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UPND Wins Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election

Headlines UPND Wins Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has scooped the sesheke parliamentary by election.

UPND candidate Romeo Kang’ombe polled 7, 768 votes from the provisional results collected from 35 polling stations from the total 43 polling stations.

Returning Officer Joseph Kanyembo has announced that results from the 8 remaining polling stations will have no effect on the outcome of the results.

Mr. Kan’gombe’s closest rival Dean Masule of the Patriotic Front (PF) party polled 3, 297 votes followed by UPPZ’s Victor Kayukwa who got 141 votes with PAC’s Charity Muhau trailing behind at 137 votes.

The total number of votes cast is 11, 419 while the rejected ballots are 76.

The Sesheke Parliamentary Seat fail vacant following the demise of then Member of Parliamentary Patrick Kufakwandi who died in South Africa following an illness.


    • Gogo Inonge Wina has conveniently been away on sick leave fearing this embarrassing loss, someone please say that is just speculation and completely false …

    • That boy Kangombe is lucky, too many sympathy votes. Death of owner of Seat, followed by death of his father 2 days before voting.
      Anyway, that’s how it is these days, even ba president was gifted by death.

    • Congratulations PF. Please maintain or increase your stakes in Luapula, Eastern, Muchinga, Central, Lusaka, Northern provinces for ECL to win 2021 elections. But again i have seen your score card is getting better in Western and NW provinces. I see HH tumbling in 2021 especially with his continued tribal politics. And we Bembas are completely afraid to vote in his favour. We are better of with Chagwa. This guy Hakainde doesn’t like us. He just pretends.

    • Since Upnd has won the election your god will consider this election as free and fair. If PF had won, tomorrow or even today your god was going to be crying and go the courts. It’s time for you to grow up Ba upnd. Politics of under 5 are not good. Congrats to you.

    • Congratulations Hon Kang’ombe, congratulations Sesheke residents for resisting atrocities perpetrated by Kampyongo and his able team of thugs. Sesheke you stand out to teach PF a good lesson by receiving whatever money and you exercise your power in the voting booth. You have proved that you are not people who can be hoodwinked by presidential dances and fake projects only mentioned during election time. Be proud of yourselves and hope other provinces can learn from you and stand for what is right. You were not shaken to see entire state house come to cheat but proved you are principled people. CONGRATULATIONS UPND CONGRATULATIONS ZAMBIA as we say no to organised violence by those who hold power.

    • Well done UPND the voter turnout was a clear sign that PF were not going to win. The frustration of people is becoming more and more evident for PF to win 2021 they will need a miracle.

  1. Congratulations UPND. Now move from Barotseland and go to Zambia. Go and use the Chitotela case to campaign against PF. Corruption has been authenticated and legitimised in PF by allowing criminals to walk free.


    • Has it helped Luapula to vote for the ruling party nearly all the time??? Not even a place like Nakonde really has anything to talk about for voting the ruling party …it is a tired story with shrunken balls

  3. Sesheke has endorsed to perpetually remain in poverty, anyway, they are used and let them continue suffering whilst we go to another level. The PF as a party must realise that they cant change the mindsets of these people in UPND strongholds because it stems from the UPND leader who has brainwashed them to believe no one but a Tonga can lead UPND. Whats the point in wasting resources in constituencies where the maximum votes you can get is around 3000 regardless of the development you take there, why? PF must restrategise by focusing and taking serious development in its strongholds, its people who put them in power.
    Hasnt the PF leadership analysed and seen that electoral violence is only recorded in UPND strongholds? When elections are held in PF strongholds, the process is violent…

    • If the do not pay tax to national GRZ why should they not be included in development ???

      If anything let there be a lose federation of states , you theives can go back to Congo to your brothers and leave the rest of Zambia somewhat free of corruption….

    • In November 2008, Festus Gontebanye Mogae, the former president of Botswana received an award from (Sarkin & Cook, 2008) Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. The reason why Botswana’s president won was because [Botswana‘s] democracy was strong, stable and rooted in the rule of law. Botswana was widely regarded as one of the more effective countries in the world in combating corruption. President Mogae‘s outstanding leadership has ensured Botswana‘s continued stability and prosperity in the face of an HIV/AIDS pandemic which threatened the future of his country and people. The Prize Committee believed that good governance requires an environment conducive to peace, security and development, based on the rule of law and respect for human rights. Botswana has had to address…

    • The treasury is meant to develop the whole country regardless of which party those people voted for.Don`t expose your stupidity with a tea spoon brains between your two ears.

