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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Kalusha-Kamanga debacle portrays a lurking negative spirit we should overcome

Columns Kalusha-Kamanga debacle portrays a lurking negative spirit we should overcome

FILE: Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha, First republican president Kenneth Kaunda, second president Fredrick Chiluba and his wife Regina and Lusaka District Commissioner Christah Kalulu singing a hymn during this year’s independence interdenominational church service at Cathedral of the Holly Cross

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

It makes me extremely sad to observe the debate of who should represent Zambia at the CAF Elections between soccer icon Kalusha Bwalya and the current Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President, Andrew Kamanga.

In my brief thought here, I will not discuss the merit or demerits of who should represent the country at the CAF elections.

Because this has led to me to discuss a creeping spirit that has emerged as ordinary practice in our doing of things in our country.

The Kalusha-Kamanga debate appears to typify who we should not be, but who we have sadly become.

We dont give honour or support to our heroes and those deserving recognition.

We dont celebrate those that have achieved so much for our country.

Infact, we would rather fight amongst ourselves than lift one another.

We are keen to destroy the legacy of one to give us an assumed heroic rise on their ashes.

We would rather compete, where we clearly need to collaborate, we would rather fight, where we are expected to work together, we would rather bury the opportunity of one, than to give such an opportunity a fighting chance.

It all started at the birth of our country.

Despite the immense and admirable qualities that Kenneth Kaunda and his colleagues had, they quickly chose a unity that secluded and excluded others, a unity that pursued to sideline and destroy their colleagues like Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

It was soon to culminate into a one-party state an evil and autocratic system with a veneer of good that never allowed anyone associated with Kapwepwe and his perceived associates to benefit from the state and its institutions, a system that singularly oppressed and persecuted political opponents and the very people it sought to uplift and serve.

Later besides his immense stature, and besides his benevolence and role he played in the liberation struggle of Southern Africa, and the early development of Zambia, Kaunda had to face the similar fate he inflicted upon his perceived opponents.

Came the MMD and Frederick Chiluba. Chiluba had suffered imprisonment and harrasment at the hands of Kaunda’s government.

The MMD, instead of choosing to forgive and build on some of the great foundation so far achieved and discard the negative vices of KK’s government, chose to perpetrate the destruction of Kaunda and his legacy.

They were quick to trash KK’s name and threw out of the window, everything he achieved locally and internationally.

Instead of building on the foundation Kaunda left, we chose to start afresh, a shaky start, re-inventing the wheel, a path whose consequence we are still reeling with.

Kaunda was accused of having pillaged the state coffers and that he had emptied it to the tune of $4billion.

But after 27 years Kaunda only had $8,000 in his account, his guitar and his books.

Despite the lack of evidence against him, a sustained campaign against Kaunda was raised that humiliated him and stripped him of his dignity.

Kaunda had achieved so much that his name was resilient and remains respected across the world.

It was not long before the punishment that was meted on KK visited Frederick Chiluba shortly after he left office in 2002.

Instead of giving lectures across the world on the Democracy and how to democratise an autocratic system values he had helped bring to Africa, Chiluba spent his days in Lusaka Magistrate court, a lone figure with his legacy soiled and denigrated.

Chiluba’s chosen successor, Levy Mwanawasa personalised a selective fight against corruption that targeted only Chiluba and his associates.

Chiluba was embarrassed, his assets frozen and seized and called a thief, a plunderer, even before he had appeared or had a single day in Court.

It’s like for one to succeed in Zambia one has to kill, destroy and bury their predecessor’s name and works.

Then with utmost pretence and hypocrisy eulogise their achievements on their grave!

What would it do for one remember, and build on the works of your predecessor or collaborate with them, or share best practices than fight them and humiliate them?

There is no culture that is older than being human.

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  1. We must also stop this culture of supporting fraudsters.

    Kalushya is s fraud convict and should not represent Zambia.

    What are we teaching our youth ? It is alright to be s fraud convict ?

    • A football article riddled with political history to sit the author. Nonsensical



    • Mr Mwamba, did you mean the “disgraced soccer icon?” FAZ should have some kind of policy on who should attend, I hope. And should not be influenced by an ambassador. Stay in your lane!

    • I knew this was going to be about Chiluba, that little twit! He damaged this country, setting the foundation for theft of public funds. May he rot. And see how he died? lonely and disgraced.

    • @ 1.2 Olivia pope

      I am impressed at your stand on corruption.

      If everyone stood against corrupt people , no mater affiliations tribe or party , we can banish this scourge

    • I don’t know how come the rest of you are failing to decipher what Mwamba is saying. He is indirectly warning the current regime that has started purging its friends like him and KBF. He is drawing his observations from the Genesis. He mentions Kaunda ditching Kapwwpwe. I would add Kapwepwe thought it was asleep alright when he and Kaunda discarded Nkumbula. The cleansing continues until…You know what?

