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There should not be UPND for GBM or UPND for HH , only one UPND

Columns There should not be UPND for GBM or UPND for HH ,...

 Naomi Tetamashimba is a member of the UPND based in Solw
Naomi Tetamashimba is a member of the UPND based in Solwezi.

By Naomi Tetamashimba

The past one week has been challenging and trying for my great party the UPND. As a revolutionary liberation movement for the Zambian people , our hopes have been underpinned on the need to sustain our struggle.

It is no secret that the last few days, we the UPND and the country at large has woken up to a bitter internal struggle in the leadership of the party.

I don’t think as a party we should engage in any factional battles but our loyalty should remain with UPND as an economic independence movement .

I do not agree with the manner in which our Vice President GBM,my choice of president HH and the Secretary General have handled the matters facing the party just like I don’t agree with the youths that gathered to disparage the leadership of our party at the secretariat.

There are party channels to be followed and more mature ways that we as youths could have handled the situation with RESPECT to our leaders and party at large.

We are UPND a party with guidelines and order and not what I witnessed today.

There should not be UPND for GBM or UPND for HH , only one UPND which belongs to all of us.
I therefore call upon our leaders that in the interest of the Zambian people in desperate need of hope,who have faith and confidence only in the UPND as the next government,should continue to engage and find a way out of of this temporal political quagmire.

It is very natural to differ, it even happens to the best of us in our families, marriages and churches but how we reconcile and move forward is very essential .

If it comes to the worst and our leaders still struggle to come to one understanding , let’s remember the HH plus GBM brand that once worked for the good of the party and that it is okay to agree to disagree and move on with RESPECT.

I further would like to appeal to my party members to resist the pressure and temptation to take a side in this matter, the greater side will always be Team UPND. Therefore let’s unite and support our leaders with one unifying voice.

Together we can build a better tomorrow and I believe with God on our side, this too shall pass.

The author is a member of the UPND based in Solwezi.

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  1. Hh does not analise who to work as long as long as it takes him to state house

    Hh has nothing in common with both ck and gbm apart from fighting lungu

    • PF is at the center of all these political divisions, most of them sponsored by PF whilst others are indirectly as a result of PF mismanagement of the economy. Democracy cannot thrive in an environment where there is hunger

    • Naomi, I will never forget this and since then I dont hold you with much substance I am afraid:


      Hide my ID. Late Tetamashimba daughter refuses to pass farewell message to H.E Michael Chilufya Sata. She posted this on Facebook and the post is still there. Search for her by the name of Yakapende Whitney Tetamashimba. She posted this on October 29 at 7:36am.

      She wrote this, read below.

      When my Father died Sata sat behind us and said very horrible things about my dad. Ati he was kicked out of south to come and die in his country… Would have liked to write it in bemba but my local sucks. I remember turning around and saying when u die I will come and do the same to your children…

    • ….. And I promised him that. But now that he is dead I don’t think any child should hear that just because there (sic) parent was into politics. Am sorry guys but ama sit [say] thiss one out. I won’t pretend I don’t love the man so there will be no r.i.pz coming from my end…. And for u people that will be commenting rubbish I know how to block and delete. I wish Zambia all the best as a country. That’s the best’s can do.



    • @Mushota
      Naomi surely is saying more reasonable things than your contribution, which is out of context.
      Anyway, another party on fire !!
      We were just talking about NDC, so it appears UPND also undergoing internal issues, what is the root cause? The Alliance? Is GBM concerned, that CK could take his place as a running mate or is HH positioning to be running mate to CK?
      Naomi Tetamashimba, keep it and seem to be more mature than your bosses. Let UPND clean its house through internal elections.

    • Please don’t remind Naomi of her father.
      I ask you all to comment as if UPND was already is power. Will HH behave like Ba Edgar when there is mess in the party?

      Yours Minister Without Portifolio.
      LT United Party

    • The problem with HH is that he will work with anyone who can help him find his way to the State House…..whether convicted PF bandits…but now he is seating on a double edged sword…..between GBM and Kambwili…both are known and convicted bandits….but Kambwili wants number 1 position and am told GBM is planning a take-over from HH….so HH is now confused…..all this NDC, UPND drama will just benefit PF thieves in 2021

    • Anonymous and Nubian Princess Cabinet continued
      Patriot Abroad…Foreign affairs
      Mushota…Religious Minister
      Senior Citizen…..Works and supply
      General Kanene….Presidential Affairs Minister

    • @Gas 1.1; you sound like those women who accuse another of “finishing” their marriage when the person to blame is actually the husband with whom they made vows with.
      Thanks to Ms Tetamashimba we can now confirm the Delusionals Bemba mascot GBM has done his job. It’s on to the Next Delusionals Bemba mascot, CK.

