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UPND loses another councilor to PF

Rural News UPND loses another councilor to PF

United Party for National Development -UPND Chitwa Ward Councillor Kamuti Kamuti of Kaoma Central Constituency has resigned and has joined the Patriotic Front (PF).

Councillor Kamuti told ZANIS in an interview today, that he resigned due to challenges faced in serving the community whilst in the opposition party, adding that he could not stand the numerous accusations from community members over the utilisation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Both UPND Kaoma District Chairman Andrew Kakumbi and PF Acting District Chairman Alick Kalimbwe confirmed having received Mr Kamuti’s resignation letter.

Meanwhile, UPND District Chairman Andrew Kakumbi has accused Mr Kamuti of being bought off by the PF hence his resignation.

Mr Kakumbi said he is saddened by the creation of a by-election that could have avoided.

The Patriotic Front administration in the district has however welcomed the move by Councillor Kamuti to join the party.

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    Busy defecting, BUT no development whatsoever, only overpriced contacts, Civil servants NOT paid for close to a Year. Hunger the norm for the poor, & non P F aligned Cadres, + G.B.M gets 50 Million Dollars, whilst Jona is always airborne in his very expensive (Toy), Jet, fitted with a bed, & Champagne bar.
    This is No longer a process of P.F induced Defecting, but P.F induced [email protected] chapwa!!

    • Scrap off position of councilor, it’s waste of resources.
      These suckers don’t see that whenever there is a by-election, president Edgar has to abandon work to go campaigning for a week?
      Councilors need respect the president and country.

    • Some of these councilors need to go to jail for causing these styupid by-elections.
      We thought Ba Edgar will rest, but now he has to pack his akasaka kandala to go back to campaign. Stop abusing ba Edgar.

    • Better. If you tried working with PF spooky double h was gonna fire you.
      Mulibe Dzabwino Muchipani under5z.
      Costly but necessary.

    • Hunger politics…..just looking to align themselves with who they can steal with….shame shame….no character….i thought people join Political parties because of what they stand for….now i know its all about stomach and GBM is the victim of hunger….finance dwindled now back to looting and more corrupt contracts

    • Comment: which civil servant are talking about who are not yet paid from the government, my friend be honest as you commenting ok this is Media

    • 13 years without a convention in the cult?
      The members are now getting wiser. They will keep running away until (HH) calls for a convention.
      Garry Nkombo needs to wake up from the spell which Akainde cast on him. Garry needs to be de-indoctrinated.


      One of the MBI Group and Yousuf Family front and ringleader of the Sri Lankan bomb attacks was the son of a wealthy spice tycoon who became “brainwashed” by his radical younger brother, the Telegraph can disclose.

      The first images emerged on Wednesday of Inshaf Ahamed Ibrahim, the Sri Lankan suicide bomber and alleged mastermind of the atrocity which killed 359 people.

      “I was in total shock. My brother-in-law said he was going to Zambia on Friday for work and went to the airport with my sister and their four children in a car. When he said goodbye he held her head and said, ‘Be strong’.

      And investigations carried out have established…

    • The group in Zambia is dealing in all kinds of business transactions with both private and Zambian government using different companies as conduits such as Delta Energy placed under the ministry of Energy as lead supplier, Neria Investment as lead supplier of farming inputs, Grandview Minerals, dealing in illegal mining of gold, copper and explosives production and many of its criminal activities.

      The family also owns Sarovar Neelkanth Hotel in the capital Lusaka, which houses most of its foreign criminals, drug dealers,

      These were the words of Ashkhan Alawdeen the brother-in-law of Inshaf Ahmed Ibrahim one of the master minds of the suicide bombings that targeted churches and hotels in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on Easter Sunday, killing at least 359 people.

      Inshaf Ahmed…

    • PF is a party of thugs, scoundrels and rogues.

      It is headed by Rogue Numero one ECL

      ECl will be arrested the day he is out of statehouse. His children will be begging on Cairo Road, as all ill-gotten money will be taken back and none of his family members will be allowed to leave Zambia till Lungu is sentenced life imprisonment with HARD LABOUR.

    • 1.0 Please say something else. Civil servants have already started receiving their April salaries . Maybe civil servants in the UK are still waiting for their pay.

  2. For sure PF is a hopeless gathering of thugs with no other priorities then clinging on to power……..had this been any other party , seeing they have spent $17 billion, they would have been refusing these defector induced expensive elections and tell people to vote for them in country wide general elections……

  3. Imwe mwebantu the blame shud be heaped on HH who is always telling his legally elected councilors to refuse any development PF wants to take to the three provinces we all know. Note that only 16 upnd MPs are attending the national dialogue all bcoz of tribal double H.

