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Israeli government donates gadgets for non surgical male circumcision to the Ministry of Health

Health Israeli government donates gadgets for non surgical male circumcision to the...

Israeli Ambassodor to Zambia, His Excellency Mr. Gershon Kedar  with Minister of Health Dr Chilufya
Israeli Ambassodor to Zambia, His Excellency Mr. Gershon Kedar with Minister of Health Dr Chilufya

The Israeli government has donated gadgets for non surgical male circumcision to the Ministry of Health.

Receiving the donation at Ndeke House yesterday , Health Minister of the Republic of Zambia, Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya stated that the gesture from the Israeli government had come at the correct time when the government was racing to meet its target of circumcising two million men and boys in a bid to achieve epidemic control of HIV/AIDS by 2020.

The Minister announced that 1.4 million males had been circumcised in Zambia as of 2018.

He stated that Government acknowledged the devastating impact that the HIV/AIDS pandemic has and continues to have on the Zambian society causing it to place emphasis on prevention strategies that will contribute towards the reduction in HIV incidence, voluntary male circumcision being one such interventions.

“Evidence from research studies has shown that male circumcision reduces a man’s chance of spreading HIV by 60 percent. Studies that have modeled the impact of VMMC in Zambia indicate that if we reach our goal of circumcising 90% of all HIV negative adult males by end of 2020, we will prevent over 340,000 new HIV infections. If we are to effectively reduce the incidence of HIV, we all need to actively contribute to ensuring that Zambia achieves Universal Coverage of Male Circumcision, “Dr. Chilufya said.

And Dr. Chilufya stated that in order for Zambia to reach its target of circumcising 2 million men and boys by 2020, innovative ways of providing VMMC in an efficient and cost effective way. He stated that PrePex device offered such innovations and hence it would cause a significant increase in MCs if introduced as one of the methods available to clients.

He announced that the Ministry of Health was in collaboration with Jhpiego, currently implementing active surveillance of the PrePex device and that so far, 731 circumcisions had been done.

“Therefore, with the donation, it will help to accelerate the implementation of the study and will effectively help in outreach activities, “he said.

And Israeli Ambassodor to Zambia, His Excellency Mr. Gershon Kedar stated that his government will continue partnering with the Zambian government in many aspects including health. He stated that so far, their collaboration in the health sector included emergency health, cardiology and public health and that now, it gave him great pleasure that they would be collaborating in non surgical male circumcision which would help to save millions of lives.


  1. Circumcision is not good for men who already engaged in sexual activities. It actually destroys sensitivity and sex is no longer test the same. I recommend circumcision to children only.

    If u are already in the field of sex please don’t go for circumcision. U will regret for the rest of all remaining years.

    • Iwe stop misleading nigaz. Is sex sensitivity the most important t thing on earth.

      Give that premitive advise to your children

    • its a lie nothing changes men go for circumcision its good for u especially that many men v side chics u need to be circumcised.

    • Cut the cadres before shipping them to Saudi Arabia. They will inspect them before buying them as domestic workers.

    • “If God did not want men to have foreskins, why did He create them with foreskins in the first place?”

  2. You are the chaps that chose to die for sake of enjoying sex. Then you live widow and orphans just because you refused mc

  3. @Aids activists. I hear 100%. But how does that help you already married HIV lady.

    This era has so many that were born HIV. And they equally need marriage. MC will help

  4. This article is busy talking about things other than the topic of non-surgical male circumcision equipment. Tell us, what is this non surgical male circumcision?

  5. Check facts. Circumcision is a Jewish tradition which is not so much accepted by most European countries. It was almost banned on the basis that it is a form of genital mutilation. In some European countries like Norway, only a small percentage of men are circumcised. However, some few African tribes were also doing circumcisions.

  6. You get your todger foreskin chopped off thinking……..hurrays!! you will avoid HIV but then you catch malaria and die. Invest in mosquito nets and not foreskin chopping apparatus.

  7. circumcision doesn’t prevent hiv. that’s a very dangerous and irresponsible statement to have in Zambia cuz those who are circumcised now think they can have unprotected sex
    I can do any study and publish my own findings with my own figures. every study is funded and pushed by certain interest groups. do your own work don’t rely on published work without knowing who’s behind the study
    circumcision is mgm (male genital mutilation). it’s done for religious and tradition reasons that’s it. there’s no scientific proof it reduces infections, that’s a fallacy. I’ve done papers on this topic.
    here in north America, there are lots of procedures being done to reverse the procedure, skin draft to replace the foreskin. and a few cases of sons suing their parents/hospitals and mohel…oh…

  8. Christians believe human beings are one of God’s creations, and He created them perfectly good.

    If a boy is born without a foreskin, it is considered a birth defect called aposthia

  9. Why is it that Africans appear to be the only race on earth that keep borrowing stuff and not trusting in what they have? Vawupuwa masiku wonse wati!? No wonder the guinea pig syndrome will never end.

  10. most Africans/Zambians suffer from inferiority complex and we seem to believe everything the “muzungu” (anyone with light skin than ours)
    learn, remember slavery?
    now you’ve your churches with a blond man with a beard and blue eyes and you’ve been told you’ve to bow down to him (be submissive) and worship him.
    if you believe in the bible and have read it, you’ll know that the jesus the book describes isn’t a white blond dude …and you’re busy singing and romanticizing about Jerusalem as if they care about you, don’t you know that there’s apartheid in your so called holly land?
    wake up!

  11. No child or man should be cut. The Israeli’s are wrong to promote this. Surely there is someone making money off this. The foreskin has inportant functions including sexual. When you cut it off you are damaged for life. Wear condoms, get tested and treated if needed. Leave your foreskin alone.

  12. The 60 percent is misleading. Over 60 men had to be circumcised to prevent one case of HIV transmission. This means many men did not receive any benefit from losing their foreskin. Circumcision causes physical, sexual, and psychological harm. Search “functions of the foreskin.”

  13. Wake up Africa! Don’t let yourselves be fooled by this mass-circumcision campaign. A creedy, immoral cabal of western businessman, corporate elites are spending billions of dollars to force circumcision upon you.

    Even in such a sophisticaed, highly modern hospital system like Denmark’s circumcision was shown to have a complication rate of 5%.

    With 1 million men circumcised in Zambia, this would mean at least 50 000 have suffered complications which include partial or full loss of penis, infections, or even death.

    And in a country like Zambia where circumcisions tend to be perfomed under far from ideal conditions complication rate will most certainly be higher than 5%.

    Circumcising a whole continent, permanently altering the genitalia of African men, and all is only…

  14. Let us fight against FGM, female genital mutilation. But also circumcision is an archaic ritual mutilation that has no justification whatever and no place in a civilized society. So let us fight for intact genitals of both girls and boys and of both women and men.

    Male circumcision is MGM, male genital mutilation. Concerning the sensitivity (corpuscles respectively free nerve ends of the types: Merkel, Ruffini, Vater-Pacini, Meissner), the male foreskin has its equivalent not in the female (clitoral) foreskin, but in the clitoris itself.

    Information and education remain an important weapon against HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is lifestyle-related. Behaviour change is important – not circumcision. Behaviour change means: fidelity after marriage, and the use of condoms. CONDOMS protect…

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