    • So as usual some of us are asking of you very poor reporters what happened? You don’t tell us but just allude to it. Did HH and GBM fight? Over what and who won? In journalism you tell a story COMPREHENSIVELY

    • @Mushota i disagree with you, the hate on young lady Naomi Tetamashimba late sata used to mock pipo but u see how life is himself died a painful death, we need to love, care for others and respect others.

    • I was beginning to like her but just got scared of a skeleton in her closet.
      The wishes you have for your party are not different from how we usually wish the chipolopolo could perform during the matches.
      To make matters worse, those of you who are able to see the wrongs in your party are cowards commenting from the terraces. The revolution should begin from your party and stop the nonsense of “INDOORSING” this one or that one for a particular position.
      Call for a convention if you want things to change in your party and HH must not contest for any position because his tenure has expired.

    • I would excel in foreign affairs portfolio. Thanks, well matched @Anon!!!! Cheers! Lots of travel, fancy hotels, I’ll leave the bed chamber maid behind………!

    • UNPD is now dead and buried. Businessmen are always greedy and selfish. So seeing GMB and HH in the same party can never work because each other one of them wants to win. They all want more and more possessions. Each one of them wants to be at the very helm of the party leadership.

      For UDNP to succeed in 2021, HH and GMB must be advised to step resign as soon as possible. Let a fresh mind takeover the reins of leadership. This is the only shot they have.

      If these two love their party, they will do as I have said.

    • Only the leaders of the party really know where the internal squabbling is emanating from and if they can not be the adults that the people who hold hope in the UPND expect of them in addressing the challenges maturely then let them not raise eyebrows when it’s 2021 they find themselves as the party that was once of choice! Open your eyes seal opening cracks identifying what is causing them! All opposition parties and the membership must realize that they can’t “eat” in a similar manner as the party in government deciding where available resources are allocated!

  2. There’s no internal power struggle because GBM is just a guest in Upnd. The problem is that your small god is looking for a more marketable partner that can make him spring state house. He’s found Kambwuli more valuable than GBM. The disenchantment on the part of GBM is that he’s being mistreated despite that he’s spent quite a handsome amount on the Upnd. He’s been used, he’s now discarded.

    • GBM should have been relieved as Veep after costing UPND 2016 elections.
      It’s hard to sale GBM as Vice-president of the Republic.
      I always advised HH to use Ba Mutale Nalumango or Charlotte Scott as running mate. Even Maureen Mwanawasa could bring more votes than GBM.

  3. Using phrases such as “a revolutionary liberation movement for the Zambian people” carelessly and loosely is dangerous. It may look like political rhetoric but some of your members may start thinking that they are running a liberation movement and go overboard. Be careful with words.

  4. Please black women be proud of your natural beauty unlike this silly woman in the photo with a hideous horse tail in front of her face and back of her head…why would black woman want a fake fringe? If you have no confidence in yourself don’t expect people to take you serious.

    • That’s part of black beauty, what’s wrong with that? I have a problem though with skin whitening.
      Do you dig women with long armpit hair, pubic hair? If not, then no reason to blame the one in the above picture

    • @Defense minister agree with you.
      Especially Zambians women politicians they look ugly in wigs. Except Tasila. Tasila looks hotty because she tries to be natural.
      Look at those NGO women with natural hair… So hotty.

      Office Without Portifolio.

    • general Kanene – dont confuse general grooming preferences to eurocentric type of beauty…all women of different races shave their armpits …just like we men shave our pubic hairs its a preference.
      I know this Nigerian woman who will wear all these things when there is a meeting eyebrows, fake wigs, wake small rasta wig but when you see her coming from gym without make-up she is so beauty you an even recognize her

    • Wigs or no wigs doesn’t matter…lightened skin, blackened skin doesn’t matter. The thing of been proud of your race is just that…no one chooses their race. What matters is what the medulla oblongata spills out.

