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Government to construct a cyber city on the copperbelt

Economy Government to construct a cyber city on the copperbelt

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba

Government says it will establish a Cyber City meant to promote the growth of Information Communication Technology- ICT- sector in the country.

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba says the has partnered with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Copperbelt University to construct the cyber city to be based on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Mushimba said this in a speech read for him by Ministry of Communications Director Yese Bwalya during the award giving ceremony of the 2018 ICT Innovation Programme in Lusaka.

He said the Cyber City will comprise workshops, light manufacturing facilities, Data Centre to enhance research and innovations for small and medium enterprises.

Speaking earlier, Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority Director General, Patrick Mutimushi said the authority is happy that some innovations which are part of the programme have become commercially viable locally and won awards internationally.


    • Ukusabaila ba PF.

      As if they do not have real work to do. They can not even fix ZR despite the huge loan they got and chewed.

      This is just another scheme to syphon money from treasury.

      Anyway, even this project will get postponed.

    • The arm is still hurting, i guess even the brain is, and now his day dreaming, recreate kanyama or misisi into modern cities.

    • you are failing to pay lecturers & other civil servants salaries, failing to pay contractors for 2 years now, ati we’ll construct a city.

      PF is a failed project which has brought our once hopeful country to its knees.

    • Where is this dull chap and his govt going to get money for that? Does this clown know what cyber city is? Go to Kenya they have set aside billions and have names like Google taking up space not light factories…anyway this chap has a retrogressive mindset I mean his PHD research was based on coal….really laughable

    • Nyimba Town Council employees ‘sit out’ protest over non payment of their salaries for the months of January, February and March 2019.
      Where is “Bamene bali nakasaka”??


    • You can take your HH for all I care…you dont dream such things from on a toilet seat; you plan such things at national level and have 30 year plans…not some childish drunkard enjoys perks of the job.

    • Are you guys sure about this? Construct a cyber city? Where on the copperbelt?
      And the city will comprise workshops, light manufacturing facilities, Data Centre to enhance research and innovations for small and medium enterprises?

  1. Who is going to fund that city because as a govern you have no money. You are failing to pay salaries to government workers in time. Today is 28th March and no ministry has been paid.

    • Its month end and some workers are already in 2 months arrears this dull clown is talking about cyber city let’s withhold his salary then the moron will start to think straight

  2. The problem with Government initiated programs is that they lack clarity and go for irrelevant details. Simplify the digital economy for young computer scientists to innovate and benefit from it. When I say young computer sicentists I don’t mean Harvard gradutes or CBU degree holders. Teach young ones how to operate a computer even if they can’t speak good English you will see the wonders they’ll be able to do in their backyards, as long as they don’t lean on criminal activities. The chaps pirating music and movies in the komboni are not very educated, let them just earn enough to sustain themselves. They can sponsor themselves to short tailor made courses. Let’s wait to see the cost of what Brian is talking about, you’ll faint

    • Rwanda is teaching a whole generation how to code even launch a satellite to facilitate that program..you have this dull moron hallucination here without policy he can even pay Daewoo the main contractor constructing a bridge on time.

  3. Cyber means mulwelele naimwe. It is not a city with skyscrapers like FINDECO house as most of you are imagining. This mad person Muchimba is simply saying that they will improve telecommunication infrastructure and improve network as well as equip people with ICT knowledge and promote its use in our daily lives. Even what we are doing here exchaning views is part of cyber-information sharing within a cyber community.

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