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Zambia needs more awareness on morality-Religious Affairs Minister

General News Zambia needs more awareness on morality-Religious Affairs Minister

Minister of Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili

THERE is need for collective effort in sensitising the citizens on national values and principals, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has said.

Reverend Sumaili noted that though much progress had been made on realising national values and principles, there was need to for more sensitisation on the subject.

She has since called on various stakeholders such as traditional leaders, the clergy and family elders among others to sensitise citizens on the importance of national values and principles.

She told the Daily Nation that national values and principles gave citizens an identity and guideline on how they should conduct themselves and treat each other.

“As a ministry we are very delighted with the progress that has been made in realising our national values and principles. The President came out very clearly on the issue during his address to the nation in Parliament Last week.

“We need more awareness, especially on morality, we need everybody to get on board. There is more that need to be done in guiding the nation on the issues of morality,” said.

And Reverend Sumaili also called for patriotism and national unity.

“Zambia is a blessed nation and it is unique, we have to love each other and our nation. We have to be loyal to our nation and ensure that the unity as One Zambia, One Nation is upheld.

“We are one people, we can speak different languages, but we are one. God is a God of variety and that is what gives us strength as a people of Zambia, so we need to be one, Reverend Sumaili said


  1. Just continue enjoying your free salary madam. If you had any morals yourself, you wouldn’t allow national resources to be wasted on a worthless government ministry that serves no purpose.

    • Useless ministry, useless minister…. close this sh!t down, it is not needed in Zambia, a true waste of money

    • How dare she preach to the citizens of this country.

      Let her duties be confined to cleansing State house, where immorality and corruption are rampant.

      These are the people the Bible was referring to when it talked about “the last days”.

  2. Indeed they need morality when they study acca abroad and engage in extramarital affairs with fellow students despite being married and causing pain to the husbands to raise a child borne of another man

  3. Zambia needs more awareness on why such ministries like “religious affairs” are a total waste of taxes.

  4. People do the work of God at Church. So what’s that Ministry for? Waste of scarce resources! At a campaign rally in Kafue a few days ago, someone pointed at the President and said: “Vamene bali na kasaka kandalama ni aba” and the President jumped with joy. What message is he imparting to the nation and the world at large?

  5. Pastors are sending naked photos of their d!cks to their church members, Minister are sharing naked photos on social media, what has this old cow said? Nothing! She turns on us innocent poor Zambians going about scrapping the bottom of the barrel for scraps of food.
    Go away you old cow, I do not need your moral lectures, iam busy looking for food while you are sitting on your fat derrière enjoying champagne.

  6. Surely God wants us to have a vibrant Ministry of Science and Technology, and not this completely h0peless Religious affairs ministry. A drain for SURE on our megagre resources. Salvation is key in our lives but wont come with this ministry. We need a leadership that can see this anomaly and countless others

  7. PF needs more sensation than the rest of us. If I look at cabinet I see the corrupt, drunkards, and all. Better start with yourselves madam.

  8. Yeah, yeah yaeh!! Says you Godfridah, who’s got the morality of a fish.
    Could NOT condemn [email protected] Minister, coz he drinks from the same corrupt taxpayers trough as you.

  9. So is this something that you have now found to kill your time in that ministry for the month of April ba minister?

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