    • I usually tell these black women that what would you do if I can in the office with Indian short hair wig on my head..exactly you wouldn’t take men seriously that how black women look to me. I always see white women laughing in the background…two days ago in town I saw this Jamaican lady wearing a Blonde wig on her head every white man and woman was laughing at her when she passed by.
      I can not even read this article because of that silly photo…I know nothing can come out of such an empty head.

    • Largely Right – You are either a woman who wears this hideous nonsense or have absolutely no idea how white supremacy works…you talk of pride, skin lighteners, wigs in the same sentence with the words doesn’t matter.
      Wake up from your docility!!

    • Leave Naomi alone you ugly chim.p!! That sounds really sh.it and cheap coming from a person living in a foreign land. Why don’t you wear animal skins to cover your tiny willie you pig? That is more like how your African grandfather used to dress?
      Have a Life you miserable pr.ik – it is non of your business how others live their lives!! She doesnt need you, you ar.se ho!!

    • Chilyata – What’s living in foreign land got to do with wearing hideous wig …you mean buzungus in Zambia were afro wigs to fit in ..take your insults to the gutter.

    • And yet you have no problem with ogling white women on social media inflating their behinds and lips and dying their hair so they can nag a rich negro!
      Black women have been decorating their bodies since time immemorial. Truth be told, I hate those wigs too but for black women, hair is an accessory. As long as the said woman is not your girlfriend, wife, sister…why should you care?

    • Jay Jay, you are going insane and spending too much of your time in the chat rooms saying nonsense!
      What is hideous about Naomi’s hair style? And even if it was (which it isnt of course) what is your business with it? You don’t even know her, you don’t feed her and she is way too intelligent for a loser like you!
      Look, you are not anywhere near her class. If you didn’t know, Naomi is financially too strong and can afford any wig or hairstyle she wants! Don’t even think of comparing yourself, a mere Security Guard, to Naomi – you are nothing and you have nothing…. are you not ashamed of yourself?
      When does your next shift start today Boss?

    • The Real Olivia Pope – You are contradicting yourself in that one post urging with your foolish self ..let me not disturb you!!

    • The Real Olivia Pope – You are contradicting yourself in that one post urging with your fooooolish self ..let me not disturb you!!

    • Jay jay, it’s too bad nobody taught you that human value is measured by one’s internal attributes and not external appearance. This is a representation of a far reaching problem with people in positions of power and influence. The perception here is that if you look different then we cannot share common idealogic pathway for a common and better tomorrow. So shallow a thought premise for 21st century. Listen jay jay and people with closed minds like you. We actually need each other collectively, to move Zambia and later on Africa into a winning column. After we get out of our own way, the rest of the world will marvel at the progress we will attain.

    • @Jay Jay
      Dude, I’m a dude, and really care less about the ‘wig or natural’ debate or the race issue. I have studied the human body. At the end it all, we’re all just cadavers. As such, these things don’t matter to me.

    • Largely Right – if really care less why are you on the thread…no one invited you…what’s analogy got to do with artificial hair.

    • King Musabandesu – I can go further to explain with utilizing overarching topics like afro-consciousness, Pan-Africanism and religion to show you how everything is connected …but I would be wasting my energy and time. Its better you are left alone your idyllic Teletubbyland!!

    • Chilyata – Last time I was a toilet cleaner got promoted to a Carer in old people’s homes now I have been promoted to Security Guard…

    • @Jay Jay
      Coz, I’m intrigued by how you and others are passionately defending what you believe in, whether right or wrong. I’m no judge by the way.

    • I agree with Jay Jay here. Black people and Africans need to start loving themselves. We love the bible and Jesus, but yet try to not realize that Jesus was most likely black, at the least he had a lot of melanin in his skin. Stop wearing those hair hats women called weaves, they are an insult to you. Men are not attracted to your hair, but to a beautiful woman, it is that easy.

