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Msoni Welcomes Government Gesture to Evacuate Mulongoti

Headlines Msoni Welcomes Government Gesture to Evacuate Mulongoti

Mr Siwale (c) flanked by Mr Mulongoti and Mr Nason Msoni shortly after leaving court premises
FILE: Mr Siwale (c) flanked by Mr Mulongoti and Mr Nason Msoni shortly after leaving court premises

Opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party president has welcomed the move by Government to evacuate Mike Mulongonti for specialist treatment abroad.

Msoni who is an adapt critic of the Government said the gesture to evacuate fellow opposition Peoples party leader was welcome but was quick to mention that government should invest more money in public hospitals so that citizens can have access to quality health care in public hospitals.

“The All peoples congress APC welcomes the gesture by the government to evacuate Peoples party President Mike Mulongoti for specialist treatment abroad.

“In welcoming this goodwill gesture, We encourage the government to invest more money in public hospitals so that the Zambian public can have access to quality medical care locally,” he said.

On Friday Republican President Edgar Lungu directed that the opposition leader be evacuated for specialist treatement abroad.

Health minister Chitalu Chilufya who relayed the news to Mulongoti said the President and his vice were concerned about the health every Zambian.

“The Head of State, His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Acting President, Her Honor the Vice President, Madam Inonge Wina, are very concerned about your health as they are concerned about the health of every Zambian. And Iam commissioned to come and express their wishes for your quick recovery and their consideration for you as a very important opposition leader as your health is of top concern to them,” he said.

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  1. ANyone thinking an ordinary life ought to have been evacuated in place of a Political Giant like Mulongoti are misplaced

    Mulengoti’s life is 10 fold better than saving those kachasu men who drink profusely in Lusaka and especially those who laughed at me when I walked with Nick hand in hand. You couldnt have me could you? losers



    • Evacuations of this nature should not even entertained. Lungu gone for a routine medical check up in RSA, a whole load of rubbish if you ask any sane Zambian. You can evacuate soldiers from a war situation, but citizens for medical check ups or attention smacks stup!dity. Stop wasting resources and fix your own clinics and hospitals for you and your citizens, man!

    • So Mulongoti said the actual Edgar died, is going to accept gesture from someone he doesn’t even know where he came from?
      Mwamona ba Mulongoti, Lesa ni malyotola.

  2. Its great for Mulongoti only bcuz he’s a public figure but Zambia needs equitable and quality healthcare for all.Now tell me who’s gonna evacuate the sickly common man in Petauke,Mongu or Chibolya ?

  3. Zambians are such gullible people ..Fresher Siwale was silenced with prison time only god knows what they gave him in there…next Mulongoti, Lazy offers to help knowing too well that he will have something over his head when he survives this…Lazy Lungu has never publicly answered those allegations not even who his father is

  4. What for, Jay Gay? The President cannot spend his time answering fake news designed by trib.als. Let your Trib.al Hacks waste his abundant time elsewhere, as a court president. Us we have better things to do with our Republican President.

  5. The public should have a say in how public funds are spent. If this is some kind of a retirement package then not much I can say. Some of these people steal a lot of money while in government and continue milking public funds when they are out.

    Those people in government should start making sure they support policies to improve services at UTH because there is only so much the public will put up with. In the end it will be UTH or bust.

  6. What the hell is going on in this country? Why does the government still continue to evacuate these so called VIP’s abroad for treatment? This mentality has to come to an end. To be fair, Mulongoti is not an ordinary person, he has been in government for many years and one would think he must have saved enough to look after himself in case of such eventualities. But no, they never plan ahead and these were leaders who couldn’t even plan for life after retirement. What we need is the “introduction of the freedom of information act” so that the masses can send in questions to government and we can be availed answers pertaining to national matters. For example, how much has the government forked out in the last 20 years to send these VIP’s abroad for treatment. FOI would be a step…

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