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ECZ Initiates Political Party Engagements To Address Disputes


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has initiated a series of engagements with different political parties to review and address recurring issues that arise during elections in a bid to find a lasting solution to the misunderstanding.

Speaking during a press briefing shortly after the engagement between the commission and the Socialist Party officials in Lusaka , Electoral Commission of Zambia Chief Electoral Officer, Brown Kasaro says it is part of the commission’s stakeholder engagement strategy to address various aspects of the conduct of by- elections with the focus of fostering transparent electoral process.

Mr Kasoro said the issues discussed during the meeting bordered on the code of conduct as it is critical in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

He disclosed that the socialist party was candid in their submission and recognized that the commission’s voice is critical in the electoral process.

“All the deliberations of various aspects in terms of the challenges they face in participating in the electoral process were laid on the table which include violence, issues of non-adherence to campaign timetables, misuse of government resources and other issues and the party did indicate the role that the commission plays in all aspects of the electoral process,” he explained.

The CEO further invited political parties to share their experiences and suggestions on how to improve the electoral process.

And ECZ Chairperson, Mwangala Zaloumis expressed the commission’s willingness to work with political parties to implement measures that will prevent electoral disputes from arising in the future.

Ms Zaloumis said some of the measures include strengthening the Electoral Commission’s dispute resolution mechanism, improving voter education and awareness, and increasing transparency in the electoral process.

She further urged all interested parties including citizens to desist from engaging in violence but instead resolve their differences amicably.

She has since thanked the Socialist party for engaging with the commission.Socialist Party Secretary General, Cosmas Musumali said the party engaged ECZ because they had some grievances that could only be resolved by the commission.
Dr Musumali advised all stakeholders in the political sector to continue discussing and addressing the political issues before the 2026 general elections.

He assured the commission of the party’s continued dialogue and engagement as there are many issues that needed to be addressed in the political arena.


  1. The fact that you have taken a partisan stance to exclude the largest opposition party from taking part in elections, it’ll be difficult for any sensible person to take seriously. The Commission doesn’t inspire under the current leadership. Brace yourselves for the worst humiliation when tables change as Zambians shall rise to defend their democracy, just like they settled Lungu’s eligibility through the ballot.

  2. you cannot expect ECZ to be impartial. Waste of time really. The only way for anyone to beat ECZ at this game is in the 2026 elections by ensuring 70 percent of voters vote for one particular party. Right now ECZ, police (as was the case for Ndola and kabwe chairperson elections) can afford to push all their resources into by elections and ensure they win. But they cannot manipulate the 2026 elections with international observers at hand and all polling stations open.

    • International observers? Forget it. Joe Biden and his cohorts will do everything possible to ensure their man wins the election. We need all the voters to be vigilant….we are on our own.

  3. I think it may go a long way, HH has an inferiority complex aside from him liking making money at the expense of the nation. I think it’s possible he may listen to white people if they say he lost the election.
    Either that or he will continue to built on his dictatorship (in which case we must worry).

  4. This is just a smoke screen. Lets worry more about who will succeed HH because there is no presidential material in UPND. A provincial scan of reasonably suitable material with strong Pre parliament corporate exposure, upright human character and worthy trying may include:
    1. Eastern Province: Dora siliya, Muhabi Lungu 2. Muchinga Province: Miles Sampa, Edith Nawakwi 3. Lusaka Province: Wynter Kabimba 4. Northen Province: Chishala Kateka, Brian Mundubile 5. Southern Province: Ndambo Ndambo, Edify Hamukale 6. Central Province: Maureen Mwanawasa, Jonas Shakafuswa 7. Copperbelt Province: Elisha Matambo, Bowman Lusambo 8. Northwestern Province: Ambrose Lufuma, Kabinga Pande 9. Luapula: Chitalu Chilufya, Davies Chama 10: Western Province: They are not allowed to lead Zambia by Litunga.


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