    • Nzelu – You have brought the Jesus character to sway me away from the topic at hand but I agree with you on one thing no black woman looks attractive in a weave or wig its usually her natural figures and personality that attract the male…am yet to meet a man who says “hey that wig looks sexy on that girl over there”

    • And yet, some women have to make themselves beautiful, in order to look beautiful. Not all are lucky to have natural beauty, as you may call it. God created women to be the flowers. They are objects of beauty. As men, we appreciate beauty and are attracted to it, natural or not. Many a woman you may have admired for her beauty, has none of that which you call “natural,” breasts and all. How I wish that all women were naturally beautiful. That would have been the ideal. But so too, it would have been that all men are handsome. Some are not, unfortunately. The logical corollary, therefore, would have been that it be demanded of us men also, to look natural. Jay Jay, would that be fair, do you suppose? Are you not entitled to succeed at attracting a beauty, much like any other man does?…

    • As a man, I consider it a privilege of mine to check to see what is on the menu. How a woman chooses to make herself beautiful, is purely her own business. Whether we men like it or not, women have a natural propensity to want to make themselves look more beautiful, however naturally beautiful or naturally ugly they may be. It’s in their genes. Don’t try to take it away from them.

    • In certain species of birds and animals, it’s the males which have to strive to look beautiful, in order to attract or win the attention of their female counterparts. Must we censure such male animals for wanting to look more attractive in order to win the attention of their female counterparts? How fair would that be?

    • What is natural beauty, any way? Isn’t beauty the common denominator? Is this not simply a question of going to excesses by some women, in their quest for beauty? And some, in so doing, actually succeed to make themselves more ugly. But whether they do or not, isn’t ‘BEAUTY IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER”?

    • Meimatungu 4.23, In the Animal Kingdom birds, the males attracting females with bright colors and dances, finesse, is like men having money, a sound job, business, with God and a good head being a wonderful bonus. You never see a Black chest, Chi kazizi borrowing peacock feathers ( Males are the attractive ones with feathers ) to attract the females. So why do African women want weird looking weaves and wigs? Let African women win the right way. They already have the best curves on the planet. They new age African women are just too blind and uneducated to their worth. Reason men work hard and only marry a smart beautiful woman.

    • @ Jay Jay. I have always respected your comments although I do not always agree with you. But on this one, you have gone over the bar. Argue against her not the choice of her fashion. You have chosen to reside away from home and that is cool.

    • Meimatungu – As I have stated previously I am yet to meet a sober man that has said ‘ wow the wig that girl is wearing on her head enhances her beauty’…what is natural beauty you ask? natural beauty is your god given features of a black woman…go to East Africa especially Kenya and Tanzania you wont see this nonsense they have platted her that enhances their Afrocentric beauty…it dont cost £100 for that.
      If I was President I would ban skin lighteners..yes Jaribu, weaves and wigs in Defence Wings, Police and Civil Service….if you dont like it join the Private sector.

    • Wandi – she is talking about RESPECT but who is going to take her seriously looking like that…where I choose to reside in the global village has nothing to do with looking hideous!!

    • flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      Jay Jay, I think you are being narrow minded focusing your attention on this lady’s wig. You have managed singlehandedly to divert an important discussion to wigs and hair; that in itself is shallow. Tell me which woman you respect then who has natural hair and natural beauty? FYI white women wear wigs more than black women… all those women you see on TV and on the street, I can guarantee you 80% of them have fake hair (yes whites may look natural wearing them but it’s still fake hair nonetheless).

      And then let’s take another notch. Most of those white women you think are natural would have gone under the knife to have either fake butt bulging; fake nose; fake b00bs; fake lips; fake eyelashes and eyebrows; fake teeth; fake nails; even fake birth canal…. everything is fake these…

    • flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …everything is fake these days. I forgot the fake turn by white women to look ‘black’, what is your take on that.

      So who is the ‘natural’ woman you respect huh? But the big message here is: what a woman chooses to do with her body or hair is none of your business. Get a life dude!

  5. Tetamashimba says,

    “I don’t think as a party we should engage in any factional battles but our loyalty should remain with UPND as an economic independence movement” .

    I agree but let me paraphrase: as a party we in UPND should not engage in any factional battles but our loyalty should remain with UPND as an economic independent but undemocratic movement in which leaders are hand picked. HH for life….

    • I too agree with Jay Jay’s take on us as an African race. The reason why other races look down on us is largely based on the fact that we are easily swayed in everything we are or do.

      We think by imitating white people is being civilised but look at the Indians or the Chinese. An Indian person maintains their culture wherever they are. They will eat their food, dress up in their clothes and will not care to follow the white man’s culture.

      If you are going to be honest with yourselves, tell me which race is looked down at the most? And why is that?


