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Nawakwi Exposes UPND Scheme to Undermine Dialogue


MMD faction President Felix Mutati, FDD President Edith Nawakwi, ULP President Sakwiba Sikota and Raimbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba sign the national anthem at the start of a press briefing at Pamodzi Hotel.
MMD faction President Felix Mutati, FDD President Edith Nawakwi, ULP President Sakwiba Sikota and Raimbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba sign the national anthem at the start of a press briefing at Pamodzi Hotel.

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says the national dialogue failed because the UPND wanted other political parties to champion their agenda.

During a joint media briefing at Taj Pamodzi Hotel with Rainbow Party’s Wynter Kabimba, Sakwiba Sikota’s United Liberal Party (ULP) and MMD’s Felix Mutati, Nawakwi said the UPND reneged on most commonly agreed positions by the opposition political parties before the January 18, 2019 national dialogue.

Mrs. Nawakwi cataloged the steps leading up to the launch that included meetings with all opposition political parties.

She said that opposition political parties met under the auspices of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) where ADD’s Charles Milupi and Sikota were appointed co-chairpersons but the UPND aligned forces opened another meeting point with the Church Mother Bodies.

“The purported launch of National Dialogue on the 18th January, 2019 was a failure because it was an attempt by the UPND to take control of the process,” Mrs. Nawakwi said.

“The rest of us were to be used as tokens to promote the UPND agenda.”

Mrs. Nawakwi said the UPND branded political parties that did not turn for the national dialogue as surrogates of the Patriotic Front.

She said that all the political parties were agreed that the Church Mother Bodies should chair the dialogue process with the ZCID providing a supporting role.

Mrs. Nawakwi said the political parties already had an agreed agenda from their meeting in June 2018 in Siavonga.

She said that all political parties had signed the Memorandum of Understanding including the UPND.

Mrs. Nawakwi said the constitutional and electoral reforms were more important than the national dialogue.

“It is legal reforms which will promote peace and stability,” she said.

Mrs. Nawakwi said the Church Mother Bodies were being deceived by the UPND in the run up to the dialogue process.

Below is the full briefing


1. Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen. We wish to welcome you all to this press briefing which is intended to provide the true facts of the events on the impasse between the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue and the three Bishops of the three Church Mother Bodies. Further we wish to give a response to the press statement issued by the Opposition Alliance on Friday, 1st February, 2019.

2.The Opposition Alliance has conveniently omitted the issues of fundamental importance and agreement during the meetings referred to in their press statement. The omission is deliberate because stating the actual facts would expose their duplicity and ultimately their political scheme. We now intend to do just that so that the Zambian people can make a fair judgement.

3. To set the record straight, we have uplifted the paragraphs from the Opposition Alliance press statement and contrasted the lies with the actual facts. We wish to state at the out-set that all the proceedings in the meetings we held with the Opposition Alliance were duly recorded and a verbatim record is available.

4.When we first met with members of the Opposition Alliance at the Law Association of Zambia Secretariat on 24th January, 2019, the Chairperson of the Opposition Alliance, Mr. Charles Milupi asked a question whether or not we ourselves were meeting them as an alliance. It was made very clear to them that we were separate political parties and independent of each other.

At this meeting president Sakwiba and president Milupi were appointed as co-chairpersons. We were not surprised at the question because after the failed launch of the National Dialogue held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on 18th January, 2019, a statement was issued by the Opposition Alliance calling those of us who did not attend the said launch as surrogate political parties of the Patriotic Front.

5.Let me now address the relevant paragraphs in the Opposition Alliance press statement.

I. In paragraph 2, the Opposition Alliance states that:

‘‘We in the Opposition Alliance decided to approach the Church Mother Bodies and seek counsel on whether there is any role that we could play to assist in addressing the concerns of our colleagues in the Patriotic Front regarding this on-going National Dialogue and Reconciliation process.”

