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President Lungu off to South Africa for a consultative meeting on DRC and routine medical check up


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) talks to Vice-President before departure for South Africa at Zambia Air Force Base in Lusaka on Tuesday,January 8,2019. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (left) talks to Vice-President before departure for South Africa at Zambia Air Force Base in Lusaka on Tuesday,January 8,2019. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2019

President Edgar Lungu, this after left for South African to attend an urgent consultative meeting with his South African counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa on the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).

According to a press statement released to the media by Statehouse and signed by his Special Assistant for Press and public Relations , Amos Chanda, the President Lungu will attend hospital for his routine annual medical review.

While the President is away, Vice President Inonge Wina has been designated to discharge the functions of the President until the head of state returns.

Election officials in Democratic Republic of the Congo say voters will have to wait another week for the preliminary results of the presidential election held at the end of last year.

The initial outcome of last week’s vote to choose a successor to President Joseph Kabila was due to be declared on Sunday, but nearly half of the votes remain uncounted.

Meanwhile, Belgian Foreign Minister has called on authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to publish results of the December 30 presidential elections, AFP news agency reports.

Didier Reynders is quoted by AFP as telling the RTBF broadcaster that it was absolutely of the essence that the true will of the Congolese voters is declared.

“The important thing today is to publish the results of the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo even if they do not please the powers that be.”

Announcement of preliminary results were slated for January 6 but were delayed because the elections body, CENI, had collated just 53% of the results.

The UN’s security council is due to meet on Friday for a special session over the situation in the DRC. Government has defended a communication blackout that has made reporting results almost impossible.

The Catholic Church has declared that a single candidate won the vote outright and called for results to be released. That posture earned it flak from the ruling FCC coalition and CENI.


  1. This habit of seeing off the President every time he travels must stop. Does he not know how to get the airport? its a waste of tax payers money

    • With the amount of foreign debt we got ourselves into, it would have been prudent to have at least built a medical facility where other Presidents in the region would fly to for medical check ups.

    • Lungu’s prophet says ‘no 2021 for you’
      5 September 2017 19:07
      *Nigerian Prophet Joshua Ignla advises Lungu to concentrate on 2016-2021*

      “I don’t see President Edgar Lungu beyond 2021, he has been given a mandate now, he should work with that mandate” Joshua Ignla.

      Prophet Joshua Ignla is also a personal friend of Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba.

      “Remember that founding fathers of Zambia have led the country on scriptural principles
      Honour these principles very much.”

      “I am saying it to the great man, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, I have sat with him”

      “There a lot of Judas Iscariot around you, they only want you to fail.”

      “Those that are praising you they will criticise you tommorrow.”

      “Those who are singing hossana to you today, they will…

    • Zambian Witch Doctor

      Nigerian prophet says HH will win, another says if Lungu wins will die within 8 months
      17 January 2015 10:04

      Nigerian prophet says HH will win, another prophet says Lungu may win but die after 8 months

      Another Nigerian powerful prophet Elijah Johnson has prophesised that Hakinde Hichilema of the United party for National development will emerge victorious on presidential Elections.

      Prophet Elijah says God loves Zambia and he can’t give it to someone who want to use the back door.

      ” Im seeing Zambia having a new president on the 20th
      January 2015 with a man of integrity. Im seeing Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND winning the elections despite attempt of stealing votes from him, but
      even though they steal votes he will still win the elections” prophet…

    • @Kudos, stop that about Ba Edgar.
      Look, Gabon president went for meeting in Morocco, unfortunately got a stroke there. It’s 2 months, never even left acting president.
      Mwanawasa went to AU meeting, he never gave farewell speech like Ba Sata.
      Stop it you are just wishing bad.

    • Really laughable ..two months ago the lazy thing was talking about improving hospital facilities in Zambia but look at who is going for basic routine checks to RSA without shame…any excuse to get on an aircraft even things that just need videolink.

    • Without even reading any further, just this makes me sick ” President Lungu will attend hospital for his routine annual medical review.”

      D.A.MN, fix your hospital and believe in your medical personnel. Stop this “evacuation” sh.iit to RSA or IND.


    • Going forward it should be law that any govt head be subjected to ‘routine’ medical checks in Zambia alone. This extravagance we cannot afford plus it will help them concentrate on bettering our public health institutions.

