File:Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairperson Stanley M’ hango ( second right)  on his way to address head teachers drawn from all schools in the province at Solwezi College of Education

The Teaching Service Commission has clarified that all the applicants with disabilities who met the qualifications were selected for teacher recruitment including those who graduated after 2015.

Teaching Service Commission Chairperson Stanley Mhango said this consideration was premised on the fact that persons with disabilities were allocated 10 percent of the total 2000 teachers who were to be recruited which translated to 200 slots for them.

Mr. Mhango said the applicants living with disabilities who completed in 2015 were only 42 representing 2.1 percent.

He said there were however 36 applicants with disabilities who completed after 2015 and since there was still a balance from their allocation, special consideration to include the other applicants with disabilities was made.

And regarding the Need Based Recruitment, Mr. Mhango said priority for selection of successful teachers was based on those who had qualifications in subjects including Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, Design and Technology.

He said unfortunately, most of the applicants did not possess these qualifications, hence in order to address the needy subject areas, those who completed in 2016 but had qualifications in Chemistry, Agriculture Science, Biology, Business Studies, Mathematics and Design and Technology were considered.

The Commission also stated that some names of recruited teachers published in the Daily Mail on the 11th January were duplicated whilst others were missing.Daily Mail management has since apologized for the omission and subsequently reprinted all the names in the Daily Mail of 12th January, 2019.

He was commenting on the concerns raised by the general public following the publication of names of recruited teachers that the recruitment was marred with corruption.

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  1. 20% humans and 80% who?
    Humans are humans, who cares if they are “disabled” when getting employment?
    The only barrier should be physical things in their way like:
    – hooo sorry that school is on 4th floor, there is no elevator there. Or
    – sorry we can’t send you to that school you can’t cross river in that wheel chair.


  2. Zambians!!!!!!! These things we know they do happen, as soon as i heard the number 2000, i knewed before than, that only there sons, daughters, girlfriends, will be considered.


  3. Instead of burying their heads in the sand the PF must own up and accept that there’s no fairness in most of the things that they are doing. Jobs and business are now the preserve of those that are well connected. Even plots are the preserve of cadres. Last time contractors challenged Chitotela to name those local contractors who received the chakuti billion he talked about because none of their members was a beneficiary. The other time even senior officers disowned Wanchinga’s list, now it has happened to Mabumba. People who put PF in power aren’t economists like Habazooka but teachers, wheelbarrow pushers, street vendors and bus drivers and conductors. Today these people are on the receiving end, they will speak in 2021


  4. Even someone who has even the least possible amount of intelligence can see that there is bias in national jobs now.. ZAF, Army, ZNS.. have never had public recruit since 2012/2013.. but people get employed in those systems.. how?…this teacher recruitment has tribalism written all of it.. compare the stats of applicants picked per province… and then make an informed judgement


  5. Mr Chairperson some of us have completely forged ahead with other things in life. Only regretting my k572 which I paid to tcz



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