    • That is what happens when you use your emotions to attack innocent people! And I quote…..”Hasnt the PF leadership analysed and seen that electoral violence is only recorded in UPND strongholds? When elections are held in PF strongholds, the process is violent…”
      So why are you complaining about the upnd when the scenario is the same in your tribal/strong holds?

  4. contd
    Hasnt the PF leadership analysed and seen that electoral violence is only recorded in UPND strongholds? When elections are held in PF strongholds, the process is violent free. This is what has led to UPND even gunner votes from PF strongholds but its the opposite as proved by Sesheke bye elections. Elections victory is about numbers on one’s side and PF must take this very seriously by focusing on its SEVEN Stronghold provinces and the results will in 2021 and beyond will re-soundly affirm PF in power. PF must not relax, but work extremely hard in ALL its strongholds and in constituencies where it has grabbed sits from UPND, like Chilanga and Mangango.

  5. Papa G,
    you comment cannot go without guidance , look Zambia is not a one party a all , understand even in USA they what they call strong holds for Red or GOP and Blues Democrats.

    But for the President and Government development is for all , it is with mindset that , what i can say is we seem to have alot of you ignorant Zambians who are very tribalistic and myopic , as Zambia is Zambia for all and Africa is Africa . you chase fellow Zambians or Africans and let the Chinese or Americans have free access to Zambia and Africa at times with no Visa requirements at all.

    But for this one , i would like to say congrats the Sesheke residents for that vote , even when GRZ and PF put in so much money and vote buying through DMMU or sending food and Ministers and the President wasting…

  6. Congratulations to UPND for retaining Sesheke seat.However,it is high time president Edgar Lungu realised that his PF cant win in Southern and Western.Let PF now focus on developing the 6.5 provinces seriously and add N/Western province to that list.Voters in 6.5 provinces have been so royal to PF,hence ECL must reward them with serious development!!!REGIONAL VOTING WILL CONTINUE IN 2021 -100% AND THIS VOTING PATTERN FAVOURS PF!!the biggest enemy for PF in 2021 is voter apathy in its strongholds.SHOULD PF ACHIEVE MORE THAN 60% VOTER TURN OUT IN 6.5 PROVINCES,THEN HH’S UPND WILL BE HUMMERED CLEAN!!!
    Anyways congratulations to Mighty PF for scooping all the 7 wards including in Chavuma!!!BAHATI SEAT IN MANSA WILL SURE BE WON BY PF SOON!!

    • If the do not pay tax to national GRZ why should they not be included in development ???

      If anything let there be a lose federation of states , you theives can go back to Congo to your brothers and leave the rest of Zambia somewhat free of corruption….

    • Only in Zambia where some people feel they are more superior to others when their tribesman is president. Such retard thinking will not help you in any way. Vote for people who are capable to rule and make sure you hold the accountable for their actions. Corruption is a disease that has killed many economies in Africa.


  8. Its only the ruling party in Government that can improve the delivery system and this is what matters. Opposition parties operate on promissory notes, lies, illusions and falsehood whilst the ruling party has the means and the resources to improve delivery system, transform rural areas, peri-urban areas, urban areas, towns and cities. If they fail to do this whilst in power how will they convince the electorates during the campaigns? So the time to finish off any opposition and HH in particular is NOW by getting back in time and analyse what we promised our people in 2016, from our manifesto. Development is never enough and continuous improvement is a MUST coupled with continuous grass root engagement, explaining the then, the now and where we are going. These are simple but yet very…

    • 6.5 provinces analysis is an illusion which will shock u in 2021 keep on think that building roads is the development that pipo yearn for wen millions of youths are living in poverty and their future is bleak u will b surprised u promised them 1.5 million jobs but that promise is ticking towards 2021 it will catch up with you soon.corruption unabated stealing unabated economy in tatters and u think pipo will eat 6.5 provinces if their lives will no be better in 2021 no amount of sensational tribalism will work .