II. In paragraph 3, the statement states that:

‘‘The Church Mother Bodies advised that Opposition Alliance to reach out to our Brothers and Sisters in the Patriotic Front and affiliated Political Parties and to sit down with them. With the aim of seeking to resolve our differences, actual or perceived.’’

The factual position is as follows:

On the evening of Friday, 18th January 2019, on their own initiative the concerned Party Presidents namely: Hon. Sakwiba Sikota SC, Hon. Felix Mutati and Hon. Edith Nawakwi went to Kapingila House to meet the three Bishops namely Bishop George Lungu, Bishop Alfred Kalembo and Bishop Paul Mususu. The purpose of the meeting was to seek to resolve the differences between the Bishops and ZCID.

The follow-up meeting was held on 19th January, 2019, in which the four (4) Party Presidents presented a Draft Memorandum of Understanding from ZCID to the bishops. The bishops advised that they needed time to peruse through the documents and would revert to the Party Presidents after consultations. It was quite clear in the meeting that there were no major differences with the text in the Memorandum of Understanding. The bishops commended the Party Presidents for the initiative and emphasized the urgency to conclude and sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

While waiting for a response from the bishops with regards to the Memorandum of Understanding, president Charles Milupi contacted president Sakwiba Sikota requesting for a meeting which culminated into a meeting of Thursday, 24th January, 2019.

When we met with the Opposition Alliance on 24th January, 2019, we had no idea that they were coming to the meeting as EMISSARIES of the bishops. In that meeting the Patriotic Front were not present as they were not invited. There were no differences “actual or perceived” between the Opposition Alliance and any Political Parties present in that meeting. We did not know the concerns of the Patriotic Front in respect of the National Dialogue which the bishops wanted the Opposition Alliance (as EMMISARIES) to assist them in resolving.

The truth of the matter is that the purported launch on 18th January, 2019, was a failure in its attempt to promote the image of one Political Party namely the United Party for National Development. The rest of us were to be used as tokens to promote that agenda, and hence the reference to us as surrogates of Patriotic Front.

6. In paragraph 5, the statement reads that:

‘‘the other side identified the draft Memorandum of Understanding that was intended to define the relationship between the Church Mother Bodies and the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) which had not yet been signed as a major sticking point’’.

The draft Memorandum of Understanding was a document generated through consultative meetings between the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue and the three Church Mother Bodies including United Party for National Development. However, the United Party for National Development President in the meeting pleaded ignorance of its existence. He requested for a copy which was given to him. It was then agreed that the meeting be adjourned to the following day, with the Memorandum of Understanding as the agenda item. At this stage the Opposition Alliance suggested that the Patriotic Front should be invited to the meeting so as to rally consensus of all Parties on the Memorandum of Understanding.

7. In paragraph 9, the statement reads that:

‘‘All Parties were agreeable to the fact that the three Church Mother Bodies will lead and Chair the ongoing National Dialogue and Reconciliation Process as they had ably done thus far, and that Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue will assist with the process as delegated by the Church Mother Bodies from time to time’’.

This paragraph is a complete and deliberate distortion of what transpired and it’s clearly intended to please some quarters including the three Church Mother Bodies for reasons only the Opposition Alliance would understand.

The verbatim transcript will show that all Parties agreed:

(a) That the three Church Mother Bodies will lead and Chair the National Dialogue.

(b) That there shall be a joint secretariat which will not be situated at Kapingila House or Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue premises.

(c) That the secretariat shall be composed of staff seconded thereto by both Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue and the Church Mother Bodies and other relevant offices.

(d) That the Secretariat shall be headed by an independent professional person.

(e) That there shall be a National Dialogue Bank Account to be jointly managed by the church and ZCID. This is for the purposes of promoting transparency and accountability.

(f) That the agenda for the National Dialogue shall be as agreed by all Political Parties in SIAVONGA in June, 2018, with room to include any new items during the plenary session of all Political Party Presidents and all stakeholders.