    “The past one week has been challenging and trying for my LOSER party the UPND. As a revolutionary (?) liberation (REALLY, from what), CRIMINALLY INSANE movement for the Zambian people , our hopes have been underpinned on the need to sustain our struggle to hoodwink Zambians to vote for lunatic asylum escapee party………”

    End press correction…..!

    • When your are founded on wrongfulness and your aim is maim, kill, take away liberty from the righteous…….you will fail by your own hand.

      There could not be a better demonstration of Christ’s love and protection for the people of Zambia, this Easter. CHRIST JESUS REDEEMER LIVES!!!! Praise Him people!

  7. @tetamashimba, this is politics. You seem so naive in prostrating yourself to political embodiment, leaving me to think your late dad’s political career of cadre ism never taught you one or two things.Wake up! girl or do something else.

  8. Face it imwe ba UPND, the problem you have is treating HH as the alpha and omega. If you didn’t know, this is what has mafe you vrry unattractive to many because everything revolves around Hh but the question is, does hh even have a slightest clue of how to govern a country. The answer is a BIG NO. HH is been used as a front by the invisible hands and this we all know. The only reason why GBM is being hounded out of UPND is simply because he fears losing the UPND presidence at the convention to GBM, thats well known.

  9. HH will always look for a springboard or foothold to the state house, regardless of who he is. The strategy is to make that springboard look valuable when it is in his vicinity. They forget about all the bad language and insults used against that person. Immediately, he changes the camp, he becomes a saint and they say there are no permanent enemies in politics. All his supporters will even change the language. So, they fool ordinary Zambian. Most of the citizens believe what they say. Today he is a thief tomorrow he will be an honest man vice-versa. Trust them at your own peril.

  10. I don’t how LT moderates comments. Comments full of facts are not accepted while insults are published

    • Just insult a little bit to get in…….!!! But mind who you insult might also prevent your publication…!!!

      Join in to win ’em…..

    • Who is insulting? Just stop wearing weave and wig …I know you have taken offence.
      I would have wished you happy Easter but I dont believe in that story!!

  11. Guys, losing GBM will be the end of UPND bcoz anything he is going to tell us about the tribal party will be taken a gospel truth. Kambwanga, not long ago was double Hs enemy. What has changed today. Let’s be careful with the hyna guys. Double h will be the baddest president you ever come across.

  12. UPND is the perfect definition of madness – using the same failed strategy and candidate and hoping for a different result!
    It’s either you call for a convention and take somebody out of the way if your chances are to improve! Take it or leave it!

  13. Far be it for any of us to giggle at Naomi’s hair pieces; but it has to be said the real trouble lies with the fact that the fringe is synthetic hair ‘looking’ AND not cut evenly nor attractive enough to compliment her very cute face. She also has a sparse hairline suggesting a small baldness issue.

    In Europe, there is a long standing trend to titter behind the hand at anyone wearing an obvious toupe (too- pay), which is usually a small artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot. Naomi does not need that fringe. The back ponytail is okay though a bit too long to be believeable for Zambian hair. AND always put a PIN in it!

  14. When two elephants fight it’s the grass
    That suffers.And PF now benefiting from
    This fight.So if it continues then Upnd
    Forget 2021.It looks like HH wants to
    Try vibrant CK compared to weak GBM.

  15. I predicted here last week that Kambwili’s NDC victory in Roan will confuse HH and push GBM out of UPND!HH tried to use Edith Nawakwi,Tilyenji Kaunda in 2006 but failed.in 2011,HH wanted to use great Michael Sata who rejected him.in 2016 HH used GBM and since he lost then,he sees no value in GBM.Now HH has put all his hopes for 2021 in Kambwili,hence trying to force GBM out of this tonga party UPND.However,GBM wont leave without a fight and even when he leaves,GBM will decampaign UPND day and night before 2021.Besides,HH must not trust Kambwili because he is too desperate for plot one too.FROM THIS NONSENSE-THE LOSER IS PURELY HH AND HIS UPND!!!Stop fighting GBM or you shall regret!!

  16. What Lifwekelo and Dr. Canisius Banda prophesied is now coming true, “that UPND as a party has no future as long.as HH remains at the helm”! UPND is as good as dead, GBM is about to be hounded out like they did to Patrick Chisanga, Robert Sichinga and others! UPND is a tribal party and nothing change that! So how dependence on.one tribal win elections to rule the whole country!

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