  2. I really like president Lungu, the consultative talks on DRC are great, but Zambian medical personnel are highly trained. They just need better pay and equipment. No more medical tourism for leaders, in the ruling party PF or opposition MPs. What Zambians should be getting as a whole, is a better infrastructure in all fields. My FDD/Zambian patriot side has spoken.

    • Why is that it’s Edgar who go for consultation, and no one comes to consult him since he is SADC chairman of whatever? He is not the youngest president.

  3. Dr Livingstone Edgar Lungu has gone off again to explore around and his usual gang of GRZ idlers are at the airport to see him off…again.This must be costing us a fortune.

  4. Why can’t the president of Zambia have medical reviews in a Zambian health institute by our highly qualified health care personnel? Is it because he has been unable to ensure high standards in Zambian hospitals? This habit of African politicians rushing off to other countries for medical treatment and their children’s education should stop as they are abusing finances meant for building Africa!! Shame on you Mr. President. Do you not have empathy for your poor citizens who can’t afford the luxury of proper medical care ?

    • At enlightened, do no worry he will not live a day longer than he is supposed to. Our God Jehova cannot and will not be mocked. There are children suffering in Zambia let alone everyone else. Clearly African leaders have no pride and shame. It’s akin to a father who is always smartly dressed but the wife can not afford a bra and shoes and the kids benda nefigamba. Shameful indeed. Wise up Zambians

  5. Distinguished world traveller left his useless hospitals to go as far as South Africa for a mere check up. No shame.

  6. Soon he will build a house in air this president.Education under PF it has gone down, can you imagine pupils who got 400 and above are selected to daily school while who got 300 and below are selected to the boarding school’s . someone has worked hard to find high marks with the aim of going to the boarding then the staff’s in this ministry does the was better to keep these pupils at boarding school for the aim of developing this country.they intelligent of these pupils was suppose to be maintained by taking these pupils to the good schools . imagine those who got good results are told to go to sishakano instead of kaoma boarding school.with this type of reasoning you can not develop.

  7. The reason he does not have medical check up done in Zambia is lack of confidentiality. The findings will be all over social media before himself is told.

  8. Consultative meetings can be done via phone call just say you are going to get your medication, because our
    hospitals are under stocked.

  9. Life ilazona by a blink of an eye….ilekala bantu bandi….who ever thought ine newaleyafya mutuma clinic twamuchende……na UTH lilanda….kuti nayako napa Saube just for a check up????nizi mangi…dream big bantu bandi…ni 2019 ino ka….there’s plenty of room to dream…let’s dream big my guy…

  10. UPND danderheads ask HH to get himself a private jet if he is that rich then he can also be seen off at the airport by GBM and Kambwili

  11. Good Angoni. These Unpatriotic Party for National Downfall are up to no good. Sesheke wapya munzi. They have already started crying. Ati they wanted mbuzi to stand on PF. Why being so childish UPND? Try the Alliance it probably work. Mac Donald Chinpanzi has come up with some bright idea I think.

  12. It is very evident that there shall be no zambian president who will trust the local health system apart from KK. Even HH if he was to take over, the status quo will remain the same!!!!! Can someone tell me if there has ever been a president after KK who promised to access the local health services? I also find the idea of parading heads of armed forces and other government officials at the airport as very retrogressive and costly!!!!!

  13. Very soon we are going to have the first specialist hospital in the history of Zambia which is under construction and almost on conplition. If you want to see come to the airport road just opposite first check point, look on the far left you will see it.

  14. Its true HH won the 2016 Presidential elections. The question is,what was Chavula doing in the ECZ server room a none employee of ECZ? And why where there shortages of G12 forms in some polling stations? HH won the previous elections thus why Lungu is scared to meet HH again in the field and on the ballot.

  15. Of all the hospitals, new or old, and the medical doctors, none of them is good enough for the president of zambia. And this is the same man that challenges the EIZ to play a vital role and participate fully in developing the country. Why does he not hold the Zambian medical doctors to task by having his routine medical checkup here in Zambia, by zambian doctors in a zambian hospital. Its a big step in trying to improve the medical services that the government is helping provide for all its citizens. Seeking medical checkups elsewhereonly shows the lack of confidence the president has in the medical system he is managing….

    • That’s just a speech to him …like cleaning the same street every month without any proper policies or strategy in place

  16. Lack of confidentiality in UTH and Maina Soko Military hospitals and other private medical institutions is probably why he prefers to go to South Africa – we will never know what mysterious illness – if at all – he is alleged to have contacted.
    Long life to the Chief.

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