People without TPIN will not access services from ZESCO or RTSA, says Zambia Revenue Authority

Topsy Sikalinda taking question from journalists during the press conference at Pamodzi Hotel
FILE: Topsy Sikalinda taking question from journalists during the press conference at Pamodzi Hotel
Topsy Sikalinda taking question from journalists during the press conference at Pamodzi Hotel
FILE: Topsy Sikalinda taking question from journalists during the press conference at Pamodzi Hotel

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has said that the extension of the Tax Payers Identification Number (TPIN) is to allow everyone to get registered and ensure tax-compliance.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka this week, ZRA Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said that the deadline has been extended up to June 30, 2019 in order for more people to register.

Mr Sikalinda however, noted that the extension only applies to the banking sector while other sectors such as the Road Safety and Transport Agency (RATSA) and ZESCO still stands.

Mr Sikalinda explained that people will be unable to access services from RATSA or ZESCO if they do not possess a TPIN.

Mr Sikalinda stated that the TPIN registration process has been simplified and can be carried out by anyone online.

He said the process has also been decentralized to all banks across the country.

‘Anyone is now able to register at their local banks in a short period of time as the commercial banks have been given the mandate to register TPIN”, he explained.

Mr. Sikalinda has since appealed to members of the public to take advantage of the extension and ensure they comply with the law.

Mr. Sikalinda added that the process is on-going for those below the required 18 years of age.


    • This is now getting worse and worse, from an instruction to a command and now everyone should have this mark “number”, which i dont even know clearly what it is for.

    • We told you no country has ever developed from borrowing/debt, you didn’t listen.
      We are now telling you no country has ever developed from over taxing.
      All taxes taxes collected will go to debt service & paying allowances for Lusaka based civil servants
      – Toll gates
      – Withholding tax on rentals as if you helped me with a single brick when I was building
      – Speed cameras
      – new vehicle licenses
      – Borehole Tax
      – Farming input deposit from farmers who haven’t been paid last years produce
      – Crazy vehicle import duty on imported Japanese wrecks (K100,000 for a 2 litre engine car)
      – Mineral royalties
      – Concentrate import tax
      – Sales Tax (which is a primitive archaic tax system)
      – Goods & Services Tax

    • even ZRA is now run by political idyots.

      we all have NRC numbers, why you start your own way of identifying Zambians?

    • Why does your old mother have to worry when you haven’t electrified her house? ZRA and ZESCO are words she doesn’t understand.

    • 1.5 my dear if your mother stays in a hut it doesn’t mean my mother also stays in a shack. My mother has power in her house which has iron sheets roofing. I’m in the process of installing water for her. Don’t to know more than people who know more.

  1. I am now blaming kaunda for creating the UNZA, it has not brought anything positive to this country other than all these retards running this country called Zambia

  2. Total retards. What has TPIN to do with my ZESCO bill or Road tax. What for? These fo.ools have lost direction. Just how many things are we going to be subjected to to fish out cash from our disaster pockets. Getting poorer and poorer by the day. Are the high taxes that end up in people’s pockets not enough.
    Below 18 is under age whats the meaning of all this madness now?????

  3. It is RTSA (Road Transport and Safety Agency) ba LUSAKA TIMES not RATSA. Please take time to review and edit your articles before posting them.

  4. all this to source money to pay back Chinese loans, the stup!dty in this chipante pante govt is on another level…. too much Kaponya`s and thief’s who think they are running a kantemba

  5. Where and when is this insatible appetite to squeeze every last ngwee from a people that are over burdened with a failing economy and a struggle to eat three decent meals a day and now to even light up their homes going to end. Jesus please take the wheel our country is running blindly into a deep dark hole.

  6. Biggest problem of our ZRA is failure to explain to citizens need and importance of taxes. Not every registered person pays tax. Only people with income reaching a certain margin do.
    Trouble is to expect people who do not qualify to pay taxes to pay someone some money to file zero returns since not everyone owns a gadget and has knowledgeto do it alone.

  7. This government is beginning to break its own constitution now. Could we please mobilize and ask some sane courts to adjudicate on some of these knee-jerk pronouncements? Why should you base governance on punishment? Were you abused as children?

  8. These guys have gone bonkers!! They seem to expect every one with an account to pay taxes, WHAT ABOUT RETIRED OLD PEOPLE WHO DON’T EARN ANYTHING AND MAY BE USING THEIR ACCOUNTS FOR RECEIVING MONEY FROM THEIR CARING CHILDREN?

    • It seems like even the money that retirees will be receiving from their caring children will be taxed. I suspect that’s the whole purpose of these TPINS so that whoever receives money must pay a certain percentage of it as tax. PF is swimming in money my friend. To them, this is free money which they can now share through fake contracts to the Chinese.

  9. They told you ati vote for them for reduced taxes and you did, so what are you complaining about? You thought us who were advising that we have some records of these people from the past, they are not sincere, you thought we were cats. Muzamuziba Yesu. No ma light mpaka TPIN. Nayo nayo

  10. ZRA is doing the right thing for Zambia.

    Unfortunately a bunch of law breakers from UPND paying taxes in the diaspora to the white man are crying.
    In developed countries,you pay tax until you sh#it.

    • We complained when cellphone service providers asked us to register our phones. But today I appreciate it. Transferring of money is now very safe and as simple as breathing.

  11. Can someone make me clear please,what is the motive beyond this nonses, I stay in someone’s house how is in village ,so are you telling me that I won’t be able to assess this service, because it’s not my house…?????

  12. I don’t have any bank account but I have a house,what next , how can I open an account without cash just to have TPIN? It’s doesn’t make sense to me

  13. ‘Beyond Reproach’ the title does not fit your comment. What is political about the TPIN to link it to UPND? You should surely know that you pay tax where you earn the income? So the UPND members are law breakers? How do you know that? Those PF hooligans who toy-toy every time in South Africa pay taxes to a black man. What is your point?

    The TPIN has nothing to do with internal taxes. Your NRC does. That is why ZRA needs to explain why it needs the TPIN for every Zambian, not just those who have funds in banks, funds which may be linked to money laundering. This is an international banking requirement.

  14. These f/ools remind me of the old Kaunda days. You go to a shop and you want to buy bread and the shopkeeper asks you to buy milk as well and yet you have nothing to do with milk. I you cannot buy milk you don’t get the bread. Archaic thinking. Its all about fwaka and nothing else. Just how doe one tie two independent events over such madness.
    One day it will explode in their faces. Its just too much squeezing on us now.
    This is disaster waiting to explode in their faces. Watch the space!!!!!

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