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President Lungu Challenges his former Foreign Affairs Minister to report Corruption to ACC


Rally held at Kaole stadium in BAHATI
President Lungu at a Rally held at Kaole stadium in BAHATI

President Lungu has challenged his former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba to go to the anti corruption and report the acts of corruption that he claims he saw in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Government.

The President said that Mr Kalaba should not use the issue of imaginary corruption to tarnish the image of the Party when everyone knows that he resigned from his position as Foreign Affairs Minister so that he could start pushing his Presidential ambitions.

The President said that as Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Kalaba was always with him on his trips abroad and if he had seen any corruption taking place, he could easily have brought it to his attention, but never had he at any single moment said anything about it to him.

The President further said that people had informed him about Kalaba’s Presidential ambitions and that he had asked him if it was true but that Mr. Kalaba had denied it and therefore, armed with Mr. Kalaba’s denial of the allegations,he went on to defend Mr Kalaba against his accusers.

The President stated that he had, however, taken time to advise Kalaba that if he wanted to succeed him, he needed to wait for the right time and not to be in a rush, but , manage his ambitions and that God’s time was the best.

The President further stated that he had had a very cordial work relationship with Mr Kalaba and used to advise him to take care of his constituency.

“I would push him to return to the constituency to check on what was lacking so that he could work on it but the young man had other things on his mind instead of focusing on working for the people that sent him to Parliament,”

“If Kalaba truly saw corruption in PF, let him go to the ACC and report. It’s not for us to defend ourselves against false corruption allegations. He who alleges must prove,” the President said, before adding that it was common knowledge that thieves always point fingers at others calling them thieves to divert attention from their thieving activities.

The President urged the People of BAHATI to refuse to be used by a person that showed them that he had only his own interests and non of theirs at heart. He advised them to turn up in large numbers on the 11th of April and religate Kalaba to the political dust bin where he belonged.

The President stated that the only corruption present in the equation was that of Mr Kalaba neglecting to take schools, roads and clinics to BAHATI, thereby robbing the people of their share of the national cake and that was the biggest corruption that could only be explained by Mr Kalaba himself.

He urged the People of BAHATI to vote for Charles Chalwe because he had been carefully selected by the party central committee for his hard work and humility.

He said that Chalwe was equal to the task of developing BAHATI into a formidable constituency which would bring back the lost glory to the people of BAHATI.

President Lungu said this when he addressed a Rally held at Kaole stadium in BAHATI yesterday.


  1. My foot! Aba kwete akasaka ka ndalama nimwe. Where did you get akasaka from, if not from putting your hands in the national coffers using your nefarious networks. Leave Kalaba alone. He is way too clean.

    • The president is right,let’s not just talk about corruption but I feel we must expose it and people will judge for themselves. Forget about the courts and the ACC . Let’s hear it from everyone with facts, not just politicking. It’s good for our country and people will be exposed. Enough is enough stop talking and singing about corruption without facts. We need to fight corruption without fear or favour.

    • …ati leave kalaba alone. These under5s are a shame. Yesterday kalaba was a victim of insults and barely 24hrs has past and kalaba is innocent. Under5s political strategies is backwards indeed.

    • Harry never said Edgar is corrupt, never.
      Kalaba says that ministers and MPs have abandoned manifestos, they are now just businessmen who use their positions to make transactions such as contracts.
      And he says Zambians contractors are not benefiting from development projects. Which Ba Edgar responded that the Zambian engineers are useless.
      Ba Lungu ‘s imaginary reasons will cost PF Bahati votes.

    • ECL … any Zambian should have presidential ambitions. It’s their God-given right having been born Zambian is they can make the country better.

      You misspoke there … Kalaba has every right to aspire to the presidency like any other person among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      Now how they achieve that is another question … So, now he’s standing as a contender in 2021. Does he have a chance?? No way but it’s his right to do so.

      I will still put my money on you because we currently don’t have a better alternative and that shouldn’t diminish the fact that others shouldn’t try.

      Epo mpelele,


    • I have never seen a picture of Lungu in his office working…..i only see pictures of him at Airport tarmacs and campaign platforms…..i never saw a Picture of Mwanawasa at any campaign platform when he was the President….Lungu is actually doing more work for PF than for Zambia whilst using taxpayers money

    • The POTROZ has nailed it. HK neglected his People and Yes I have heard with my two ears when the President severally tells his MPs to visit their people, but no, they want to be in Lusaka. How I wish the Speaker chastens these MPs also
      ECL is telling it all. Imwe bantu Harry Kalaba president wa Dziko lino?
      HK enjoyed flying too. He always had a trip in mind for ECL and yes I pointed out on this podium that I started hating HK for that.MPs swear allegiance to the People first then his party, then his personal issues but no, it’s their personal interests first. Who does that? Selfish MPs.
      Iwe ECL, Bahati and Road may also be your test. Good luck. Otherwise, the people wil give their verdict. Maintain Peace.