It is important here to point out that at the end of the meeting on the Memorandum of Understanding, Mr. Charles Milupi as co-chair emphasized that all Parties would now go and meet the three Church Mother Bodies as a united front. It was also agreed that the two co-chairs Presidents SAKWIBA SIKOTA and CHARLES MULUPI would go and submit the Memorandum of Understanding in advance of the meeting bishops.

On Sunday 27th January, 2019, the Co-Chairpersons went to meet the bishops and delivered the agreed Memorandum of Understanding. They were shocked to learn that the bishops were already in possession of the Memorandum of Understanding. The bishops informed the co-chairs that Mr. Sean Tembo had already delivered the said Memorandum of Understanding and the bishops confirmed that the Memorandum of Understanding delivered by the co-chairs was exactly the same and that they had already reacted in writing to the document.

8. At the behest of co-chair Hon Milupi a meeting of political parties was called without an agenda at the Pamodzi Hotel on Tuesday 29th January, 2019. To our dismay the United Party for National Development and its Alliance Parties reneged on almost all clauses agreed to during the meeting on Friday 25th January 2019, and attempted to re-open debate on the Memorandum of Understanding based on the comments made by the bishops.

We then asked them as to whether they were speaking on behalf of the bishops or they had changed their minds about what was agreed document in the meeting of Friday 25th January 2019 concerning the texts of the same MOU.

In response they said that they had not changed their minds but they argued that the document didn’t reflect the spirit of the discussion. We advised them that there was no need to respond to the spirit of the meeting when the text to which agreed was very clear.

It was a strange coincidence that the issues on which they wanted to reopen the debate were exactly the same as the comments raised by the bishops’ reactions in the Memorandum of Understanding. This level of hypocrisy was unacceptable.

When the Opposition Alliance insisted on reopening the debate, we proposed to them that the verbatim recording be played to the meeting in order to settle the argument. At which stage the UPND president stated that if we went ahead to play the recording, he would walk away and the dialogue process will collapse. With that threat from the UPND president the meeting collapsed because it was clear that the meeting was unproductive.

Members of the press, we now clearly understand the maneuvers and capitulation by UPND and its alliance as stated in their press statement in paragraph 20 in the Opposition Alliance press Statement which reads:

‘‘We do not see the possible success of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Process as a pre-requisite to our winning the 2021 general Elections, but rather as merely complimentary. A successful National Dialogue and Reconciliation process would ensure a peaceful transition of power in 2021, whereas a failed process would bring about a chaotic transition of power in 2021.’’

From the foregoing, it is clear to see and understand that the National Dialogue is only important if it guarantees the United Party for National Development and its Alliance Parties a gateway to state House in 2021. It is a vehicle for regime change and nothing else.

A United Party for National Development in power would see no need for such dialogue. This agenda by the United Party for National Development and its Alliance Parties has many players. This was clear from some of the speeches delivered during the purported launch on 18th January 2019.

It is for this reason that issues such as a transparent bank account are met with strong resistance from the Opposition Alliance. It is also for this same reason that a joint secretariat and other issues collectively agreed by all Political Parties in the meeting of Friday, 25th January, 2019 had now become contentious and obstacles in preparing for the National Dialogue Process.

We wish to take this opportunity to inform the Nation that yesterday on 02nd February, 2019, we submitted a letter seeking an appointment with the three bishops on the next course of action.

As political parties we remain committed to legal reforms which will promote peace and stability in our country.

Issued by:

Hon. Sakwiba Sikota SC President-United Liberal Party

Hon. Felix Mutati
President-Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

Hon. Edith Nawakwi
President-Forum for Democracy and Development.

Hon.Wynter M. Kabimba SC ODS General Secretary-Rainbow Party.


