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Chief Chikanta urges Church to put their house in order

General News Chief Chikanta urges Church to put their house in order

Chief Chikanta of the Tonga speaking people in Kalomo District has urged the leadership of the three Church mother bodies to put their house in order if they are to effectively spearhead any dialogue process.

Speaking at his palace in Kalomo, the traditional leader said the resignation of the United Church of Zambia Synod Bishop Reverend Bishop Sydney Sichilima as President of the Council of Churches of Zambia is an indication that there is something seriously amiss that need to be rectified among the leadership of the three Church mother bodies.

Chief Chikanta noted with concern that the three church mother bodies seem to be compromised.

He further advised the three Church mother bodies not to advance any other agendas inimical to the interests of the nation other than dialogue itself.

Bishop Sichilima resigned as President of the Council of Churches in Zambia last week and withdrew his participation in the three Church mother bodies.

In a letter addressed to the Three Church Mother Bodies and CCZ General Secretary, Bishop Sichilima said the move is meant to preserve the integrity of the United Church of Zambia.

Bishop Sichilima said he has also withdrawn his participation from the grouping.

He said as UCZ leader, there are certain biblical ethics that he cannot compromise in executing his pastoral duties hence his withdrawal from the church mother bodies and resignation from CCZ.

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  1. It’s surprising that some people don’t want to see this side of the coin. The clergy are not being straight in their dealing with this issue. It is a fact that some of them are cadres.

    • Ndanje khaki, you are right. This is being spearheaded by a group which caused genocide in Rwanda and the rest are following blindly. It is unfair to ordinary Zambian in that typical village of Lupososhi district! These are no longer Christian church mother bodies, but religious groups mother bodies. Well done Bishop Sichilima and you capable of having your own mother body, like the one misleading the other two bodies. By the way, where is Independent Churches mother placed?

  2. It is obvious that some participants to the dialogue are pushing in their own agendas. But ba Bishop, why resigning?
    Could it be that you could neither beat nor join them??

  3. The General Secretary of the Christian Council of Zambia (Father Chikoya or something like that), must have insulted the good Bishop Sichilima for him to resign. The Bishop must have been driven into shock by the “Father”. Chikoya has that type of language normally associated with trib.als. You just have to look at the statement issued by Chikoya on Prime TV, totally unChristian, typically Trib.al.
    The only take on this is that Chikoya bulldozes his way over the other mother bodies. In other words, the participant bishops from Catholics and Evangelics must be meek or ill mannered.

  4. Dialogue? What dialogue? Didn’t I tell you that talk of dialogue is si.lly and stupi.od and sata.nic with the three dead bodies found in those churches. How can you have dialogue with trib.al Hacks leading upnd trib.als? Impossible!!!

  5. Traditional leaders good observation but you were suppose to talk to HH over many issues concerning patriotism.Church members who were chosen to represent their churches have failed to United Zambia.Maybe you chiefs can have better voices to Unite the country in this political peril of hatred,tribalism,division and disunity.The elected bishops who were chosen to Help the current political situation have proven futile 100%.
    Don’t wait until matters gone to waste is when you write something while you have an active ministry,Please chiefs talk to your sons especially HH who has introduced and strengthen tribalism in southern province and their people.
    Division is real in Zambia.

    • True!! The moron and his capitalist sponsors are this! They want to come and plunder our national resources by fanning confusions as they have done DRC! Tshisekedi is trying to normalise the situation, but he is been accused of working under Kabila!If is peace, why not collaborate!!

  6. Wise advice from Chief Chikanta, but I think he and other southern chiefs have left it too late. When trib.als were breeding largely right in their chiefdoms, they cowardly kept silent. Even when chieftainness Mukuni was ranting since 2016 almost all the mother chiefs of southern province kept mum. Now trib.als have bred that is when they are talking, are they serious? Should we trust them or their wisdom for keeping quiet when it mattered most? Now look where Trib.al Hacks and upndeads have landed our country.

  7. Edgar has been the worst culprit when it comes to tribalism and violence. He doesn’t behave like a President of the country. Edgar had fueled all this tribal
    talk in Zambia. We have never experienced this kind of hate by people against each other under any leadership in this country other than that of Edgar. KK, FTJ, PLM, MCS. Off course Sichilima is Edgar boy. Good riddance.

  8. These are the same churches that helped in all our past problems. Why is it so hard under Edgar today? H

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