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5 Cholera cases recorded in Lusaka in the last one month-Dr Chilufya

Health 5 Cholera cases recorded in Lusaka in the last one month-Dr Chilufya

FILE: Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya observes Alix Sichilima 4, at children’s Wardd shortly before cutting a ribbon to kick start construction works on the upgraded Kayambi Rural health center

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has disclosed that five Cholera cases have been recorded in Lusaka in the last one month.

Dr. Chilufya said the five cases were recorded in Kabanana compound, Chipata compound, SOS and Garden Chilulu compound.

The Minister said of the five cases, four were confirmed laboratory cases while one was a suspected case in Mtendere compound.

Dr. Chilufya was speaking during the Stakeholders Workshop for the Finalization of the Cholera Elimination Plan in Lusaka today.

He said the five cases have successfully been treated and government has heightened surveillance to prevent the possible spread of the disease.

Speaking at the same function, Water Development, Sanitation and Environment Protection Minister Dennis Wanchinga emphasised on the need to collaborated efforts among stakeholders in preventing the outbreak of cholera.

Dr. Wanchinga said his ministry will provide 10,000 boreholes mostly in rural areas to enhance the provision of safe and clean drinking water among Zambians.


  1. Doc Chitalu (impwa man) even 5 cases is too big a number as we all know how fast that disease can spread and for every one case reported there are probably 20 unreported cases so be on it as the time we normally have outbreaks towards the end of the rainy season starting next month in March is upon us. Let’s not have another disaster which we always fail to learn from, drainages are still blocked in many cities, look at Kitwe Chisokone market that place is a disaster, look at Ndola Main Masala, in Lusaka Chainda, Chaisa, Mandevu as well as Kanyama,
    Kamwala, John Laing,Chawama and Linda areas

    • On PF s watch thousands are dying needlessly because of Lungu and accomplices’ rampant corruption.
      Donor money given to Ministry of health is disappearing into Dr Chitalu and Lungu s pockets instead of it being spent on health preventative measures.

      This is what Chitotela is trying to tell us about his corrupt friends. He has pointed out that Minister of Health is even more corrupt than him because his ministry receives less donor money than ministry of health.

      Remember former Health ministry PS Kasolo who stole billions Kwacha from Health ministry and used it to bank roll Sata to avoid jail? Dr Chilufya is now the man who has refined embezzlement of Health funds by co-opting President Lungu in the mix for his own protection.

      Lungu and PF must go. Twanaka nabo aba…

    • It’s too late We have an epidemic. Tulamyeba a president donning majombo and overalls to symbolically clean lusaka won’t stop cholera. It needs plans and policies that are implemented not shelved. Garbage is all over the country:s city centers and we expect cholera to run away from us?

  2. All the cadres have run away from commenting on here. This party is not pro poor as many Zambians thought now they will learn the hard way. They will be taxed to death while dying because this party values things like infrastructure over people’s well being. Lusaka mayor is as useless as he can be because our people don’t know how to vote, always going for the ones with no vision

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