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Drop Chitotela from your cabinet, NDC urges President Lungu


Minister of Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela on Tuesday leaving the ACC Headquarters in the company of his lawyer
Minister of Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela on Tuesday leaving the ACC Headquarters in the company of his lawyer

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged President Edgar Lungu to consider dropping Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge said the party’s demand to have Mr. Chitotela dropped follows the arrest of the Cabinet Minister by the Anti Corruption Commission.

Mr Musenge said Mr. Chitotela should not be allowed to occupy public office because he is likely to interfere with vital documents and information at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

“As NDC, we urge the Anti Corruption Commission ACC to expedite investigations linking Hon. Chitotela to corruption. As a party, we implore the ACC to further extend the corruption probe to other cabinet Ministers who have dubiously acquired wealth in a short period of time.

Yesterday, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrested of Mr Ronald Chitotela and charged him with two counts of concealing property suspected of being proceeds of crime. ACC Assistant Public Relations Manager Dorothy Mwanza confirmed the arrest to media in Lusaka.

Ms Mwanza said this is contrary to Section 71 subsection one of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act Number 19 of 2010.

She said that details in the first count are that on unknown dates but between the July, 2016 and October 2018 in Lusaka District, Mr Chitotela did conceal a property namely plot number 148 of farm 50A situated in Makeni, Lusaka.

Ms Mwanza said the property was disguised in the names of Diris Mukange property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime.

She said that in the second count on dates unknown but between the July, 2016 and October 2018, the Minister did conceal a property namely the remaining extent of Subdivision A of lot 22183/M situated in Ibex Hill Lusaka.

Ms Mwanza said that the property was also disguised in the name of Diris Mukange property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime.

She said Mr Chitotela has since been released on Bond and will appear in court soon


    • If this Chitotela has any morals, he will resign on his on accord. But he is a PF cabinet minister and such values do not exist in PF. Bapompwe!!

    • Esther Lungu and all those involved in the four 1985, 1996 fire trucks (probably worth $20,000 each) should also be investigated for corruption. Show us the calculations on how you arrived at $1Million each. Zambia twasebana

    • Nge nkonto yashele kwisa ba Chitotetote? And who is this Diris Mukange? In fact all of them are doing the same, it is just a matter of time they will be revealed. How is it possible that a person with no history of employment or business suddenly has properties in his/her name? Bangwele tubeleleniko house, mwaiba sana. Surely simple pillars and a roof can never cost $5m.

    • Constable, turned politician, now millionaire, this is the only reason most people in Africa join the lucrative politics business.

      Wild thought………
      Luapula united?

    • It is simple mathematics. Just count how many bembas we have in Cabinet and then use the president’s formula to calculate how many thieves there are in cabinet: (6/10) For evry 10 bembas in cabinet 6 are Bembas. Don’t ask me, ask ECL

    • chafi – Just wait still those Firetrucks are insured you will see that the are valued at £15,000….in the UK you can get a £10,000 truck at an Auction better than Lungu’s Scanias bought for a million.

  1. He won’t!
    The only reason ba Jona would do that is if the person shows intentions of challenging him for the PF presidenc,other than that awe.

    • Did Kambwili, the NDC consultant resign when he was being investigated for congratulating himself in the Times of Zambia using tax payers money? Don’t think we have forgotten

    • Look at Chitotela in the photo..the chap is 47 looks like he is 57….Lazy Lungu can never ask his minister to step aside because he is not really arresting him for corruption but for being ambitious….we need to put it in constitution that when a minister is arrested he should side aside.

  2. The rot starts from the head, the directive came from his boss, this luapula gang of thieves are scheming to do a domchkubeba on Lungu come 2021. They have been exposed and now they will be sorted out one by one. Corruption is endemic with the these goons, those toll gates were inflated beyond measure and the difference is what they are sharing. That mansion for RB is equally suspect and ACC should revisit and investigate the true cost and not that 4million dollars gibberish that this Chitotela was spewing. They are plenty no wonder they have become so arrogant and pompous. The next in line is kanpyongo, Kambwili gave all the evidence up to now nothing has happened. Kaiser, yaba the list is endless.

    • Chi bamwine ukutumpa. If a person from another province steals you keep quiet but the moment any Bemba is involved you are st The rooftop announcing that a Bemba this a Bemba that! Silly!

  3. Chilufya also is stinking rich just from no where . He is buying properties like apples. But ba PF is a bunch of thieves.

  4. Yes this is litmus test for President Edgar Lungu if he really means it when he says his government is fighting corruption. The most Honorable thing is either Chitotela resigns on his own or is fired by the President.Chitotela don’t wait to be fired like Lucky Mulusa.

  5. President doesn’t need political twits to tell him how to do his job. ECL has repeatedly mentioned that he has information that ministers are making huge bank deposits. It was only under ECL that FIC was created. He went further and shuffled the staff at ACC. Gone are the Levy/Post years of outsiders targeting those they hate and using the media to attack them.

    • It is half past twelve now Chitotela is still a minister. What is president Lungu doing? Does it need a press briefing to pronounce “Chitotela you are fired” If president Lungu was Mwanawasa (mhsrip) we can’t be seeing Chitotela with a flag by now but because corruption is a norm in PF the president pretends he doesn’t Chitotela and his dubious acts.


