

    • @Kudos,

      With the money PF has borrowed, If I was the president , today Zambia would be producing electric cars and electronic goods such as mobile phones. Its shocking that Zambia can not even produce copper electric cables for export. A wire extrusion machine only cost a few millions. Tooling lathe machines used to produce a host of mechanical components for vehicles and other machines to drive real competitive industrialisation cost only a few million dollars as well. Construction machinery costs a few millions as well. All these things I have listed here could have been bought by PF if Lungu has any vision to develop Zambia as opposed to stealing from Zambians.

      In this day and age its shameful to have foreign entities constructing structures like mall ,roads and bridges when…

    • @Kudos,

      In this day and age its shameful to have foreign entities constructing structures like mall ,roads and bridges when Zambia has the capacity to do that had not been for the stup1d PF regime.

      All the money PF wants raise out of over taxing Zambians and businesses is for its leaders pockets as shown by the current situation.

    • @xFactor. Gop is very consistent. It’s the Dems that play childish politics

      They cant state why they oppose TRUMP wall. Ati its immoral to build a wall . Honestly. But trump promised and he has to deliver election promise.

      The same chaps will be saying TRUMP failed to deliverr the promise

      Just because trump can use the F word some Dems can now use it on TRUMP too

      Look at hh. He now writing like Sunday chanda

    • It’s unfortunate that for some people even common sense is elusive despite their education. You are more comfortable to support someone who has been tried and failed miserably and condemn with undiluted viciousness an aspirant.

  2. In the UPND, we believe that it is not possible to achieve any meaningful and sustainable job creation, business growth and economic development when a government (like the PF one has done) takes money/resources (through over taxation and corruption) away from the efficient hands of individual citizens and businesses and places it into the hands of a few (greedy and corrupt ) PF officials and politicians who are inherently incapable of exercising any kind of honest and prudence in resource utilisation or management”, he added.

  3. I support his views. The economy is fatigued and PF wants the mines to bear the load now.

    But hh should continue and state how he will boost govt treasury.

    The only thing I see in the article is PF failures and the use of callous language in describing PF like Sunday Chanda

    • @ spaka. Have you noticed that you have different views from hh

      You are saying lets have fair share of our resources using Trump preposition y. Meanwhile hh says no. Lets not overburden mines.

      Between you and hh who is right badaala

    • Politico…

      Basically the message is the same, HH is talking of current situation I am talking of what would have been.

      But as of now HH is right, since PF have missed the opportunity , he is saying don’t kill the cash cow by over milking…

      Incompetent governments relay solely on taxing to the max while monies raised by those taxes are not fed into the economy correctly …. Wealth creation is something left to others as in this case.

  4. When he talks about the economy, corruption by the pf, it makes sense but his propehecies are all wrong!!!!

  5. No meaningful Zambian will ever allow this man to enter state house. He is just something else can’t tell what he is of no use for Zambia. Wait for 2021 we continue teaching you.

  6. My position is that DON’T use cadres like nathan chanda or phd holder Kambwili to comment on the empass. This is no Political

    Gov’t and mines must negotiate. If there will be job losses. Let it be.

  7. Always on the side of his fellow shameless capitalists!! Why can’t KCM produce their own concentrates instead of importing? You are a very useless privatization thief

    • In their business plan, KCM was meant to conduct sensitivities on items like:
      Metal recoveries
      Labour costs.
      Feed stock (supply of concentrates)

  8. I repeat bwana HH bring back million dollars stashed in Panama banks then you will make sense in what you’re saying otherwise shut up

  9. His interests are with the economic capitalist captors. He would rather we don’t get our fair share from business houses this Hanglo Hamerican. He is not with the people. He opposes even good things. He is a know it all type.
    “From the vantage point of knowledge”

    Headless Hyena (HH)

  10. He is politicking of course, no one should take this issue lightly. Like I have said before, our budget was announced with no proper avenue of raising funds, hence the easiest the PF could come up with was a load of taxes imaginable to the extent of even crippling operations of existing companies and mining entities. If we had put the billions of dollars we have borrowed to proper use by investing in agriculture and tourism and others what we are experiencing now would not occur. As usual, we want to start fighting the mines when we know that we cannot win this fight, the repercussions will be too ghastly to contemplate. Repossessing the mines is an ill conceived notion, instead let us dialogue and find a common ground. As for HH his is to score some political mileage and you cant blame…

  11. When I saw the headline I thought it was Sunday Chanda article.

    This is the childishness we talk about. Why complete in foolish ness.

