A local clergyman says it is important for men and women of God to be loyal and self-disciplined in their call to working for the Almighty.

Weapon of Power Ministries Kanyama branch Pastor, Emmanuel Muyatwa says pastors and other church leaders were an icon for the Church hence the need for them to lead by example.The clergy said this during the graduation ceremony of 13 lay pastors at Weapon of Power Ministries main church in Lusaka’s Garden Park area on Sunday.

Referring to tendencies involving the clergy being involved in various crimes and other social-economic evils, Pastor Muyatwa said pastors and other clergymen should take their preaching with the seriousness it deserves.And in his homely Senior Pastor Ackson Banda of Weapon of Power Ministries Garden house main branch, urged the congregation, to always work hard in their daily endeavors.

“As Christians we are the light of the world, we should lead by example even at our various work places if we are to receive blessings from God,” Pastor Banda said.

He added that God does not tolerate laziness, therefore Christians must learn time management.

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  1. All those so-called men of God should just own up and abandon all these “clergy dress-ware”. Let them join with the rest of that useless and hopeless Gang at the ministry of religious affairs to start cleaning up Lusaka City of the MASSIVE RUBBISH currently chocking drainages. Bushe kanshi tamumfwa?



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