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PF celebrates Kafue win

Headlines PF celebrates Kafue win

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has commended party members for scooping the Kafue town council chairperson by-election.

Mr Mwila says the victory shows how the ruling party has continued to gain momentum in opposition UPND strongholds.He told journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka that the PF has shown the opposition that it is possible to win elections without resorting to evil schemes of violence and the shedding of innocent blood.

Mr Mwila however said he was dismayed by reports of violence that were recorded on the polling day.

He said it is shocking that the UNPD want to suggest that the PF was involved in the violence that led to the arrest of UPND provincial chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta.

Mr Mwila said the by election was triggered when the opposition UPND unfairly and senselessly suspended their then District Council Chairperson Mr Thomas Zulu for merely attending a monthly Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy Campaign graced by President Edgar Lungu in Kafue. Mr Zulu eventually resigned from UPND after enduring unbearable persecution for merely performing a duty in his official capacity on behalf of the people of Kafue. Mr Mwila said it was very scandalous for the UPND to cause an expensive by election by placing the ego of their party leader above the interest of the people of Kafue.

Mr. Mwila said the PF development agenda is blowing a wind of change in former opposition strongholds and people in UPND strongholds are joining this movement and progressively freeing themselves from the retrogressive clutches of tribalism and regionalism. The PF Secretary General said he hoped peace would continue to prevail over the nation.

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  1. Good win by PF and congratulations are in order. A win is win, home and away.
    UPND can still get it in 2021, revisit drawing board for a winning strategy.

    • 2016 all over again. For PF, winning elections (whether by crook or hook) is popularity contest not that they want to serve the people of Kafue.

      Just look at how they fought to win Lusaka mayoral elections for Miles Sampa. Today Miles is in New York gallivanting yet LCC workers haven’t been paid for 3 months.

      Even RB/MMD were winning all bye-elections before 2011 elections. The 72% who didn’t vote are frustrated voters who will show up during general elections.

    • Wins must lead to progressive results at the end of the day. Allow me to say congratulations at this juncture.

    • @Maloza, RB/MMD were not grabbing seats held by the largest opposition. PF never lost a single seat they held from 2001 up to the time they formed government in 2011. Compare and contrast with Kalusa’s performance

    • “Puerto Rico governor warns White House: ‘If the bully gets close, I’ll punch the bully in the mouth'”

      Will this qualify for defamation of the presido, had it been in Zambia? Just a thought

    • @General Kanene 1.4; While you are doing your thinking bear in mind Zambia is not USA and that president Lungu doesn’t go about bullying people on social media.

    • It’s like a village headman slaughter a cow for entire village to celebrate because a grade 2 child passed number 1 in term 2.

    • What sucks is that there are only 2 active prostitutes for the all male population, the good looking UPND and the ugly PF.

  2. Wait until 2021 UPND will grab back these seats as at that time PF’s main focus will be to retain the Republican Presidency at all costs even if it means killing. They won’t be everywhere to rig. Go on, manipulate the system and retain the Presidency of this country again in 2021 but time or fate will certainly catch with you all.

  3. When PF were in opposition, they never lost any of their seats to the ruling MMD but kept on increasing numbers in parliament and councils. That’s how a party about to form government performs. Now look at Hakainde’s cult; Chilanga parliamentary seat…gone, Chilanga council chairperson seat…gone, Mangango ….gone, Kafue …gone. And the morons still think there is a revolution against PF! This time around they even failed to gather enough bees to scare away Kafue voters.

    • Even bees and senseless lightening will not waste time working with a party which only knows VIOLENCE AND UTTER TRIBALISM

    • Yes PF was winning the parliamentary seats and kept on increasing the seats because MMD used to let them campaign freely but that’s not the case now.PF does not allow UPND to campaign freely. There’s always violence. Had UPND won the Kafue elections, this time Kafue cops could have been retired in national interest

    • This nonsense was unheard of – PF cadres headed by Japhen Mwakalombe Provincial Minister for Copperbelt have been found with Premarked Ballot papers in Kafue. Mwakalombe is using a fake ID labelled Joshua Simumba issued by ECZ and posing as one of the electoral officials. Meanwhile, UPND’s Obvious Mwaliteta has been arrested from Kafue and detained at Lusaka central police.
      The PF plan to rig elections in Kafue tonight and people like Mwaliteta have to beg removed first. The plan is to intimidate and beat up UPND officials and chase them from counting centers which will then be populated by PF thugs imported from Lusaka. In the operation, the police will be working with PF cadres. A senior ranking police officer in Lusaka Province. Yobe Luhana is coordinating the project to remove all…

  4. PF winning in Kafue, nadabwa. Anyway congratulations more to the president than the Party Secretary General. Is this man intelligent? If left alone to campaign might eventually end up decapaigning the party.Every time he speaks, analyse how he puts out his points, they do not talk to each other. He thinks he can speak like Mutati. Before he continues embarassing us as a party, let there be some one to read his speach and draft it well. Nangu nimu chibemba alafulungana… fwayeniko umbi twapapata.

  5. Well done PF. The party is impressive and improving in its presentation. It’s a learning party that does not rest on its laurels. True victory for the deserving.

    • Finger on the pulse, to people’s hearts! 2021, will be a sweep up, carry on with changes and meeting your developmental targets, soon you will have to display the sparkling performance over the years!

  6. So were the 602 pre marked votes?censor them,it’s time you stated auditing votes.By the way what happens to votes after counting them are they thrown away?

  7. When the main focus is to win the presidency then you vote those are problems we shall a man whose flaws we all know

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