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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

No violence will be tolerated in the forthcoming parliamentary and local by-elections-President Lungu

Headlines No violence will be tolerated in the forthcoming parliamentary and local by-elections-President...

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila and President Lungu during the singing of the national Anthen During the opening of the Central Province Provincial Conference
President Edgar Lungu has said that no acts of violence will be tolerated in forthcoming parliamentary and local by-elections on April 11.

Addressing PF party activists at the Chipata College of Education arena today, President Lungu said, for its part, the PF will ensure that no one commits violence in its name and publicly directed Secretary-General Davis Mwila to strictly carry out this directive.

“We took over government without using violence. We are a peaceful party. No one…none of our youths, Secretary-General,must be allowed to commit violence in the upcoming elections. If there will be any acts of violence let it be not from us.”

“People reject violent parties and we saw this in the case of UNIP when vigilantes committed acts of violence. We saw this when the MMD tolerated violence and I don’t want PF to end up like that. Some of you who caused that violence are here and I want you to change,” the President said.

The President said he has privately discussed electoral violence with the Secretary- General and the Minister of Home Affairs and was now repeating the instructions publicly so that no one is left with any doubt where he stands on the matter.

“Within PF, we have agreed that there should be no ferrying of party cadres from outside the elections areas but if anyone from other parties do, let them ensure those campaigners don’t transport violence to voting areas.”

The President has also warned that police were under strict instructions to act decisively against any perpetrators of electoral violence.

The President has also condemned the ugly face of tribalism in some parties and cautioned the PF not to copy those bad habits because he had heard that in some areas, some PF members were segregating on the basis of ethnicity.

“What a shame. That is not the PF I know. That is not the PF of our founder Michael Sata. I won’t let down his soul be letting his legacy destroyed by foreign elements. Where he is, he proud of the progress we have made to grow his party.”

The President also said with the full mandate of the people of Zambia, the PF has decided that national dialogue will be institutionalized via an Act of Parliament called for public support. But he warned that unelected detractors must be ready to obey the will of the people and not undermine the process.

“Notwithstanding that we won the elections with clear majority above the constitutional threshold, we still want to talk to others but when they decide that they will paralyze the country, we won’t let them.”

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  1. UNIP and MMD only harassed and intimidated Zambians, PF kills and tortures Zambians during any elections

    • No violence needed at all … the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are more civilized than an average politician thinks of them.

      Let’s roll …

    • Am afraid the pronouncement has come a little too late everyone is aware who the chief architects of election violence are

    • We have soccer, go watch game, stop hallucinating violence bafhikkala.
      Don’t take credit because naturally us from Luapula don’t fight. If you bring your Kampyongo and Kaiser thugs tukabaponona pofye.

    • PF can’t survive without Pangas. It’s now part of their DNA.

      But one day pipo will get fed up just like they rejected UNIP & their violent vigilantes.

    • At long last …some form a speech that makes a bit of sense.
      Thanks for standing up to publicly denounce violence. You should have said this 2 – 3 years ago, Mapenzi (MYSRIP)and others would still be alive.
      Kampyongo… show us your capabilities or you are fired !!!

    • Why does Lungu seem to dupe some people of ‘The Zambian Enterprise’ into believing that he is the real deal when the guys thrives on the orchestration of violence itself. The guy seems to have his way of convincing such chaps that they can hardly see through him. Mumba SR or Junior piss off!

    • We teachers can proudly say, the Sesheke practical lesson was successful. Edgar can now say no violence after PF received a good beating in sesheke. Those police officers are heroes

  2. Yes yes , after prime tv plastered images of PF thugs gassing citizens and pistol whipping opposition , lungu is afraid of the label of dictator being stuck on him on his travels…….why is this the first time he has issued such a statement ??

    That said, well done Mr lungu, let your PF win fair and square and every one will support you.

  3. Violence only happen when elections are in Southern, and Western provinces this other provinces are piece full

  4. @spaka. its unfair to question ecl sanity leaving out hh. They both need tests because man made money and money made man mad. Thats what my grade seven teacher used to say

    • sorry its not Spaka but rather brother jay jay reporting Showns arrest. Even Shown himself needs mental examination and if found insane he will have no case to answer.

      Even the one that produced a forged zesco letter must be examined mentally. and all the politicians must undergo mental examination

  5. DIALOGUE IS a conversation or a talk or communication or an exchage of ideas between 2 or more people meant to resolve an argument or dispute..


  6. But mealie meal plus chitenge bribery and lots of lying will be tolerated ,right Bwana Lungu?

  7. And PF cadres must stop fist clinching a party symbol during national anthem. Thats a sign of mental illness. Zambia does not belong to PF.

    Even upendi must stop that habit.

    • The Fist for PF and an open hand for UPND are all symbols promoting political violence! A fist and a slap! Not good symbols!

  8. Why did this directive come so late? Anyway, innocent people were victims of this violence and their emotional wounds have not healed because the presidential directive was not forthcoming! The unfortunate thing about this directive is that it’s not only late but misdirected! It’s not Davis Mwila but the police who must be given the authority to deal with violent thugs without fearing to be retired in PF interest when it’s PF cadres on the receiving end! I wish ba Chagwa can ban cadre politics and political legalia! Our people have reduced themselves to animals that identify themselves by the colour of what they are wearing instead of comparing their ideas and arguing out the best plan for the country!

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