      Why would the house of the Lord in the name of the 3 church mother bodies enter into a marriage of convenience with a disgraced tribal grouping in the name of the UPNDEAD and it’s surrogate groupings to derail a natural democratic dispensation of the land?
      PF is smart, it has well read the scheme from these sadists. No wonder, they stay away.
      What is the Church doing?
      Their role in all this is a disgrace.
      People watch this double h. His selfishness is now getting contagious. See how many he has managed to coerce. ECL must ensure that he stays at arms length from these wolves until we figure out what killed Michael.

    • @Ndobo, I agree with you. Group is cool, missing was Ba Miyanda and ulya Sinkamba.
      eeeh ayi zoona! Why is that where ever Wynter goes, the atmosphere get bad? Even at last funeral, immediately he arrived the choir stopped singing.

    • Just finished reading another story; Kambwili is attacking Kalaba! Does it mean PF agenda to weaken opposition is being fulfilled?

    • We attacked the dishonest behind the dialogue two weeks ago.

      One could not understand why one particular Church Leader became arrogant daring the president that if he did not come, they won’t beg him.

      They were not speaking for the nations best interest but for HH.

      Simply put it. HH is scared of Lungu in 2021. He has eaten a lot of money from his external sponsors. These White Boers in South Africa. They want results.

    • @INDEPENDENT OBSERVERS, I respect your view but I think it is the other way round. If you are really an independent observer, you will agree with me that our freedom of assembly is in question. If it is true, my question is who is scared of who?

    • How many votes did Nawakwi, Sikota and Mutati get in the last elections? Mutati sided with the PF. Sikota was nowhere to be heard or seen. Nawakwi got embarrassingly low votes. There were more rejected/spoiled votes than Nawakwis. All these are technically retired politicians riding on the incumbency of PF. Once PF is out of office, they will disappear into oblivion

    • NAWAKI Also exposed this, but no one talks about it


    • Church is biggest danger to peace coz of this collusion with HH. Why the hell does HH think he can buy everyone? Upnd and its affiliate smaller parties must be put where they belong

    • Flashback: IMF, World Bank pressured govt to privatize mines – Nawakwi
      By Chiwoyu Sinyangwe and Chibaula Silwamba
      Friday November 02, 2007”
      FORMER finance minister Edith Nawakwi has revealed that the IMF and the World Bank pressured the Zambian government to privatise the mines on the pretext that copper prices would not increase in 20 years.
      According to a report by Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA), Christian Aid, and Scotland’s Aid Agency entitled, “Undermining development, Copper mining in Zambia” dated October 2007, Nawakwi – who is Forum for Democracy and Development president – admitted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank told the Zambian government that copper prices would never increase, hence they should privatise the mines.
      “We were told by…

    • Continued
      … “We were told by advisers, who included the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that not in my life time would the price of copper change. They put production models on the table and told us that there (was) no copper in Nchanga Mine, Mufulira was supposed to have five years life left and all the production models that could be employed were showing that for the next 20 years, Zambian copper would not make a profit,
      ” the report quoted Nawakwi as having told its author in an interview on July 26, 2007.
      “Conversely, if we privatised we would be able to access debt relief, and this was a huge carrot in front of us – like waving medicine in front of a dying woman. We had no option (but to go ahead).”
      According to the report, Nawakwi stated that one of the…

    • Continued
      … Nawakwi stated that one of the arguments in favour of privatisation was that it would save the government money by relieving them from propping up an enterprise losing up to US $1 million a day. The report further revealed that in 1999, the donors withheld aid to Zambia until the government agreed to privatise the mines.
      “Privatisation of ZCCM (Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines) was a condition repeatedly attached to several loans from both these institutions (IMF and World Bank) and was a pre-condition for Zambia to qualify for debt relief through the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative. In 1999, with the Zambian government still reluctant to reluctant to privatise ZCCM, major donors withheld some US $530 million in aid until the government conceded,” the…

    • Continued
      … the report revealed.
      “ZCCM’s assets were split into seven sections and sold to various investors, though the company was able to retain shares in some of the units – including in KCM (Konkola Copper Mine) – through the creation of a holding company called ZCCM-IH (Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holding).”
      According to the report, the negotiators argued that increased investment by the new mine owners would generate significant profits that would be channelled back to the Zambian government through taxation and dividends.