    • Aaaaah! And what about the headline & the opening statement, where have they disappeared to? Nadabwa!!

    • Drogba just opened a Hospital in his country Ivory Coast in Zambia its the same usual nonsense with this GREAT GALU chap always want to take out always sucking blood out of us and he even gets away with it….last time he was CAF executive the man refused to vote for his own Zambian football player. He only comes to Zambia when he needs something …all his investments are in RSA, even his academy is in RSA.

  2. Mwamba I am disappointed in you.

    In your article , you have not mentioned why Kalu was suspended recently ???

    • Because he, like the rest of Plunderers Federation which supports Endemically Corrupt Leader, has selective memory.
      He is just another supporter of corrupt drunkard.

    • Mwamba is a crook …he is there talking about Kalusha V Kamanga cusually forgetting that KBF in his PF party is being denied his democratic right to challenge LAZY LUNGU.

    • but you are also aware that HE WAS brought back and retained in the same position! the truth of the matter is that GREAT KALU will always be as GREAT! Abo ba kamanga nangu bamulwishe tapali ico bakaletako!!! What is minister MAWERE’S position? who is he supporting? And why is the minister quiet over this issue?

  3. Having not touched on why Kalu was suspended by FIFA , you go on to associate the great KK in your dirty little scheme to sweep the fraud conviction f kalu under the carpet ???

    Mwamba you are indeed disappointing.
    I will not bring tribalisim into this , but this is out right disgusting……

    • FIFA has the evidence all ACC has to do is ask for it….but you have GALU with the first lady Old Hen Ester at a Charity event.

    • if you think there is no tribalism,then what is it? in zambia today each one appears to push his tribe!so just watch my friend as GREAT KALU prepares his way to CAF Presidence

  4. Mr. Mwamba,
    If you have left any trace of decency, please repeat the same crap related to the departed dwarf “innocence” (without hiding behind your diplomatic passport) and I will enjoy watching your smelly arse been taken care off by an impartial Judge of the High Court of E&W.
    Little thieving corrupt dwarf was found GUILTY of STEELING by the HC of E&W and no amount of crapping can change that.

  5. There’s no debacle here, we know Ndanga Kamanga’s hatred for King Kalu. Today all those he perceives to be supporters of King Kalu are suspended, including Gabriel Kaunda. Richard Kazala hasn’t served despite being elected, all old Copperbelt Clubs except Power Dynamos who opposed his impeachment motion against King Kalu have suffered at the hands of Kamanga. Next year FAZ will go to elections, we’ll wait and see

    • This article is about who should represent Zambia at the CAF vote , it has nothing to do with who kamanga hates.

      Mwamba is hinting that kalu should represent Zambia , but hides the fact that kalu is a corruption convict , was banned by fifa

      Is that who we want representing Zambia ??

  6. Ndanga Kamanga has even defied the FIFA directive that Kazala’s case be tabled at the AGM, how many AGMs have passed?

  7. What you expect from that greedy little f.u.cker called kalusha? He is a pf cadre with hooligan mentality

  8. I am not surprised that kalu wife been cheating on him with another black man..he is too much work

    • Mmh jay jay the difference is that I am not a fantasist like your Kalu and my woman is very loyal to me. I do not try and build castles in the sky. i know for so many years you have envied my lifestyle and achievements. The problem is that you do not know who you are , just like ndanje khakis. you boys need to find yourselves and be true to yourselves. good evening

    • My friend marrying a muzungu is not a “huge” achievement …really laughable…I have too much respect for our queens they know my struggle and are able to tell my story to my grandchildren.

  9. Between Kalu and Kamanga I would always go for Kalu. Kamanga’s failure to fail the team qualify for the Afcon speaks louder dimerits to the masses than Kalu’s corruption cases at FIFA

    • You must be from the thieving club……where does this mentality of worshiping corruption come from ?

      Kalu was banned by fifa for corruption and Kamanga was never a fraud convict

  10. Good article indeed!!!! We have become as a Nation. what we should never be. Shameful indeed!!!!!

    • As a nation , worship of corrupt individuals should stop……how dare Mwamba associate KK with FJT and kalu

      Mwamba has lost the bit of integrity he had

  11. Mwamba

    As an admirer of your work in SA , a small word of advice in your young political career …..

    Showing integrity and morals on corruption will take you a long way.

    Unless you are also corrupt to the core.

  12. In this article Mwamba is supporting kalu to represent zambia at the CAF vote …..but continently fails to point to pink elephant kalu is riding ……his being banned by fifa for corruption.

    As a nation , do we want someone stilted with corruption to be representing us ??

    What message are we sending ??

    • where do you stay? GREAT KALU has just his term of office at CAF! Bane jealous ibi sana!

