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Boxing fans commend Kenyan fans for condemning outcome of WBC bantamweight championship

Sports Boxing fans commend Kenyan fans for condemning outcome of WBC bantamweight championship

Zambian Boxing fans based in Ndola have commended their Kenyan counterparts for publicly condemning the outcome of the WBC super-bantamweight championship between Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika and Zambia’s Catherine Phiri.

ZANIS Ndola reports that the boxing fans in Ndola are elated that their real boxing fans in Kenya have out rightly said the Zambia challenger was robbed of her victory.

The fans noted that unlike other sports, boxing was one sport that clearly showed who had been beaten and who had not.

Charles Ngulube noted that the decision by the judges in Kenya was very poor as it was evident that the Kenya boxer had been clearly beaten by her challenger.

Ngulube has since advised Catherine to challenge for the belt again in the near future and at a neutral venue.

Another fan, Mwango Phiri, noted that it is important for officials entrusted with responsibility to carry out the responsibility in a fair manner.

Boxing fans in Kenya took to social media to condemn the manner in which the results for the ten-round bout were given.

The fans who were not convinced that Zarika deserved to win questioned the impartiality of the judges.

Zarika’s recent victory over Yamelith Mercado of Mexico also came under heavy criticism with the Mexican declaring that she had been robbed of her well-deserved victory.

The judges Michael Neequaye, Fillemon Mweya and Irene Semakula gave their scores as 98-92, 99-91 and 97-93 giving Zarika a 3-0 unanimous decision.


  1. Catherine missed so many puches too and she did not take advantage of upper cut punches to knock down her opponent of which her opponent was exposing her self to. May be Catherine coaches should teach her more about killer punches and where to hit than just throwing punches, other wise let us just move.

    • Agreed with Mwiponta.

      Throwing wild punches, and not hitting the target, will not win you a boxing match.

      You can appear as aggressive as you want, but you have to hit the target.

      Better luck next time Catherine.

    • I watched the fight and in my view Ester balimu poona. Lets not lie about it. She was throwing too many wild punches and missing the target.

    • Now only now do you Zambians appreciate neutrality. When Kalusha voted against a Zambian Footballer you wanted to kill him. Be mature!

  2. If it was in Zambia they could have been called unpatriotic. I remember one of famous female boxer also won in similar fashion, and response from some people was if you want to win a fight against a champion you have to beat them through TKO, and not through split point decision.

  3. The views above are spot on. I had Zaria winning on the account that she had a target that was right in front of her. She went for the body with the effective punches. Catherine missed a good 70per cent of her punches. She had no plan B but kept on doing the same thing… Missing the target. I blame the coaches who should have advised her to forget the trenches and fight from a distance. Catherine is a boxer and not a brawler. A good boxer will rely on jabs at a distance to beat a brawler.

  4. Comment:if Cathrine messed most of the panches how did zariki got injured??? the fact is the results were not fair,we Zambians are too soft such that we can even “leave the bedroom for the visiter”

    • That is not true. Of course in every boxing bout you expect someone to be injured but that does not mean the injurer has beaten the injured. Catherine was clearly and legitimately beaten. Let us not try to comfort her otherwise we are destroying her

  5. One punch can injure someone but unlikely to make someone win the match.We have seen someone knocked down and stands up before count out of 10.Eventually ,he/she wins the match

    • That is a lie. Most of Ester’s punches were wild, 80% of them. Let us accept the truth. She was clearly hammered. We don’t expect her to be winning always . remember even those she fights with train as well and train to win fights. Let us call a spade a spade

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