Solwezi Municipal Council has urged residents to desist from planting cassava on graves at Kimiteto burial site.

Solwezi Mayor, Nicholas Mukumbi has appealed to families to lay wreaths or use tombstones instead of planting cassava on graves in order to maintain the cemetery.

He expressed concern that the cassava planted has turned the cemetery into a cassava field making it difficult for council to execute its duties effectively.

Mr Mukumbi said it is the duty of family members to maintain the site where their deceased loved are buried.

He also appealed to bereaved families to stop conducting body viewing at the hospital as the mourner’s house is now functional at the cemetery.

Mr Mukumbi said this in Solwezi today during the first ordinary council meeting for 2019.

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    • Kikikiki PF awe mwandi, council’s even fail to uproot cassava?
      Ok, traditionary cassava was planted in grave yards so when men went to dig graves could help themselves eating cassava.
      Normally was not on graves, but within the cemetery yes.
      Most elders commanded to uproot them.
      Wonder why council can’t just do that, scared of witchcraft!?


    • This is our ancestral tradition, guess most council workers do not understand the logic behind it. Anyhow being urban graves, let the council cut them if they don’t wish the dead to give us food. In our village, we collect Mushrooms from the graveyard so there is nothing taboo with cassava.


    • What is it is the grave of one who died from Aids. Will I catch aids if I eat cassava from this grave.?


  1. It is the responsibility the duty of the council to maintain the grave sites. At the moment Kimiteto Grave site is just a bush not worth calling a grave or Cementery. Such graves encourage beliefs in Ghosts, People exuming coffins at night, witchcraft and so on. THE COUNCIL MUST DO ITS WORK! AT MOMENT ITS ZERO!!!!


  2. Nothing wrong with that, they have just advertised cassava business now. Fyalachipa nombalinefye.????????????


  3. That has been the argument among the scientific community for decades.The large amount of phosphorus in cemetries as bones.But at the same time we have to juggle logic with morality.But finally is this practice legal?In some countries it is not.The best thing to do is to have a referendum on the matter.And then apply that law.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  4. But then.Some people like root crops so much.That this type of agriculture does not bother them.Peter Carlos Hinds.



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