RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has expressed concern over non-compliance from motorists regarding the renewal of motor vehicle licenses and road service licenses.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, RTSA Public Relations Manager, Frederick Mubanga says only a fraction of motorists and fleet owners have visited the agency to acquire and renew their licenses.

He noted that even after extending the grace period in which to rectify the various problems, very few motorists, have come forward.

He further stressed that the agency will not put a further extension, from the just ended fourteen day ultimatum, adding that offenders of the law will now have to pay the price.

Mr Mubanga has since warned all motorists and fleet owners with expired documentation to have them renewed or risk being prosecuted.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) did on December 31st, 2018, give a grace period of 14 days, for all motorists and fleet owners to acquire and renew motor vehicle and trailer licenses, as well as road service licenses for the year 2019.

Meanwhile RTSA in conjunction with the Zambia Police (ZP) has commenced the deployment of Mobile Policing Vehicles (MPV), to help track down overdue speed fines.

Mr Mubanga said this system will be use an automatic number plate recognition technology embedded in the MPVs.

He said offenders will be stopped, charged, and issued with a traffic offence report, as well as a notice of intended prosecution.

Mr Mubanga said the deployment team will also be on the lookout for other offences including expired road tax, drinking and driving, excessive speeding, roadworthy vehicles, unlicensed drivers, uninsured vehicles, using a phone or holding it while driving and failure to wear seat belts.

He described a Mobile Policing vehicle as a fully equipped enforcement vehicle with an inbuilt system that includes a camera unit that detects and captures vehicles on the special interest list.

Mr Mubanga said the MVP’s will also have safety equipment that include cordon equipment and first aid kit for road side emergencies as well as alcohol breathalysers.

He added that the vehicles will also have a communications unit that will include a real time link between the field team, and key contact points such as RTSA control centre, ZP Traffic command and the medical service centres.

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  1. people don’t have money to renew their licenses., this is a good sign. what do you what people to say or do for you to understand that you have failed them? cost of living high.


  2. Do these morons live in Zambia.Bwana people are broke,period.Cant you smell the coffee,you better increase spaces in jail coz you will need them,we dont have the mlney.
    Even though i am one of the victims i like your stupid naivety continue stroking the patience of Zambians it is waki g them up to the reality of PF’s failure…


  3. Its very inconviniencing to have more than 5 speed limits within a short strech eg between chilanga and lusaka,i sugest to hve only 2 speed limits,one from lsk to lilayi turn off,another from lilayi to chilanga.this wil improve compliance and wil be less inconviniencing.


  4. Stop giving grace periods all the time then you are more likely to have compliance with the deadline for renewal of road tax. Also important is to ensure more and effective paypoints in the large cities like Lusaka and Kitwe. I renewed my road tax in Mufulira on 31st Dec and it took me 30mins in a queue. People were coming from Kitwe to pay in Mufulira because the queues were too long in Kitwe.


  5. Its sad and barbaric to force people to pay trumped up charges. People don’t want to pay because they know how the PF misuses the money and its not worth paying. We shall pay when we have reasonable people in government. Just concentrate on building more prisons for traffic offences non compliant people.
    besides this is January and people have no money to waste on a government that misuses the money even in this so-called austerity era.
    You area let down.
    You are a disaster!!!!


  6. The Road Traffic should rethink on the renewal date. Why not start in April as the beginning and end in March? That way, you will be giving people enough breathing space and you will be getting your money at the end! Come on, think out of the box! Don’t be in the slow lane but think fast and take the chance while everyone is yawning!



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