Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Bishop Ed Chomba signing the MOU whilst Water Aid Acting Director Bwembya Chanda looks on

Government has called on the public to oblige with the Statutory Instrument which was issued to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastics in Zambia.

Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary Ed Chomba, says government has given all stores and supermarkets a timeframe in which to phase out the usage of non-biodegradable plastics when servicing their customers.

Bishop Chomba said government issued the Statutory Instrument number 65 to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags in the country because of the harm it causes to the environment.

Bishop Chomba explained that non-biodegradable plastics takes about 500 years to digest hence government has decided to effect a ban on them in order to save the environment.

He notes that plastics that are 30 microns and below are very light and cannot be recycled hence they have been banned due to not being good for the environment.

He said his ministry has been working with major stores that include Spar, Shoprite and Pick n Pay to see to it that the use of non-biodegradable plastics is stopped.

He disclosed that so far, Spar has adhered to the SI and have started phasing out the plastics.

He added that the public should revert to using shopping baskets and clothing bags to carry their merchandise, a practice being adhered to in other African and European countries.

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  1. That Chomba told masses at a rally in Kabwe that “HH and his people eat babies”. Guy Scott was furious for misusing PF microphone to capitalize on ignorant Zambians.
    And for that he is Ed Chomba as Permanent Secretary supplying contaminated water to ignorant Zambians.
    Maybe the waste job reward ever awarded to a cadre.


    • Mr Fake papers had his papers please pushed right and landed this job ….He has been eerily quiet about the latest scandal of “worer” contamination in some parts of Lusaka. So this latest rant from him seems so discordant


    • Fake “Dr” Chomba & his young brother at cabinet office have fake degrees from cambridge & oxford. Even his bishop-hood is fake. He bought a bishops uniform from ebay.
      He is wanted in USA for bigamy (being married to 2 women at the same time). He’s a con-artist who lived off desparate wealthy women. Today he’s living off PF00Lish govt.


  2. Zambia does not have to he capacity to abruptly stop using plastic.

    For now what need is zero import duty of plastic recycling machinery.

    This was got his job through calling hh a satanist. He does NOT deserve to be PS. PS must hold a degree fr a reputable university because ps is a key decisional maker and that requires fine brain not an illiterate cadre with a borrowed accent

    Am a non partisan political consultant


  3. Coast line cities abandon plastic because its it ends up in the warra and marine animals consume it.

    In Zambia it is basically blamed for environmental pollution which can easily be managed through recycling which creates employment.

    These are arguments we expected from opposition leaders.

    Opposition politics must be well researched and smart on every subject affecting the country. Not just tender.nrdc. znbc/chiness and arresting lungu in 2021


  4. As usual this government has no plan. You don’t just wake up one morning and ban something that is a major part of people’s lives without offering a reasonable alternative. “Shopping baskets and clothing bags” (does he mean cloth?) may be OK for some but what if you don’t have these with you? Are we meant to buy new baskets each time we shop or put goods in our pockets (where there is hardly any room what with all the “more money”)?

    Merchants should have been given time to order paper bags or biodegradable plastic. Google shows these cost about K0.50 each against K0.25 for standard plastic. Let the stores use these or even sell bags like in SA. Some will bring their own, others won’t, but at least the customer has a reasonable choice. How hard is that to figure out?



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