    • The top brass that are corrupt are connected to the challenger.
      When Kalaba reports, it will be like asking the fish to empty it’s own pond. No action will be taken.
      Memories are still fresh on one Minister reported corrupt but no action taken on him by his superior.

    • Look at this lazy bum…report ACC then they do what? It’s clear that you will interfere…where is the AG Report, FIC report…this how he spends 3 days working challenging taxpayers without shame!!

    • Naambako ba ACC. Lungu was corrupt lyrics given a plot in Swaziland so that someone could be given a tender in Zambia. Start investigating

    • Naambako ba ACC. Lungu was corruptly l given a plot in Swaziland so that someone could be given a tender in Zambia. Start investigating now!

    • Ba Meno Meno imwe muleikuta mulenwinapo na Jameson nomba abanenu tamulabafolesha. Kwena mwaliitemwa. Kuti walila naba Michael Chilufya Sata. He was a great leader not this character who was saved from drinking Chibuku ku Chawama.

    • Black.Mamba – Lazy Lungu can jog from State House to Kafue and back every Saturday morning and steal all the loot from the treasury he will never cool like Barrack Obama in denim jeans..the lady advising him and making him run away from State House master bedroom should stop it!!

  2., have you finished with the fake baby swapping story? Seems you have too many uncompleted business on your plate, now you want to campaign in Bahati too?

    By the way is Hacks visiting Bahati too? Please remind him no blocking Presidential motorcade, this is NOT western province. I will not repeat the warning.

  3. Bemba man and Upnd cadre they think like kids who are still at taonga nevertheless these are guys who are connected to government they eat together.aba ndiye balinakasaka kandalama kafue people yaaaàaaaaa.

  4. All normal people of Zambia should be wondering why ba Kalaba up to now has not reported the issue of corruption to the relevant institutions like the ACC so that the same can start prosecuting the characters who are involved. At least other government officials can be arrested after the investigation m&s prove beyond reasonable doubts that they are truly involved. We are tired of corruption allegations that are insinuated without any slight symptom of proof. Zambians are itching to see those involved in corruption are brought to book. Come on Mr. Kalaba go and report your corruption allegations to ACC.

    • You’re right he needs to do that to redeem himself and show credibility but I guess he won’t.

      That’s one part but having presidential ambitions shouldn’t be looked at like a sin against his party. It’s what anyone who feels can contribute to the well being of his country should do.

      How they do that is another matter altogether. It’s needs to be clear in everyone’s mind that anyone born Zambian has a God-given right to be president if they so wish.

      The Zambian presidency shouldn’t be a purview of the few, all 17 million of us can aspire to it if so constitutionally allowed. So of us can’t but most can and should without fear or favor.

      Epo mpelele,


    • 42/42, $4 million toll gate , enswatini land given to lungu by inyatsi a contractor given contracts to build roads in Zambia ……mukula moving in the dead of night when others are sleeping…lungus wife spending a million to look at $50 k second hand trucks

    • Gary nkombo asked parliament to avil the cost breakdown of that $4 million toll gate only for lungu to refuse….

    • FIC and auditor general’s reports have mountains of evidence. Has any action been taken? See why Kalaba going to the acc wud be a waste of.time.right?

  5. So what wrong has Kalaba done to feature in Lungu’s speech? Do you need permission from Lungu to aspire to any office in the land? Lungu is defending a corrupt person Chitotela who is appearing in court. What is the use of reporting a corrupt Minister to ACC when the president is ready to defend them?

  6. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having presidential ambitions.What is wrong is putting into state house someone like you who had no presidential ambitions. See how you have destroyed the economy with your incompetence and thieving!

  7. There is nothing wrong in aspiring to be president.In fact, many minsters in PF Government have presidential ambitions and are just waiting discreetly for a politically most convenient time.Why do you think Chitalu is working even in his sleep and Lubinda is doing things for PF against his very conscience ? ECL knows them but is in the meanwhile abusing them to achieve his political goals.You will all witness how after 2021 he will finally dump most of them. Kalaba was right to leave.He has laundered his political image and can now proceed without the PF corruption soiling, no matter how long it takes.Today even children in pre-school know that the PF headed by ECL is the most corrupt and that the ACC is completely useless!

    • There is no need for the president to be in a hurry telling Kalaba to report to ACC,dont worry sir for a time is coming when you are deservedly kicked out of office and reports will inundate you…take your time 2021 is far in this bad economy we have courtesy of yourself…meanwhile…pa bwato….lol

    • No he said “..nalikatika nomba…”,so he now has a vision kikiki
      You cant help but feel sorry for the clueless man….