    • You have always been so upbeat about winning presidential poll since 2001. So was PF. In 2001, Upnd began with ‘100’ MPs, PF began with only ONE MP from Luapula. where are you? shrunk to one small territory! PF ~7 political power [email protected] analytics. Corruption is an ancient vice biblically documented but PF is trying to minimise the vice. However, it’s not a theme for winning an election in Zambia. We know the winning themes and we are winning. PF is making strides into the small territory, obtaining over 3,000 souls there near dundumwezi is exciting!

  9. This result shows that PF WAS FORCING ITSELF ON THE ELECTORATE IN SESHEKE AND COULD HAVE BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VIOLENCE!! Congrats UPND, even if I don’t agree with your Leadership and party philosophy at least this win assures us of the continuation of multiparty democracy, veering away from a defacto one party state of the reckless and corrupt PF!!

  10. @ Malinso, i do not really agree with the kind of perspective you have taken. PF does not use their personal money to develop the country but resources generated from taxes and other economic activity that every Zambian is involved in, hence every part of this country deserves development regardless of who they vote for. Your theory can only be applicable if you added an exit strategy to it – like not collecting taxes from those people who come from those regions. By the way, I’m politically neutral (I vote for personality, not party).

    • @ mwelwa,
      I appreciate your contribution but lets face it, politics dont operate like that my friend anywhere be it in Africa or US, Europe or anywhere. You got to pay attention to those constituencies that believe in your party, manifesto and propel you to victory. Again, whats the point of wasting resources in places were regardless of what you do to uplift them, they still look elsewhere? What message then are you sending to those that faithfully support you?

  11. Well done UPND though the price was very high am not UPND and am not Tonga or Lozi but PF violence to win was unbelievable, the amount of violence unleashed on Sesheke and Lundazi was shocking. The statement by the President indicated it doesn’t bother him, it’s something that is bringing hatred of Police and PF,PF be careful, if you are bringing development why such violence?

  12. In Bahati, the ruling Patriotic Front, PF must win massively by 90 % to send a clear and strong message to the opposition. But this is only attainable if we in the PF work hard everyday to improve the delivery systems especially in our strongholds. Our campaigns must be issue based and NOT promissory as the lunatics from opposition will be yapping, they should a huge difference between the Under 5s and us!


  13. Without winning Sesheke there can be no opposition. Zambia is not PF or UPND. We need parliament that is balanced. Ruling is not the preserve of the few. Zambia needs strong opposition to curb the imbalance in decision making.

  14. They have just retained their seat. You only get excited when you grab a seat from a political party

    Nonetheless I can see no wind of change. If pf can get 50% in in upendi opposition then things are not ok.

    Give upendi back to Sakwiba Sikota who formed upend with UKM. We dont know hh

  15. Vanity, the trail of destruction left can’t be compensated by 1 person going to Parliament. The chap might even defect, or will just add to the list of useless MPs shouting yayayah! through out the duration of the life of the current Parley. Only a depraved sadist can celebrate such a victory, they have blood on their hands

  16. The only serious problem i see is president Lungu’s advisers.They are telling to get rid of some important people to include those UPND chaps.The truth is that UPND chaps will never be loyal.For them it’s HH until death.PF should start mobilising in its strong holds.Send the message clear bcoz it will be 100% for HH in southern and part of western.So PF has good strategists then they should start now encouraging poeple in its strongholds to have faith in the party again.Luapula ,muchinga and Nothern may not in numbers if development is not taken there.The pipo don’t believe HH there they’ll decide to stay home.Lungu shoulp look at some constituiences which had a great number of registered voters but the turn out was below 30%(Nchelenge).Don’t make wars with your Mbuyas otherwise HH…

  17. Cont.Don’t make wars with your Mbuyas otherwise HH is coming with his tribal politics and he’ll only need 30% from your strong holds.They have even told him don’t waste time in southern and western but go to luapula,eastern,northern and muchinga. becareful mudala things are bad.cage abena Sunday Chanda,Amos Chanda and Kapyongo not to insult their friends abena kambwili.We need Kambwili in PF.Some UPND supporters think about oppressing other tribes.U can’t trust this party.Stop rooting resources bcoz u gonna lose in 2021

  18. Congrats to upnd,well done! Now you are saying this result is a sign of things to come in 2021,if pf had won you will say the party in power wins by_elections but general election is a different ball game.So what is the true analysis now?Remember pf has won all ward elections held yesterday.In 2021 umo aka fenta kwati kambwili.