    As a president are you at same level with that boy

  12. I can’t vote for this man.He has no interest for the nation but for certain pipo and hi grouping.Can u suuport mining for stealing our resources.Why can’t he tell them to pay taxes?CNo wonder he sold mines.sometimes i want to support him but he has no clue aboput the nation but pompus to fill his belly and agreed for power.

  13. This clown is not a politician!!! The general feeling amongst Zambians today is that mines should start paying what is truly due, even people calling for grz to take over the mines, and BAM!! Here he comes with a statement contrary to how the voters feel and expects to get into plot 1??? With hh at the helm, upnd will never get to state house!!!

    Here is how LUNGu is taxing us on fuel!

    South Africa
    Inland USD $1.04/litre
    Coast USD $1.00/litre


    • You need tod o better than this if you want your dream to come true. Can you explain why Mozambique’s price is close to Zambia’s even when they have a coastline with big ports?

    • Thats why you are a sheet hole country and will continue like that under Lungu!
      The guy is clueless!! If the economy was well manged, we wouldnt be overtaxing the mines!!

  15. From the comments above, looks like Zambians are very happy with corruption, mismanagement and high taxes,probably happy to have one meal a day as well with no medicines in hospitals……

  16. HH is just failing to voice his support for Phillips Pascal of Kalumbila. Don’t be shy, just say it as it is.

  17. Akainde is a political cunt who must never come close to the corridors of power. Otherwise we will be in trouble.
    When is the Inquiry commencing for us to know his actual involvement in the privatization?

  18. Isn’t HH the character that made so much noise before the windfall tax was introduced and so much noise again when the windfall tax was reversed? This absence of intelligence is worrying. The same guy who in 2016 said he would pay ECL retirement benefits when he becomes President even if ECL did not complete a term and in 2018 is crying that ECL is going for a third term.

  19. Does this tribalist and privatization mismanager (HH) know that Zambians are not benefitting enough from the mines? . Many learned people more than himself have advised the government against backpedaling on the mining taxation issue. Most Zambians, except HH and his tribe men , are now getting united against the exploitation of the mines, we are behind the government on this one, even if it means dying a little we Zambians must do that for the benefit of ourselves and the future generation. HH has a short term view of this issue and he has refused to look beyond the issue to have a long term view of what the government is trying to do for Zambians. We know him to be a person who rejoices when bad things like these happen, he is up to no good

  20. But this trib.al also! Trib.al Hacks, so what do you think you have said, absolutely hot air! And the timing? This trib.al has misread the mood of the people, yet again!
    Yaba! This trib.ala clique called upnd has really damaged the good name of the good people of southern province. Just because he comes from southern gives the southerners a bad image and yet it is only a small clique of trib.als!

  21. Among other things, HH says the job losses will result because…. ” of the non-refund of the VAT 400M USD to FQM’…. really!!
    So, so disappointing. Clearly, you are lobbying for support from Monsieur Pascal.

  22. HH is an evil agent of whites!!!Kainde’s main interest is to protect foreign firms.SURELY HOW CAN 5% TAX BE AN ISSUE TO HH’S FOREIGN FRIENDS?Am sure majority Zambians are seeing now why HH advised the FTJ Chiluba’s Govnt to sell ZCCM mines and other Govnt firms cheaply to his foreign friends!!!HH IS A GREAT DANGER TO MOTHER ZAMBIA!!!HENCE VOTERS IN 6.5 PROVINCES WHERE KAINDE HAS BEEN LOSING SINCE 2006 SHOULD CONTINUE REJECTING HIM EVEN IN 2021!!!Surely,can HH tell us that he is the only wise Zambian than all learned experts in Govnt(e.g;Dr.Denny Kalyalya,Dr.Msiska,mine workers union leaders,etc)?ALL THESE ARE ENCOURAGING THE PF GOVNT TO REMAIN FIRM ON 5% TAX SO THAT ZAMBIAN CAN BENEFIT A BIT FROM ITS NATURAL RESOURCES!!
    HH’s “muzungu anikonde” attitude is what makes him lose…

  23. Mental slavery at play. We need to get our fair share out of our country’s resources. When the mines are closed all we shall remain with are ditches with untold environmental adverse impacts.