    • @Break News thanks for the background, we had forgotten about Nawakwi’s dip involvement in the disposal of family silver. How come the “rates” have spared her?

  1. “ONLY A T.ONGA MUST LEAD UPND” Says Sejani. Thank you madam Nawakwi for exposing this evil scheme by HH and his cohorts. HH is a very selfish man who cannot be trusted at all. He is trying to use the so called ND to manipulate other political parties for his own benefit. Basically there is nothing in this country that calls for our national leaders to dialogue. PF and other political parties that mean well for this country must not entertain this ND. Let the government devote its time and resources to developmental agenda and not to this useless ND. We all know that HH’s desperation for power has reached its limit and so he has no political direction whatsoever, hence his attempt to ride on other political parties’ roadmap in the name of an alliance.

  2. “Quote: It is legal reforms that will promote peace and stability”. Really Nawakwi, a former minister clinging to a one woman party be relevant. Zambia has adequate laws to promote peace and stability. Its enforcement is the matter at heart.

    • Just accept. The so called national dialogue thing has been contaminated by the double h virus. It needs retroviral measures. Why is failure alway associated with this man. Does it also mean Zambia might be a failed state with him in charge. His maneuvers and schemes are a total sham.

    • HH managed to buy those small parties. He offered them legal aid in exchange for support. He failed to do that with Tayali when he gave him Keith. Now HH has the bishops in his pocket

  3. Convention of old generals still holding on to their failed plans, can’t even field a candidate at ward level in the recent by-elections. They enjoy press media attention but not very visible on the ground like Lundazi and Sesheke. However, they are keeping their phones clean and by their chest just in case ECL calls for a Job.

  4. These people by nature are very manipulative. The best this country can do is to limit to 2 terms. No one should appear more than twice on a ballot paper

    • Hakainde and Church are in the unholy alliance to pull a fast one in 2021. Everyone knows those alliance affiliates stand nowhere to be on ballot. CK and HH will sink together in 2031

    • I like fact that this group is different from those HH has pocketed to advance his 2021 bid. Just look at Sean, milupi, Chipimo etc. They add no value to UPND. Nothing at all. Wait until ECL wins again

    • UPND has run out of ideas. Hope Andyford PAC doesn’t fall into money temptation. Gave him a vote and can’t vote for hh

  5. What do you expect from Nawakwi . Evil and arrogant with ni sence of direction. Who knows maybe she is got kick backs as usual. Let’s hope it’s not the case. The truth will emerge.

    • Today is second time am reading on how these church mother bodies have been bought and am glad these leaders have just exposed this. Let the dialogue nonsense come to an end. Otherwise they will take us back to Rwanda and Congo

  6. Surely the three mother bodies have been deceived by HH the serpent, Glory to Christ our Lord for exposing these hypocrites and laying them bare for all to see. Now even the doubting Thomas can clearly see that there are dark forces in full gear trying to influence regime change in Zambia. These are very sure are the ones that have been sponsoring HH secretly for them to come and control Zambia’s natural resources. PF as a ruling party has done and is doing great things country wide and its important that PF realigns and restructures itself to effectively communicate and explain what its doing. PF must not leave this critical and key matter to the last minute of 2021. The anti- PF propaganda by HH and UPND are false and needs proactive diffusion. The PF MPs and ground leadership must get…

    • regime change wat r u talking about this president doesn’t know whether he is going or coming he has not iota of wat it is he has do do in the presidency that there is no more ngokole he is stack between a hard rock and the sea he has no sense of direction that is why for three years now he can not speak to the citizens coz he has nothing zero knowledge in anything bwana change is coming whether u want it or not change is coming in 2021 roads are not development bwana development is the welfare of the pipo this country churns out graduates every year the have to have a life the need a better life does this president know hw to make sure these citizens are not destitute he yelped one million jobs has he managed zero 2021 wil not be about infrastructure it will be about personal welfare of…

