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Car inspections increase prior to importation into Zambia


Toyota Carolla Seda

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency has recorded a 12 percent increase in vehicle inspections in the month of April from the countries of import to ensure road worthiness prior to imports to Zambia.

The Agency conducted a total of 645 vehicle inspections in April 2019 compared to 568 conducted in March.

Used motor vehicles are inspected at source prior to shipment to ensure roadworthiness and the Agency has contracted three companies namely Auto Terminal Japan Limited, EAA Limited and JEVIC Limited to conduct the inspections.

Caroline Kalombe, the Agency Communications Officer said these companies provide roadworthiness inspections in Japan, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, the regions which account for more than 90 percent of total imports of used motor vehicles into Zambia.

She said the Agency conducts inspections on products falling under compulsory standards to ensure that they comply with the prescribed standards and to prevent the importation of substandard and unsafe goods onto the Zambian market.

Mr. Kalombe said the administration of compulsory standards ensures that products manufactured in Zambia and those imported into the country are designed, produced and supplied in accordance with the requirements of the compulsory standards and meet consumer needs, demands and expectations.

She said compliance to compulsory standards also ensures that these products are not only safe but can also compete favorably in local, regional and international markets.

Ms. Kalombe said in this regard, the Agency not only promotes the growth of industry but also protects it against unfair technical barriers to trade in both the local and export markets.

She said administration and enforcement of compulsory standards further promotes a culture of quality and safety among manufacturers, consumers and the general public as the Agency continues to execute its mandate.

Ms. Kalombe has reminded importers of used vehicles that the roadworthiness inspection of used motor vehicles at source is a mandatory requirement aimed at ensuring public safety, and environmental protection.


  1. So you hire a Japanese company to inspect Japanese cars being sold into Zambia? Zambians can be daft sometimes!!!

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      Mate, Japanese are not corrupt and are not crooked like your average Zambian. I would rather the Japanese inspect my car than a Zambian. First of all they have the right test equipment and have better quality assurance, plus they know there are legal implications for fudging the results… your argument is flawed anyway because even new vehicles that come out of the assembly factory are inspected and tested by the company’s own internal technical test engineers and declared safe before they are shipped all over the world, including Zambia. We shouldn’t find faults where it doesn’t exist. But I agree that we also need some checks when the vehicles enter Zambia, even if it is just some random samples.

    • Ati products produced in Zambia….. comply to the standards. What products? Products are certified as energy drinks and yet they have viagra in them. And that complying?

    • @1.2 corruption

      It’s not the standard of jap inspections, it is the fact they a choosing one company to do the testing …..this is corruption

      All test centres in Japan and the U.K. test to higher standards than a Zambian test center so who should chosen centres only do tests for Zambians ????

      This is corruption

    • Jut look at that corrolla in the photo …that car should country would allow that coming in their country its like 15 years old…reduce import duty on new hybrid vehicles. PF just want to tax tax no smart policies.

  2. If inspection was well done, why big companies like Toyota and VW withdraw their vehicles found fault on the market? Human beings are the same everywhere

  3. Just the fact that only Chosen companies can do the tests already introducers corruption and unfair predatory pricing for Zambians

  4. O this one day will come to an end this is rubbish u don’t manufacturer one so why do u inspect it’s the way of fundraising one day Zambian people will work up one day just continue with Wat u guys are doing the car use to pay k1300 it’s k2500 do u think this 10 percent u guys stop playing with as Zambian if u correct k2500 Wat do u inspect u only correct the money without any inspection ba Lungu say something tavutika kwapaka ise ma car dealer please we voted for u for the cheap things but look now one car it’s suppose to pay duty plus penot fee for buying old car plus javic for Zambian bural of standards one car if Mr president u have here our cry do something 2021 is near

  5. They should also include radioactive testing for the Japanese second hand cars following a nuclear power plant disaster which happened there a few years bk, otherwise you buy yourself into ‘slow punture’ , ati bani loza ndaba ni na gula Galimoto. Please make sure the cars are thoroughly tested.

  6. I witnessed a few cars inspected by JVIC in the UK before shipping and the inspector spent less than 10 minutes inspecting the car.


    Since the UK has very strict fitness regulations known as MOT (please Google ‘MOT DVLA UK’ for details), the guy simply verified that the MOT certificate on the vehicles was valid and then gave them the all clear.

    Moral of the story is that instead of making Zambian importers pay £150 for the JVIC inspection, go into a more progressive and cheaper clearance process to verify the fitness of the vehicles

  7. How can a person testing a car certify unfit a car exported from his country. It
    Is like giving your daughter in marriage
    To a man and telling him her weakness.

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