A 36 year old woman who was attacked by a crocodile in Senanga has appealed for government intervention in the continued attack of residents by crocodiles in the area.

Nalukui Simunga, a 36 year woman who survived an attack on 25th January this year, narrated the ordeal of how she was attacked by the reptile whilst taking a bath in the Zambezi River and was only rescued by people nearby.

Mrs Simunga told ZANIS that she battled with the reptile for over 10 minutes and sustained deep cuts on the back and breast as it was pulling her to the bottom of the river.

Mrs Simunga who was admitted in January and only discharged recently, sustained deep cuts and survived.

And Nalyuwa Ward Councilor Yusiku Nabita said there is need to install boreholes in the area in order to avoid fetching water from the Zambezi River.

Councilor Nabita stated that boreholes will help reduce the loss of lives as residents have no option but use the river as a source of water currently.

Meanwhile District National Parks and wildlife officer Kingstone Shamiyombwe stated that the office will source for resources in order to fence off part of the river.

Mr Shamiyombo stated that it is important for the community to also take precautions and avoid crocodile infested areas.

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    • I don’t know how many times people will talk about the lives we loose on a daily basis on our rivers from crocodiles. We can quickly purchase useles fire tenders and exhorbitant toll gates but play a blind eye to the lives we loose daily from crocs, barely 3 days passess before you see this in the Press. Failure all over


  1. In this day and age no one should be attacked by a crocodile on account of drawing water or bathing in the river. Are there no boreholes sure? Which place in this day and age is without boreholes up to now? It is only fishermen who should be prone to hippo and crocodile attacks as there’s nothing we can do about the fish in the rivers and lakes. That’s their natural abode.


  2. Am very sympathetic to her ordeal, but I would rather have people stay away from wildlife.
    Am pretty sure the animal didn’t invade her residence.



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