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South Africa’s grade 4 pupils to learn about masturbation in new curriculum

General News South Africa's grade 4 pupils to learn about masturbation in new curriculum


Children as young as 9 years old will learn about masturbation when the new life orientation textbooks are rolled out next year by the South Africa Department of Education.

According to the Sunday Times the textbooks have been overhauled to be more relevant for pupils and the department of basic education hired celebrity sex therapist Dr.Wasserman to help develop a “cutting edge” life orientation curriculum for grades 4 to 12. Each lesson will begin with a yoga pose and a mindfulness exercise and the subject for the day could be on consent, love or masturbation.

Dr. Wasserman said she worked on the entire sexuality thread of the textbooks which incorporated more than just sexuality and gender identity. Masturbation is normalised and threaded through the curriculum from grade 4.It begins with self pride,self image,body diversity,genital differences,genital changes and touching oneself for pleasure.

Increasingly, governments (particularly in developing countries including Zambia) are being pressured by the United Nations (who promotes and advances Comprehensive Sex Education through agencies such as the World Health Organisation, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc) to implement CSE – under the guise that it will reduce teenage pregnancy, HIV/Aids and STD infection, will prevent violence against women, will help to reach gender equality etc. Although described as “proven effective”, there is inadequate evidence of program effectiveness for most CSE programs. In fact, research has shown that most CSE programs appear to be more “policy-based” (or “ideology-based”) than “evidence-based”.

According to a paper entitled Comprehensive Sexual Health Education in Zambia as a Modality for Sustainable Development and Gender Empowerment a comprehensive sexual health education curriculum was designed to help Zambia achieve Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health & well-being),Sustainable development goal 4(Quality Edcuation) and sustainable development goal 5 (Gender Equality). In 2018 The National Aids Council (NAC) in North western province welcomed the introduction of comprehensive sexually education (CSE) lesson on sexual reproductive health in schools across the country click here for full story

Critics say CSE may seem fairly innocuous and even a good idea,although in countries where CSE has already been implemented (including the USA, the UK, Australia, Sweden, etc) it has become clear that CSE has a different and more sinister agenda, namely the radical sexualisation of our children. In this regard, the following statement by the American College of Pediatricians is insightful: “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children”.

This is because unlike traditional sex education, CSE is often very graphic and promotes high-risk sexual behaviours as healthy and normal. For example, it is not uncommon for CSE programmes to teach children (as young as five years old!) to masturbate; to encourage acceptance and exploration of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities; to promote anal and oral sex, and teach that it is normal and safe; to promote sexual pleasure (including sexual responses towards inanimate objects, animals, minors, non-consenting persons, etc) and promiscuity as a right for children; to promote abortion as safe and without consequence; to promote condoms to children (as young as nine years old!) without informing them of their failure rates; to promote sexual counselling, information or services to minors without parental consent; to teach children and youth that they are sexual from birth; to train children to advocate for their “sexual rights” in laws and policies, etc. (For more information on the harmful components of CSE Comprehensive sexuality education

Sunday Times
Freedom of Religion South Africa


  1. WTFF!!!! I hope this isn’t happening in Zambia. Thats what happens when you depend on white horny boys at the UN decide your national curriculum. If they want to give you money it should not be at the expense of your moral values!!

    • Yaba…..the world is coming to an end….and they will be pushing Gay agendas at the same time…white people are decaying our morals

    • They have always done things contrary to god. Europeans as far back as Rome and Greece have always done foul things. Even sellouts like Nastradumass on this site cannot argue on this one. Their morals have always been jaded. On this one Every African should stop this.

    • In Grade 4 I was eight. I only came to know about masturbation at College. Why do the South Africans want to introduce such stuff to 8 year-olds? Is that what they think is freedom? That’s what happens when your constitution had heavy influence from the white man. They have started thinking they should be white

    • This evil should never ever be allowed in Zambia. There’s a concerted effort by Western countries to erode African values and all that defines us as Africans. They’re pressuring African countries into accepting this garbage, western sickness, to literally destroy black nations. You would have to be a foo1 with perverted values to think that this is okay–teaching children as young as 8 or 9 or 10 about masturbation. Not only are they planning to teach that. They’re also planning to teach African children about same sex relationships, effectively conditioning the next generation of Africans into accepting a morally bankrupt Western lifestyle. Africa does not force it’s values on the West, so why are they so concerned with forcing Africans to accept their decadent values? This is an…

    • … abomination that any right thinking African should protest with all their being. Africa needs to stand up against this Western onslaught and defend our innocent children.

  2. This is just bad, even UK has not gone to these lengths. My daughter’s school teaches sex education and I asked to see the content. They are basically taught that their privates ARE private and no one should tell them otherwise. They are not shown pictures and this is a 30minute lesson for the whole term. Please parents you can choose to have your child excluded in these classes and ask the teachers to send your child to the library for the duration of these stup1d lessons. And my I just ask, what are the benefits are these masterbating lessons?

  3. Our late President FTJ may his soul rest in peace once said South Africa has a devil’s constitution but the Satanists castigated him…

  4. Masturbation comes naturally when a boy’s mind is ready, millions of boys know it and it has never been taught openly.

  5. If they give you fish to eat, don’t eat everything, leave out the bones. South Africa seems to be eating everything. May the good LORD help them.

  6. This is one way of killing generation of kids who are coming up. Masturbation results in children not having desire for the opposite sex. It is self satisfaction. It is normally practiced in those who have opted to be in celibacy. They just satisfy themselves without the opposite sex. Most of the people who masturbate are mentally retarded and are subnormal. It is the same as homo sexuality. Lesbians and gays normally satisfy themselves by fondling their private parts. One releases the fluid, it results in self happiness. A man or a woman will have no desire for opposite sex. Sex is designed between man and woman within the confines of marriage. It cements the bond of relation. When it is done outside divine plan, the end result is pervasion and death. Masturbation is evil and diabolical.

  7. this is very sad indeed and so i agree with what i learned on sunday that the best form of education is spirirtual education.

  8. I am a White South African, and this is NOT something most whites want in South Africa, The people making these choices is coming from our government and they are the Black majority, That is why I will not send our kids to a government school, Do not think that the whites in South Africa are behind this, We do not have a say. Whatever the ANC says they will do, and it does not matter what the white minority says.

  9. This explains why the South African actress, Charlize Theron, started to dress her adopted black boy, in a dress. She said it’s because he said he felt he was a girl. But children have active and creative minds. You’d think it is better to let them be children until they are at an age to know the consequences of such choices.

  10. Sex is natural and is between 2 people. Why should kids be introduced to it prematurely. What are we hoping to achieve as a society. Sexual related cases will increase. Divorce rate will increase as our future generation will be sexually independent. Unemployment rate is high in South Africa:, how is this going to empower our youth?. Youth from other countries are coming up with new inventions and South Africans will be busy with new self pleasure. This needs intervention.

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