  8. Report to ACC so that people stop talking about it. Why does lungu underate the thinking capacity of Zambian. Zambians know how corrupt you and your gonverment are. Enjoy your time now, you will spend the rest Of your Life at the high Court once you are kicked out of government. The unqualified ConCourt will all be dismissed and won’t be there to save you

  9. Br Mumba and others – There is nothing wrong with harboring Presidential ambitions. But if Ministers in a government are going to focus on their Presidential ambitions, how are they going to work? When you are a Minister in a sitting government you cannot be preoccupied with Presidential ambitions – that is why there are Party Conventions. You may be confused because the opposition does not hold Party Conventions, but that is the way it goes.

    • HK misfired.
      HK miscalculated

      HK mischievousness of being in Government at the same time eyeing top position was extremely dangerous. It happened to Michael who due to his own miscalculation hurt 22 souls in the then FTJ Chilubas’ administration of the MMD. Having Presidential ambitions as Minister makes you become sinister. Maybe HK lied to ECL about CK in an effort to dislodge him (CK). Because up to now I cannot seem to explain why CK would be lashing out against and insulting HK. Games politicians play. Now that ECL stands in 202, there is artificial calmness in the ruling PF. Screw or get screwed. You say there are no permanent enemies in this game, I say what? Are you kidding me right now? Bring me a cup of cappuccino.

    • But where is the evidence that Kalaba was preoccupied with his presidential ambition ?Kalaba was among the most hard working and distinguished cabinet ministers in PF. Please be fair, every normal worker has ambitions.

    • Sata really set the bar so low,today any Jim and Jack believes he has presidential material, very sad,the worst curse this country has suffered is Sata and his equally clueless and thieving band pullinig it off…

    • And there is no reason to start campaigning for 2021 when you are in your second year of office …you were not elected to campaign for the next general election

  10. It’s not a good thing to become big headed and drunk with power!
    When did it become a requirement to get permission from Chagwa to aspire to the presidency of this country?
    If you don’t have anything good to say about anyone, better to keep your peace! Come October 18, the same mouth will be talking about love and VALUES?
    Akubombenifye mwibala while you have the time! 2021 Kuya bebele! Mwachilamo kapatulula!

  11. A thief will always defend him self by using innocent people.who does ECL think is fooling?where is Chitotela?Its not time to defend your self look at JZ Jacob Zuma its coming for you yes or no it will come.just tell the people the truth Kalaba was pf why did you and work to develop bahati?today you what to say Kalaba.where have you been shame you criminal.

  12. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Oh dear! Do people really listen to this dnmb garbage… ‘report to the ACC’… that is his defence? For real? Which ACC is this? The toothless commission that exists in name only? the commission that has to get permission from Lungu himself to investigate any minister? the same toothless commission whose commissioner is appointed by CORRUPT CHIEF #1 Lungu himself? Negro please! Please just enjoy your loot and stop taking us for f00ls. Any genuine anti-corruption organisation would never wait for someone to report before they took action. Go to Israel and see how Netanyau is being investigated for corruption by genuine anti-corruption independent organs. Lungu has always tried to hide his corruption through the toothless ACC that he knows are there to serve and hide his corrupt…

  13. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    As for Kalaba this Lungu and his thinking is really skewed… let’s follow the logic here: Kalaba was Lungu’s minister, appointed by Lungu. If Kalabo was incompetent to the point where he didn’t develop his Constituency because he was obsessed by presidential ambitions, then why didn’t Lungu, the appointing authority fire him? Kalabo resigned on his own, and was never fired by Lungu… when did Lungui realise that kalabo was incompetent? Should we conclude that Lungu himself is incompetent for not firing incompetent ministers in his cabinet? The buck stops on him Lungu for anything bad that his ministers do. What kind of thinking by this low life, low IQ, corrupt and dictator guy. The people who listen to and buy this n0nsense should have their brains checked.

    • Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      *sorry I meant to say Kalaba… bl00dy auto-correct.

  14. Bwana Harry Kalaba has every right to aspired to the presidency, the British aid withdrawal + $42m firetrucks scandals vindicated him. Don’t you own eSwatini mansion Mr Lungu?

    • Every time he opens his awful mouth the more I question his credentials as a lawyer….someone from a legal background would know that ACC are impeded by governance issues…even where cases are brought forward he can not suspend the ministers to pave way for investigations.

  15. It is having presidential ambitions at the expense of developing his constituency is what ECL is talking about. ECL is not saying hk is not supposed to be ambitious. How do you exert your energies doing something at a wrong time. Besides kambwili revealed that hk had to pull a quick after hearing he was about to be fired.

