Shang’ombo District Commissioner, Lawrence Nyambe has bemoaned the decision by local businessmen and women, who are taking advantage of the hunger situation by hiking maize prices in the district.

Captain Nyambe expressed disappointment after he learnt that a bucket of maize which was previously going at K20 is now being sold at K80, leaving residents with no choice but to experience severe hunger in their homes.

He said it was unfortunate that the local businessmen and women are taking advantage of the people by hiking the prices of maize, describing the situation as total exploitation of the poor.

The District Commissioner said despite the completion of the distribution exercise of the 2000 bags of maize, there is need for more relief food in the area due to severe hunger being experienced in the area.

He has since appealed to DMMU for more maize that will include more people following the cry for help from residents who did not receive maize.

Captain Nyambe has since urged residents not to give up, but to also look into growing drought resistant crops in the next farming season.

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  1. When PF decided to allow the export of maize, some of us raised concerns about it. We pointed out the fact that rainfall patterns had been erratic and it would likely lead to shortages and crazy prices. I remember one PF sympathisers on this blog attacking me for raising the issues. I told him to wait and see. I wont mention your name, but do you remember our conversation? Well here it is.


    • This is what I have been saying about some PF supporters on this blog. They support things that don’t make sense. That is why I keep asking, is it because you are personally benefiting from the bad policies and corruption that you support PF? Anyone with half a brain could have told you that exporting mealie meal and maize was a bad decision. But you went ahead despite warnings. Why? Because the biggest illegal maize smugglers were PF cadres. Now when you see that we are headed for a crises you want to stop the export. Well too late now. Brace for impact


  2. Ooops ,there goes Zambian inflation skyrocketing and the Kwacha loosing value again due to our obsession with maize.We gotta go back to eating sweet potatoes,cassava ,beans ,nuts and fruits.



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