  24. HH is saying FACTS never understood by PF regime and its supporters – afraid to lose corruption benefits.

  25. True, you can tax everything to the bone and borrow to kingdom come, but with a clueless leader like lungu, you go nowhere.

    From the very beginning of his presidency, there was a small crisis in one ministry or with one minister in his GRZ , and lungu was asked about it…….the man told the reporter asking him that
    ” that ministry is not my job”

    I was shocked….before that I was willing to overlook his fraud adventure , but when heard lungu completely bat away any responsibility of his GRZ , I knew Zambia is in trouble….

    • In all fairness, the above article is a statement from hh. Its his opinion and view. It is what Zambian voters will judge him on when they cast their vote. Should they vote for someone who will allow the mines to overestimate inputs while claiming huge VAT refunds??? The PF has put the mines in a tight corner by abolishing these fraudulent refunds and transfer pricing. Voters will remember Lungu as the president who showed political will by setting a precedence that will get the best for them from these exploitative neo-colonialists. The “rampant corruption” you speak of is a myth-a misplaced strategy that will yield no convictions and little success at the ballots!!

  26. I have never seen HH lose elections on social media the way he has today. Even platforms were he always wins he has started losing. In 2021 he will be more bitter than he sounds today. I wonder how much money he owes the Capitalist. Losing six elections is not a joke.

  27. You politicians are all the same. You promise good things when in opposition but once you get into power you conveniently forget your promises.

  28. How does an incoming president come out like Sunday chanda.

    Very petty tone and childish and dispeakable for an head of state. So he thinks most of us relish what the chanda boy writes.

    And now is there there any difference between himself and the chanda boy

  29. complaining about fuel ash! London is £1.33 which is K20.1911 and you say fuel is expensive. Give us a break

  30. I agree with HH. The PF government has over borrowed and used the borrowed funds recklessly and now want to over tax individuals and business entities. This will crush the economy. Wise up people.

  31. How much then will you tax them if by chance you become the president of Zambia? These holes they are making in solwezi and other areas will never be filled so think beyond yourself, think of your country and its people. The mine should contribute meaningfully because the future generations will demand for explanation as to how so many holes were created without benefitting the country.

    • Actually when I say there are Zambian people who wish the country ill, it’s people like HH. Tax on rentals has been law in even before HH was born it’s only that government went to sleep on this one. HH behaves like a player who when not selected in the team will be glad to see the team lose. Kano nga nibo.

  32. Some typical PF cadres are like a blank 700 Mb CD.It will play anything the owner decides to write on it no matter go bad the file or if there was an error in file selection. They do not have the pleasure of upgrading their info by research and analysis

  33. Jeremiah 13

    23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots?

    Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil.

  34. When some of US tells you that HH is a tail of Anglo American,UPND followers denies it . His LATE father Mazoka made him a heir to the Anglo American. Though his father of HH claimed to resign for Anglo American he did not completely took off the whole grooves. He knew that his son (HH) was already initiated. HH and the Anglo American is a bloody covenant . HH has his name written in the book of EVIL MEN because of Anglo American so NO matter what, HH will always support them. They are a great REASON why HH is politics. But ALL is because of minerals Zambia has.

  35. @Kudos
    You have put forward same reasons why HH should not be president on so many occasions . You have never Justified , why Lungu should continue as president.


  37. trophy of dullness goes to pf cadres and their supporters. its high time we kicked them out of power and find them space somewhere.