  16. Gary nkombo asked parliament to avil the cost breakdown of that $4 million toll gate only for lungu to refuse….

  17. A president is supposed to have a big tolerant attitude! I think we have anger management problems in our leaders today who think retaliation is what wins them votes. We can do better.
    Tolerance of diversity of ideas and opinions is what builds a nation. When we agree to disagree, there is no need to enact laws to enforce dialogue. You can’t police dialogue. It’s absurd! This spirit of Retaliation destroys a nation!

    • It is not even a spirit of retaliation here,it is just plain and wholesome incompetence, and as we go forward it is getting disturbing, is this a case of “unconscious incompetence “,the Great Leader cant see that aitaya….

  18. Bwana lungu ….Ati

    ” It’s not for us to defend ourselves against false corruption allegations. He who alleges must prove..”

    What kind of a president are you who does not mind being called a corrupt theif everyday ????

    You lungu are perpetrating corruption and stealing in Zambia by refusing to even deny that you are a corrupt theif.

  19. “…It’s not for us to defend ourselves against false corruption allegations. He who alleges must prove…”

    When we call lungu a corrupt theif , this is what we mean….

    We know he can not deny that he is indeed a shamless corrupt thief…..trying to put the onus on people accusing him.

    This man is a dirty shameless thief. Period.

  20. Using Kalaba’s resignation to campaign for another candidate, is this really issue-based campaign? You don’t use another person to win the hearts of people. Talk about the candidate sir. This alone can cause Chalwe to lose. Kalaba is not standing and so why bring him in the discussion? Sell PF manifesto and not campaign against Harry. When are we going to see mature politics besides these petty ones?

  21. We have a minister who was found red handed with material and accounts which were used to receive kickbacks by ACC and he is still Minister. In other countries integrity of office is more important than court process. Chitotela should have resigned or fired on moral grounds. But such is how we fight corruption pa Zed.

    • Integrity ……thank you.

      Something alien to lungu.

      Lungu is the only president in this world who does not mind being called a corrupt theif.

      Instead of showing how clean the highest office is by example, this corrupt theiving fraud convict is telling us to prove he is a theif ….

    • And a lot of money was transferred by the bank to a person called Lungu C.
      Up to now the courts have not established the identity of Lungu C.
      Who is this corruption accomplice called Lungu C?
      Are we not making a mockery of the fight against corruption by asking people to report cases to ACC when we know nothing will come of it? Remember, You reap what you sow! If You sow the wind, expect a whirlwind! Don’t play with grenades!

  22. The patriot Apa pena walasa. Kalaba is a very honourable young man. He has left them and is busy with his own things. He is not contesting so why should he become a campaign gimmick. If kalaba failed, then the whole PF failed. This man can’t see that he is just bringing down his party. Just tell the people why you did not perform well and how you intend to do well.

  23. By the way, we are still waiting for what we worked for
    ba President. Lelo nipa 7April tukalibe kufola. I need to remind you that in 2021, don’t accuse your minister of finance and zra director that they were not working as the reason why we are not getting our salaries for months and getting fired or suspended just for asking to be paid for what belongs to us from that kasaka.

  24. Is there anyone who can steal that kasaka from that man so that we can get our salaries? The reason we are not getting our salaries is that he is moving with that kasaka showing off to the electorates and we need someone clever enough to steal it from him while he is busy admiring the smiles from our state house minister of inseko.

  25. Please Baka bwalala kasaka Kali Ku mansa trail that man and get our salaries from that kasaka before we starve. Why do you steal from us poor people when someone in broad day light announced that he moves with kasaka.

  26. Opposition political pundits need to learn how to present better. It’s not necessary to use personal attacks on the Presidential office inorder to convince people to make a change.

    Try telling people what you aim to do. Tell people what is wrong and how you aim to put it right. Castigating the President is boring, because people vote for housing, food and a good, life not who wins the popularity stakes. It spoils the whole political environment and demoralises voters to apathy. No one wins there.

    • “..It’s not for us to defend ourselves against false corruption allegations. He who alleges must prove,”

      Is lungu talking about housing , jobs etc ?

  27. I leave in southern province, I have leaved in Northern province and much of my live on copperbelt province . Southerners need to change coz for them only one and one only is a good leader councilor, MP, President of UPND

  28. It is a trap! Kalaba is not playing dirty politics. They want him to play dirty so that they can find a reason to unleash anti-defamation squad on him.

    • They have no anti defermation squad , CK has been calling lungu a corrupt thief everyday , he has failed to respond.

      Unless you mean by police dirty setups and harrassments.

    • The other day, I will not waist time responding to people insulting me, today busy provoking wopandamulandu Kalaba. Amalume!!

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