    • If a councilor can stop government from commissioning a development project in an,area then what form of governance applies in Zambia? They must be useless projects by individuals and not for the benefit of the people!

  4. Stop blaming PF ati insala bufi ba kembo imwe. Even if upnd is voted today is it going to put money in your accounts. Stop day dreaming and start doing something tangible. Whether pf or upnd I depend on God and my life is stable. Mwakula cula ukutuka ecl lyonse ba kembo

    • After the 2001 elections the Heritage Party won several parliamentary seats. These MPs were all poached by Levy Mwanawasa. Was it hunger or just common sense that motivated these MPs to disobey their party and serve in the MMD run government?

  5. Hurry that is a good one,upnd will not bring heaven on earth bufi sana,just work hard bane don’t be cheated.
    And insulting the office of the presidence and the president himself is sin against God because every leadership is from above,the tails about respecting the law of the land.

  6. UPND is a nonsensical party, just like the PF. This person should not have resigned. Now Zambia has to pay for another useless by-election.

  7. UPND cadres really amaze me!!Whenever their member resign and join PF,they say “NJALA”,how?Who cheats them that when UPND is in power,then all Zambians will be having 3 proper meals a day?Will HH be giving every Zambian money to buy food?From where will HH be getting that money?kkkkkkkkk…..UPND cadres are really dull!!!Look,as long as you dont work hard,no Zambian Govnt shall buy you food or pay your kids schools feels,etc-NEVER!!!STOP BELIEVING IN “UTOPIA” WORLD WHICH HH PREACHES TO YOU!!!
    These people are resigning due to HH’s poor leadership!!!So PF is growing while UPND keeps on ranting ati “Njala”!

    • Njimbu, you’re the dullard. The PF has made it EXTREMELY difficult to make money, especially honestly no matter how hard you work.All that people are hoping for is that HH will restore sanity so that hard work pays. I guess explaining to you is probably a waste of time because if you can’t see the problems in the country then you’ve got bigger problems than understanding why people want a change of government…..Just my 2 cents!!

  8. UPND has reached the end of its lifespan. Akainde’s lack of leadership is making UPND members run away.
    Akainde will do anything to avoid a convention.
    Garry Nkombo we are waiting for you to cross the floor. A big throne awaits you in PF.

  9. Ba Dundumwennzi full of hatred always, this hatred will choke you one day ,how can Zambians entrust you with running this Nation with this type of hatred,everything is Lungu, you are indeed in a denial, Lungu is ruling this Nation Zambia for now ,you like it or not.Thats why they say,successful people compliments where it is due and Unsuccessful people will always criticize even where you have scored.

  10. Other new items on Lusaka times like how the kwacha is slowly dying PF carders zero comments on stupid staff like some moron who is bring more strain on the economy PF carders 1000 comments, just because he joined the PF.

  11. Now GBM will be called “Former UPND Vice President” regardless of what position he gets in the party.
    That’s a new prefix that will help to further show that people are crossing over from that party.

  12. Kamuti was bought by these people DC mubanga and maliyande and was promised to be given a job plus k5000 a poor boy accepted that agreement.

  13. #1 Kelemi Zambolina, “+ G.B.M gets 50 Million Dollars…….”.
    Kwena bu trib.al bulwele sana, do they any idea of what one million dollars means? I mean 1 million Dollars baba!! Even to your own Trib.al Hacks this amount would mean heaven!! Mulekwatako Amano imwe ba trib.als, and a sense of proportion. 50 million dollars is money that can fund a country baba, no joke!!

    • Kolwe iwe U.P.N.D [email protected], you trib.al1st.
      I am NOT a shallow ID1.0t like you, who will vote for, or support a thieving Thug just because it hails from your region.
      I am NOT like G.B.M.
      Never call me a Tonga you si11y [email protected]!!
      Still believe H.H is better than that Petauke Drunken Thug in State House.


  15. HH will be former Upnd president and ECL will be former president of the republic of Zambia. And that’s the deference

  16. Muzungu akakuitana ati you monkeys, you turn around and accuse him of being racist. Just look around. The whole Zambia is behaving like a tree full of monkeys. There are some people who can’t think outside and away from their tribe. Everything is about tribe…they can even die of hunger, for their tribesman while himself is enjoying 5 meals a day. Go have fun monkeys.

  17. Just wait, they are going there as individuals. Be patient with such characters. Very soon there will be scramble for food in PF and watch how they will start hacking each other for the crumbs. GBM has already gone to the Titanic and is being followed by others for the scramble. But just wait.

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