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Doctors at UTH successfully remove remaining needles from the body of 3-year-old from Chipata

Health Doctors at UTH successfully remove remaining needles from the...

Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya visiting the recovering Richard Zulu
Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya visiting the recovering Richard Zulu

Doctors at the University Teaching Hospitals have successfully removed the 10 needles that had remained in the body of 3-year-old six months old baby from Chipata District in Eastern Province.

Ten needles had remained in the body of Richard Zulu who last underwent an operation in January this year.

UTH Director Clinical Care and Diagnostic Services Dr. Alex Makupe said the needles were removed in an operation that lasted for over three hours.

Dr. Makupe said Richard is recuperating well in the Intensive Care Unit and will be discharged in the next few weeks.

The child had 44 needles in his body that were discovered after the CT- Scan at Chipata Hospital, had 25 of them removed while the remainder got referred to University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka on President Edgar Lungu’s directive.

Circumstances of how the needles got into the boy’s body are still not clear and are under investigation by the local authorities in Chipata.

Meanwhile, his mother Rosemary Jere has thanked the Doctors and government for successfully removing the needles.

Ms. Jere is hopeful the boy will be discharged soon and return to Chipata.

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  1. If our beloved doctors can manage such a big task, why are our leaders afraid of going to our hospitals. UTH in particular?

    • Very true my brother. They crowd the little boy with fat bellies and cameras not minding that he needs his own Pacific time to rest. And who said you have to put his pictures in the newspapers? Does Zambia have journalism ethics bodies?

  2. Circumstances of how the needles got stuck in the body are still under investigation? Start with the mom – the boy is still very young sand very much under his mother’s care.

    • Ba Rapsody tamwakwata amano. Do you even know how old Richard’s mother is? She is just a child too. Why you always want kill mother’s? Zambian prisons are full of mothers and their children are now street kids.
      It could be also places they took that child for treatment. Even at Chipata hospital, someone may have tried Chinese acupuncture treatment went wrong.

  3. Without understanding how those needless got into the body of the little boy, it will very cruel to allow the Boy to go back to chipata in the same care of the people who kept him while those needless were pushed into his body. Have mercy let the boy be kept in Lusaka upon discharge until investigations are concluded.

    • ZP are paid to follow the instructions of Dora Siliya. Remember they only arrested Kambwili on his racism case after Siliya told them

  4. This is a case of child abuse at its worst. The child’s carers need to be taken to task. In most cases it’s the mother who is responsible for that. She needs mental health assessment first.

    • Where is the father in all this, why are people quick to blame the mother the father should be part of this investigation.

  5. We need to thank God for such a feat. We wish God’s hand and protection on the child. Am very apprehensive with the environment where the child is being taken to. This is the issue of witchcraft which needs to be dealt with. Otherwise, how the child survived with 44 needles in the body, only God knows. This is pure witchcraft which should not be written off. Witchcraft is real. Taking the child to the village will put the child in the same predicament again. Parents need to be prayerful and dedicate their children God. God is our fortress and our protector. Without Him our lives are playing grounds for devil.

  6. God has a purpose for all of us but am sure even more for this precious life. Richard Zulu will definitely rule Zambia one day and will ensure Health Care delivery system in Zambia is among the best in the world.

  7. Glory be to Jesus, our greatest Physician and thanks to the Gov’t, for their prompt response and the entire medical team that perform the operation. God bless Zambia!

  8. Great work by out Doctors there. But I strongly believe the mother knows the truth. Let the Police Officers give her two HARD SLAPS (MAMBAMA) and she is going to reveal everything.

  9. How did the needle get inside the body?
    So this has to be sorted before she goes
    Back to chipata.good luck to the boy.

  10. This is the guy who is in the habit of his fellow dim wits to South Africa for minor operations which can be done at UTH .Now he has gone on band wagon parading his foolishness in front of the cameras .The ountry needs good medical facilities so that you can save have earned tax payers money and live within your means .The people of Sesheke have been failed for too long even Amos Chanda cant even be bothered to visit Sesheke to check on the medical facility there but he is bothered to go to Swaziland to build a mansion

  11. Big appreciation to the skilled medical personnel for a job well done. However, if this child is sent back where he was inflicted without establishing what the heck happened to him he will end up with 88 needles inside him. Please ensure the cause of abuse is addressed ba Olofeya pilizi napapata!

  12. I just hope the police are not fearing the damn useless witchcraft to investigate those responsible for inserting needles into the kid. And it would be very unreasonable if not stupid to send the kid to the same parents and community where inserting needles into an innocent kid is part of their weird hobby or ritual! The kid should be raised by social welfare or orphanage.

    • If it takes surgeons this long to remove the needles it follows that only fellow surgeons would have Inserted them in the first place. So where and when did the people you are accusing have the time and expertise of the UTH doctors so as to put into practice this inserting?

  13. The police should question the father and mother. Apparently these two are not staying together. The boy had gone to lundazi to visit the father so he should know something. It is by the grace of God that those needles which look like bicycle spooks missed vital organs.

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