Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Southern Minister Concerned With Shortage OF ZNS Mealie Meal


Southern Province Minister Credo Nanjuwa is concerned with the continued shortages of Zambia National Service [ZNS] branded mealie meal in Choma district which has resulted in persistent queues by the people seeking to purchase the commodity.

Mr Nanjuwa who visited Choma Milling plant, a company that had entered into a partnership with government to produce the ZNS branded maize wondered why the institution was failing to meet the demand despite government ensuring constant supply of maize from the Food Reserve Agency.

Mr Nanjuwa also raised concern with the milling company’s continued supply of mealie meal to individuals who had not received clearance from the district administration.

He has since assured the public of government intervention into the matter to ensure sustained supply of mealie meal to meet the growing demand.


  1. I even forgot about the Almighty “Choma Milling”…..I remember this was one of the best milling companies in Zambia….it used to supply the whole country with very good quality milie meal

  2. where is our Edify Hamukale? He was more efficient and compassionate with people more than Cornelius Mweetwa and Credo Nanjuwa combined. Mweetwa has run away from choma. He only passes by at night when has nonsense to talk about with no action Mr. Pumpkin head

  3. The following day the same government out love for money that can be earned through dubious private sector investments and tax incentives will be shouting ” Government has no business in business” BUT today, they are busy using a government milling company to supply cheaper mealie meal and reduce people’s discontent with the ever rising high cost of living!! VERY CONTRACTORY, UNPRINCIPLED,UNPATRIOTIC AND OPPORTUNISTIC!!



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