  13. On this one i will go for Kamanga Kalu had his chance the last time and he messed up big time

  14. Sir this is exactly the way you are yourself.All the suspensions you did as PS were tribal.Infact most actions you took were biased on tribe.Shame on you

  15. what is mr mwamba saying? first football then liberation struggle then history of presidents we have had… what are you saying sir be clear!

  16. Only idioots and imbeciles can support Kamanga. He assumed office to take us to the world of football, but what does the maggot done? Nothing. Football is about results and not those fima pwipwipwipwi stories of Kamanga. Zambia has not qualified 2 times in a row to AFCON, 2017 AND 2019. Then you idioots you tell me that Kamanga is the man, fuuuuseeek

  17. Let’s stop blowing Kalusha’,s small ego out of proportion please. Kalusha tried ‘evrything in his power’ to sabotage Kamanga and his administration. He has been made to believe that he is indispensable! He is not please; his achievement we’re to playing soccer, not to soccer administration. Even in playing soccer,for him to be successful required good team work. Yet we are almost worshipping Kalusha as though he was playing tennis or golf which is based on individual performance. Let’s concentrate on supporting the new FAZ administration. It is retrogressive to cling to past assumed achievements if Kalusha. He has no achievement as an administrator mwe, just a criminal conviction that is all

  18. Mwamba tell that to someone who was born 5 years ago. Chiluba was a thief, he did not stop at stealing money but wives too. Don’t think Zambians are gullible and naive

  19. @Jane Bota Karima
    Well spoken but at least Kalusha won us AFRICA CUP OF NATIONS as an administrator. For your Kamanga we can’t even qualify to go and compete and small nation’s in football like Namibia are the one mocking us. I would rather chose to be a noise maker in class who is inttellegent than being quite and nice in class but ICIKOPO. Football is about results which Kamanga has failed. Contracts even in our work places are renewed based on performance. Your Kamanga ni pwi pwi pwi pwi

    • Kamanga may have failed in qualifying Zambia , but stop trying to push a convicted corrupt person like kalu to head FAZ

  20. It is surprising that sometimes we forget easily. The Bible says, “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” Lets face facts, if Kalusha was in Kamanga’s shoes, would he have allowed Kamanga to stand? Do we remember what Kalusha did to Teddy Mulonga when it came to voting for a position on the regional body? kalusha served his two terms in office and why can we not allow Kamanga to do the same and judge him later? What has Zambia achieved from kalusha being a member of CAF? or FIFA? Its Kamangas’ time and let him work peacefully. God gave us different talents. You can not be everything Player, Coach and Administrator. Most former good players internationally have refused to take up coaching, Pele, Abedi Pele, George Weah etc. Look at how Maradona has messed up himself in…

  21. Anybody that’s serving in the PF government – even in diplomatic service – is tainted with the same corrupt, lazy, unthinking, dizzy and violent nature of the party. You cannot come here and posture about Kalusha, a fraudster, bribe solicitor and greedy administrator while having defended FTJ Chiluba. You’re not half qualified to speak with any authority on morals, decency or character. For as long as you’re an ex mouthpiece for a thieving, corrupt former president now serving a thieving, corrupt current president you will remain what you are: a thieving, corrupt chola boy.

  22. Ba mwamba, you clear said this ‘culture’. Chiluba was your paymaster and you defended his wrongs even to his grave. Today because it’s ECL incharge your language is like someone from the dead visiting the living. Come on. That’s the Munkombwe politics you are pulling now

  23. Mr Mwamba with due respect to the protocol no one has yet conferred you with the title of Ambassador before your name therefore continue addressing yourself as Mr Mwamba ambassador to Ethiopia…The last person to have been conferred with that title by the President is your Permanent Secretary at the Ministry who is your supervisor so far…

  24. Well spoken ba mwamba , and even economically we can not achieve much with this type of attitude towards one onother. Let’s learn to put and support people who can deliver in various positions. Our current Faz President we tried him and we have seen the results in football that he has failed. Kalusha he has achieved something good for his country and himself in football. Insults will never never never help us to progress in football. Don’t even insult unsuccessful Kamanga, temufulo he just don’t know how to play football cards. LOVE one ONOTHER.

  25. I think sometimes it is Ok just to focus on the substance of the article instead of interpreting it with our various personal prejudices against the author. It is fine to have an opinion about everything, but debate should lead to solutions for our various social, political, and economic woes. Mr. ambassador you have made some very valid points in this article that sane readers like myself can resonate with. I have been an observer and admirer of yours being a fellow bemba young man and inspired by your career trajectory. Indeed we as a nation have failed our heroes because of jealousy. As evidenced from some comments above, we equally have an epidemic of half baked arm chair opinions. Zambians may we rise to the challenge and respect those personalities in our society who have made…

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