  38. By nature, HH is a very very dull chap, the wealth that he has is just by chance. If it wasn’t for Mazoka this chap (HH) would have been heading cattle somewhere in the jungles of Namwala. His tone and language are nauseating. There has been worldwide contamination on these multinational corporations for among other things tax evasion, price transferring etc but this chap (HH) cunningly ignores all this. How does this chap (HH) explain how a company that mines in Zambia and sells copper outside is richer than the country from which it mines copper? How can one justify that a company that claims to make losses could be in business for over a decade? What Sunny or “Sumy Chintombwa” needs to understand is that if ever he came to power in Zambia he would be faced with the same developmental…

  39. … What Sunny or “Sumy Chintombwa” needs to understand is that if ever he came to power in Zambia he would be faced with the same developmental challenges faced by the PF Govt. HH should be on the side of finding the solution to this paradox and not to be barrowing his way to state house through cheap and childish politics.

  40. What a dull man HH he is. I was thinking of voting for him but now I have changed my mind I will not. This HH is dull and he only cares for plot 1. If you remove all the taxes where are you going to find money to run the country? Where are you going to get the money to build roads, hospitals, schools, and to pay civil servants? This man -HH is really under 5…. he is running mad.

  41. HH is more dangerous snake than tje one that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden! Look at this failure, perpetual loser, he is suding with those stealing from our minerals resources simply because they are threatening job cuts? What a desperate, shameless liar this is! Now, to those who thought HH is genuine, its time you thought again! In his article he is saying, when UPND is voted in office…. meaning that the so called Opposition political alliance is dead after realising that he may not be adopted, hahaha

  42. I don’t know what to say but I met a handsome , caring n humble guy but he’s a staunch UPND supporter . I don’t want politics to come between us

  43. HH doesnt think or if he has advisors, they better know that they are worst in tge entire world. Electricity in Zambia is expensive, please HH check your facts bwana, this information is free and in public domain. Surely the election losses are extremely dangerous, one can even lie to you that the sand in the desert isnt good for building unless you import some

  44. Abesu sure twapapata. We have been doing a good job up till now, but this one awe!

    “A nation trying to tax itself into prosperity is like a foolish man standing in a bucket & trying to lift himself by the handle”.

    Let us go back to the drawing board else the opposition will take a lead. Please do not let CB be disturbed. You have been doing a lot there and I know you will listen abesu – umuntu ni Lungu 2021 and beyond.

  45. If all the current owners of mines in Zambia leave because of high taxes, will new investors come and accept the same levels of taxes or will the pf government take over the mines and pocket all the profits? What will be the end result? How as a country are we going to reap maximum revenue from the minerals buried in the belly of the earth? Is it by asking investors to come and extract the minerals and give us all the money while the investors get nothing or we share half half. Why and how did we fail when the mines were in our hands? Can we do better now if we Zambianise with this corruption talk? Wither to Mother Zambia?

  46. You don’t call someone dull merely because you do not understand them. You should also do your homework before stating that one got their wealth by accident. HH studied economics and business – but he was already slowly investing in plots of land and cattle from his first few months salaries.
    I am not fully convinced with the main tenets of Capitalism (especially where we let control of the mines elude us from the first decision to sell and subsequent ill thought decisions) But I DO GET HH’s point on taxation. It is a fundamental point of economics that if you don’t leave any money in people’s pockets because of over taxing, you will fail to stimulate further business and savings for the citizens

  47. Taxing the mines is a very good move, the PF has brought about. In the long run, the citizens will benefit from our natural resources….Now it seems ….H…. is saying taxing the mines is not a good move for him, meaning he wants the country to continue benefiting the foreigners and capitalist while the locals will continue being poor. He even goes further saying he will reduce the taxes for the capitalist….sometimes we need to question the opposition thinking. If the citizens have been taxed to death, let also the mines be taxed to death. Our population is about 17million, and if the mines wants to reduce labour less than 5,000 it’s impact is negligible. How many people lost jobs after privatization, and how did they manage to endure

  48. Opposition has opened its eyes to the fact that government will now be able to pay down its debt and pay for further infrastructure development. Once tax kicks in IMF will come knocking on Zambia’s door to give us support because all of IMF conditions will have been met by this move. Opposition would have no leg to stand on come next elections. So even if this is good for the country opposition will bitterly oppose it because of it upside to government.

  49. HH is talking a lot of sense. Zambia is 10 years behind because we allowed PF thugs to rule us. Ba sakala nyongo. Lets vote UPND this time around.

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