  7. The PF MPs and ground leadership must all get geared, visit the constituencies and explain to the people what Government is doing. HH and UPND has devised a serious anti-PF campaign based on malice, jealous, envy, hatred, and displeasure considering that HH has scanned the environment and knows the impending 2021 election defeat which he cant take. PF must woke up and see this as real threat which if not countered smartly and aggressively may lead to believe this perpetual loser’s lies.

  8. HH bane is a danger to the NATIONAL ISSUES.He is a source of political confusion in Zambia.Personally I hate his His evil schemes.

  9. HH and the Church have lost the plot. They can only fool those whom HH bribes and takes into alliance through offering legal representation like CK and Sean

  10. What hasn’t double h tried? Arson, Xenophobia, electoral intimidation
    and rigging, the ICC, the Courts in Zambia, Diplomatic Corps, Zambia’s Cooperating partners, the elite Zambian people, Impeachment, the International media, intl freelancer journalists, money hungry local TV stations like Prime, Zambia watchdog and recently the Church. We have now seen how desperate this guy has always been.

    • You left out desperate and bitter memberless briefcase parties. As for Upnd why is that nobody has ever challenged HH on any issue such as the Chilanga Constituency by election adoption of candidate, siding with the mines etc. Even the giving the position of VP to an outsider without subjecting him to a popular vote.

  11. Today is second time am reading on how these church mother bodies have been bought and am glad these leaders have just exposed this. Let the dialogue nonsense come to an end. Otherwise they will take us back to Rwanda and Congo

  12. Ladie and gentlemen

    The is what we call men and women. As a non partisan political consultant I urge this group to form a solid political party for 2021.

    PF will die a natural death and we need responsible people to take over govt.

    Congratulations men and women. This country has no opposition and your voice adds value to Zambian politics.

    Once again PF is a failed project
    Upendi is a directionless headless political party.

  13. Politics of starvation at play. No one has the interest of the Zambians from the opposition parties hence the government can’t be truly have any real opposition to give them a threat.

  14. Hahaha Zambian politics. Good work Nawakwi for letting the nation know the truth.
    UPND will always remain behind as the late Mwanawasa put it.

  15. Sean Tembo is a danger to dialogue and national security,his mouth will bring chaos in this country.This group,coalition parties are on war path.

  16. Abena Zambia please, why are we listening to these four nonentities who between them have a total of 5 MPs in parliament. MMD – 4 and FDD 1 as follows;
    MMD – Maxwell Kabanda, Howard Kunda, Rachel Nakachinda, Peter Phiri
    FDD – Given Katuta
    firstly Kabimba and Sikota should not even on that panel and second, without the UPND on that panel, it is useless.
    Please don’t waste our time again.

    • @ titus musankwa…… at least they have 5 MPs between them unlike Sean Tembo, Milupi, Chipimo, Mulongoti and the Bishops who do not even have councillors.

    • What about the parties supporting the HH nonsense, what representation do they have either at ward or parliamentary level. The parties you have belittled have MPs and numerous councilors where us Milupi has only sold one membership card since he formed his Kasido party. Sometimes we should take time before we do things that will embarrass us.

  17. In as much as i respect other people’s opinion, personally i’m made to believe that the whole need for dialogue arose from two main issues, being: 2016 general elections and the sequence arrest of HH. Therefore, others like Nawakwi who have no complaints, what are they taking to the table?

  18. These people, especially Nawakwi and Sikota have also despised HH because their early dealings. I am not saying either one was right but sometimes you just have face reality and move on. You are not relevant anymore. I once had sex witb Mainga and thought it would be something open that we could celebrate. Of course I was foolish to think so. Do you see me complaining 27 years later? Move on.

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