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Opposition MPs withholding community development projects are disappointing-Jona Chanda

General News Opposition MPs withholding community development projects are disappointing-Jona Chanda

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Hon. Jonas Chanda.
Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Hon. Jonas Chanda.

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda says recent media reports in which Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela is quoted as saying some opposition Members of Parliament are withholding community development projects funded under the Constituency Development Fund with the aim of making the governing Patriotic Front party unpopular ahead of the 2021 general elections make sad reading.

Dr. Chanda has expressed disappointment at some of those opposition lawmakers who choose politicking above development and are willing to sacrifice development meant to benefit the people they claim to represent in their constituencies at the altar of political expediency.

Dr. Chanda says as all MPs know well, CDF is the main driver of development in many constituencies and is a tool to end poverty as evidenced by the many CDF-funded community projects in like construction of school infrastructure, teachers’ houses, health centres, water boreholes, simple irrigation systems, police posts, purchase of equipment like graders for roads and dredgers for boreholes, empowerment projects for women and youths, repairing of blown-up roofs in classrooms and health centres, and many others.

“In fact, the CDF is one of the very few issues at Parliament which unites all MPs together across party lines because every responsible MP knows that their first duty is to represent the people who elected them to Parliament. And generally, people are more interested in development than in mere politicking”, he said.

Dr. Chanda said It is therefore inconceivable how some opposition MPs would choose to sabotage development for their people by deliberately withholding CDF projects in their constituencies.

“Moreover, as lawmakers those opposition MPs should realise that CDF is enshrined in the Republican Constitution under Article 162 (1) which states “there is established the Constituency Development Fund” while sub article (2) states that “appropriation of monies to the Constituency Development Fund and the management, disbursement, utilization and accountability of the Constituency Development Fund shall be prescribed”, he added.

Dr. Chanda said the PF as a pro-poor government has prioritised development as witnessed by Ministry of Finance releasing the full CDF amounts in 2017 and 2018, K1.4 million and K1.6 million, respectively, to ALL 156 constituencies across the country without discrimination as to whether the constituency is represented by a PF, UPND, MMD, FDD or independent MP.

He said Government has been above board in taking development equally to all regions of Zambia including perceived opposition strongholds.

He has since commended Government through the Ministry of Local Government for listening to the submissions all MPs, irrespective of party affiliation, on how to make disbursement of CDF more efficient by eliminating the bureaucracy and red tape that has been delaying CDF funded projects at the Councils.

In December 2018, the CDF Bill was unanimously passed by ALL MPs in Parliament and has since been signed into Law by His Excellency President Edgar Lungu as the new CDF Act (2018).


  1. When i visit constituencies run by ruling party MPs i see dilapidated roads, schools and absence of social amenities, are ruling party MPs also withholding development projects? What are the advantages of having a ruling party mp if prices of commodities are the same with areas run by opposition MPs? What is the price of fuel in pf mp’s controlled constituencies? Is the price of mealie meal cheaper than opposition areas?

    • This is cheap politicking on the part of PF.

      It’s only in UPND constituencies that you see what CDF funds has done. But in most PF seats the money is shared by top thugs in form of youth loans and it disappears.

      Apperently the corruption index is out and Zambia is ranked one of the most corrupt country.

  2. “repairing of blown-up roofs in classrooms and health centres ,and many others” So each time a classroom or a health centre is built, money has to be reserved in case the roof is blown-up ? What type of ministers are these ? I think Mushota with her PHD abapa nabwino.

  3. Pathetic politicians we have these ones – PF and UPND, the worst. No work, just politicking, very petty, how do you fail everything including dialogue, a simple thing like sitting around the table and talking to one another. But always talking – speeches, radio, TVs all the time but all devoid of WISDOM.

  4. This f**k of a doc is trying hard to make the gullible masses think CDF funds are PF monies.
    No favours are being made to constituents but its monies that are rightfully theirs.
    Sh*t up and do your Job… too much overgrown grass ,unemployment and filth in bwana mukubwa busy campaigning so you can be nominated or re adopted ,opposition MP,s are not devils last time i checked they seam to make a bit of sense than PF ones all we hear is “yaaah”on parliament radio.

  5. @ Nemesis
    You are living in denial bwana. The issue in this article is not about PMs from the ruling party but that its very painful to see fellow citizens denied development by their PMs in the name useless opposition. Its very clear for all to see the backwardness of the constituencies held by opposition MPs, particularly UPND. Who they punishing, its NOT the ruling party but their very same people who trusted them with the responsibility to represent their development needs. Sadly, these same people dont realise that by voting for the opposition, its their areads that are disadvantaged whilst other constituencies are experiencing and noticing development.

  6. Constituency funds are on the ground for local developments , unfortunately what we have heard from especially from MPs from opposition is go to parliament to complain while holding back cdf funds meant for uplifting living standards of the people they represent in constituents they represent .
    Our leaders are a joke they are not even ashamed to say that they are MPs

  7. Dr Chanda is right on this one. Some things let’s think as Zambians not always looking at whose who. Well said Dr.

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