  7. Dont pre empty the president. Why are you so excited as if you played a role

    And yet you were smuggling meali meal to drc

  8. You should know that for investigative wings to search a serving minister’s house, the president has to give a go ahead. Dont push the president to do what you shallowly think is right. He has already shown you that he does not shield corrupt ministers. Let the law take its course.

  9. President Lungi is a very patient man.He does not make hasty decisions.Remember the situation with Lucky Mulusa? When Mulusa referred to the $1m firetrucks as ‘wheelbarrows’ the President did not fire him there and then. He waited till beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed Mulusa had rebelled against his own government. And so is the situation with Chitotela.Yes Chitotela was fired by Sata on corruption allegations but Edgar Lungu gave me a second chance. If this ‘second chance’ has been abused by Chitotela he will definitely be shown the exit door.

  10. Scumbags regardless of their status in society must be cuffed. It can’t be appreciated that many months after auditor General ‘s report which revealed a lot of dirty dealings, we still have not caged the the criminals.

    • Chitotela’s name and other State House officials appeared in FIC Report but you are aresting him on small issues compared to what dirt the guy has…this case will be dropped the sooner he decides to spill the beans

  11. Kambwili was fired without evidence. If president Lungu keeps Chitotela it means even his case won’t go anywhere because the president is shielding him by maintaining his flag. We demand Chitotela to go and ACC must extend the hand to Kampyongo and our Mukula tree sister and many more thieves recruited under state house.

    • Kambwili has a case in the courts of law how was he fired without evidence??? Those forged documents at PACRA are there for all to see and are SOLID evidence for the courts. He abused his ministerial position to block the ACC from investigating him and that’s why ECL fired him!! Then he turned and lied to gullible 1.d.i.o.ts like you who fell for it like a toddler would for a lollipop!!

  12. No one person or institution can investigate or arrest a serving cabinet minister without clearance from the President. Just having Chitotela arrested tells you that H.E gave a go ahead. Relieving him of his ministerial duties is not acted upon by the President on impulse or directives from mwenya musenge. H.E knows what he is doing. Who told the President to fire kambwili? No one. So even in this case H.E will definitely act but only at the right time, PERIOD. Not because kambwili and musenge have told the him to do so.

  13. I hope ACC have a bigger list of investigations involving these morons and not just Cheat Your Tailor. If so they (ACC) need to create critical mass. My foot, does anyone everunderstand the dire magnitude. This could be an entire mational GDP.

  14. He has the right to be heard in court.He is not guilty yet so do not celebrate.We know how stupid the law is and he stands accused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mark my words ,this could be stage managed .The guy will be acquitted and the scumbags will start boasting about how independent the justice system is .It could also be a move to diverge people’s the attention from Esther Lungu’s wasteful spending in America which has hit the internet and the world media has picked on it .

  16. We hear trunks of cash in different currency was found in his house. Tender documents and title deeds. Why were these things found in his house. We need more answers. This investigation should go deeper.

  17. Zambian Citizen.
    He sounds corrupt Chitotela is his father hence responding to my wise comment with his shallow and stupid thinking. He has good manners of foolishiness and good qualities of bad behaviour.

  18. Indeed, I agree with some bloggers. It is important to allow the ACC to do its work without undue interference. We have created these governance institutions ourselves so we need to give them enough room to operate. My thoughts.

  19. Those saying “let the ACC do their work and report back to the President before he can act” don’t just seem to understand how the investigative wings operate.

    Before any investigation is brought to light and especially to the point of effecting an arrest and subsequently preparing a press release, a lot of underground work would have been concluded to link the target to the purported crimes. The case officer/s will have determined what laws have been infringed and obviously concluded on what charges would be slapped on the target. I believe it is at this point that the President is supposed to be informed (if the investigation involves one of his senior officers) having prepared a dossier and presented before him. Now, because the President is an appointing authority, he will…

  20. What ACC does not know about this criminal is a lot. What they know is just a tip of the ice berg. Toll gate simple structure plus cheap software 43 billion kwacha non rebased. Ndimwe ofuntha?

  21. …choose between acting in public interest by taking pre-emptive action of dismissing the erring official to allow for smooth investigations or following the law of natural justice and the constitution by treating the official as being “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN THE COURTS OF LAW”. This he will be doing in the interest of the affected individual, especially if in his view the facts presented before him are not strong and compelling enough to effect pre-emptive measures to instil public confidence in his administration!

  22. Hon Chitotela ordered the arrest of a local contractor building a police station in Chavuma district for stalled works. The poor contractor has done 80% of the works and has only been paid K200000 from K1.3m,just 15%. The scale you use to measure others is the same one they will use to measure you.

  23. What we know about Chitotela and even what ACC knows is very little. Most things ACC will never recover. They say don’t be prejudiced, don’t judge a book by its cover but just listening to Chitotela you can tell that the guy is a master dribbler, how on earth can a toll gate cost 43 billion kwacha non rebased. Okay, lets assume for a minute that there was no corruption, is that a prudent way to spend money. Does this minister really have a boss to guide him. I remain PF

  24. Some senior member of one opposition party has been heavily linked in a more serious case, murder, and the party hasn’t yet expelled him. What are you thinking we are expecting when you get in power, if at all you will? Others have failed to clear themselves from the stealing during privatisation and we the very citizens of this country who know are here blocking it because we believe he is our Savior. For all fairness let them all resign from their positions until proven innocent by the courts of law

  25. This is second time around for those with memory. Mu 2013 this guy was dropped as Deputy Minister when he was accused of corruption. Enough said. Find out for yourselves. Awe shuwa.

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