Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Reverend Howard Sikwela has encouraged local communities countrywide to consider setting up game ranches in order to enhance economic growth.

Speaking during his recent visit to Chief Mumena’s area in Kalumbila District, Reverend Sikwela said game ranches have the potential to increase tourist visits around the country and improve community incomes and livelihoods.

Reverend Sikwela said the incomes could be used for various community developments that the communities deem fit.

And Chief Mumena said the royal establishment had delineated the Lukendo Area of the chiefdom over last 10 years for a community ranch.

The chief however said, there was a challenge of technical knowhow until some partners from the private sector came up with a corporate social responsibility to survey land’s suitability for such a project.

He said his people are serious and want the initiative to take off.

Legislative changes during recent decades resulted in a massive shift away from livestock towards game ranching in southern Africa, resulting in significant increases in the abundance and distribution of many wildlife species.

Freedom of movement for wildlife populations increases resilience to environmental shocks.

Zambia’s Ministry of Tourism and Arts is encouraging communities including chiefdoms to get engaged in ranching as businesses but also reduce on the demand for animals from Government during traditional ceremonies.

This is contained in a statement issued to Ministry of Tourism and Arts spokesperson Sakabilo Kalembwe.

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  1. They can get imitation lion, leopard or whatever animal they prefer in print! It’s cleaner, safer and animals do not need to die. There is usually a solution to the problems when people actually think outside the box. I understand it’s a tradition but if natural resources are being depleted then use another strategy that is less harming!



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