  19. @Malinso. kkkk. Funny indeed. You like 6 so much. 6 out 10. Now you have increased it to 6.5 out of 10.0. In a democracy, it is give and take. You win some and lose some. Democracy is not for d.ull people because it forces one to love even those who don’t love him/her and respect their wishes. Taking development to 6 provinces only, is a terrible idea. Confirm, you are removing toll gates in the other 3 provinces? Fine. Allow them to set their own. Let this idea not enter into your mind so much. Look, Zambia has 73 dialects which are further grouped into 7 languages. 5 out of 7 are in those 3 provinces. Majority! No wonder, 3 provinces gives 6 provinces sleepless nights at a national vote. Take note. Besides, there was unfair delimitation of constituencies since FTJ was threatened by…


    • Ba Shadreck Biemba, twebeniko development yaba ku Luapula Province who are 100% piiefu? You mean you have not heard that Luapula is the least developed province in the Country naba Western muleseka are better than them…Amano mambulwa cacine.

  21. This young man is truly a breath of fresh air, at 34 years his an mp.
    While we have old balding chaps like Sunday chilufya, Antonio mwanza, na ka Tayali, still being used like ar$e wipes.

  22. Tayali should return the money for condoms he was paid by the PF because despite his effort ,the PF have lost the election …

  23. Digity, morality, self respect and community patriotism choses self determination and human worthy over bribery, lies, nepotism, intimidation, brutality political bootleaking and dependency on politicians who only show concerns for the people ‘s suffering during an election! This country and our people ‘s suffering are older than the lies, disrespect, brutality, and imported-ignorant-cadre intimidation! Even some uniformed men and women were on the side of the people in Sesheke! Well done Sesheke! If development will only come through intimidation, brutality, hero-worshipping, political bootleaking, then let it go to those who entertained such demeaning practices! Once more! Well done Sesheke!

  24. The fighting spirit of Sesheke residents is admirable! When you know what you want, nothing can get in your way. Those violent town Bemba-speaking thugs pretending to be Sea-shake residents are lucky to have escaped with their lives to lick their wounds!

  25. Romeo by name Romeo by nature! Out there, heavy duty schmoozing his tribal folks has got him some result. Congratulations for winning on your patch!

    Don’t worry PF, this was a given. Congratulations for new in-roads into those Provinces.

  26. I think we should have a deliberate law that allows the political party to appoint another member of parliament within their ranks in case of death. Death is an unplanned occurance that could be excluded for suc a law unlike expulsion or resignation from the party. The electoral body could save many resources and lives by enacting such a law. Besides we all agree that it is very retrogressive and costly to finance these by elections.

  27. Great for western province hope other provinces can emulate them. I know PF lies to the people in other provinces that they won’t see development if they don’t vote for them but the reality is that western province and southern have experienced more better development. The best fly over bridge is in western province and their roads don’t wash away like the cheap ones in PF strongholds so easterners and northerners do yourself a favor and make these people work hard for your votes

  28. Stop giving them easy wins, right now it’s very easy for them to dupe you with cheap infrastructure. Talk about massive poverty and joblessness it’s rampant in the same stronghold voting for these pfools. Make them work for it. next time PF wants a seat in western province they know they’re gonna have to work hard for it which translates into genuine development than the rushed fool me development

  29. Congratulations honourable Kangombe.
    Congratulations United Party for National Development (UPND).
    Whether people like it or not, the other half of the cake will remain relatively undisturbed. While the other half will be chopped by the sons of the “soil” for DP and NDC. In any way they come to the party.
    UPND, will also make unloads towards the side of this cake.
    Let us sell our manifestos free without fear or favor.

  30. This primitive attitude (which even came from ECL during the campaign) that voting for the opposition means no ‘development’ must end. It’s tax payers money – yet the PF uses it as leverage to blackmail the very people who deserve better. Why is this nonsense tolerated? PF thugs and stooges will now return to Lusaka and continue sharing the ‘national cake’ and ignore those who did not vote for them (albeit with tails between their legs) Money to provide clean water, education, health and facilitate other areas of human development is not yours (PF) … Get over it. You are only interested in wining politically, while having no regard for most of the humanity you ought to serve.

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