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HH’s directive to UPND MPs to vote against NDF resolutions is a clear sign of Dictatorship-Kafwaya

Headlines HH's directive to UPND MPs to vote against NDF resolutions...

HH addressing a media briefing at his residence
HH addressing a media briefing at his residence

Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya says he sympathizes with UPND Members of Parliament who have been directed by their Leader Hakainde Hichilema to vote against the resolutions of the National Dialogue when tabled in Parliament.

Mr. Hichilema yesterday directed his Members of Parliament to vote against resolutions of the National Dialogue Forum when tabled in Parliament.

Speaking at a media briefing organized by the Opposition Alliance, Mr. Hichilema maintained that the National Dialogue Forum was a deception and an illegal process meant to extend the Patriotic Front’s stay in Government.

But Mr. Kafwaya said the directive on UPND MPs by Mr. Hichilema is a clear sign of dictatorship which will prevent the Members of Parliament from representing their people.

Mr. Kafwaya who is also Minister of Works and Supply wondered why Mr. Hichilema wants his MPs to go against the wishes of the Zambian people who he aspires to lead in future.

And PF Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has described Mr. Hichilema as a sham for directing his Members to vote against the resolutions.

He said Mr. Hichilema is a selfish individual who is interested in serving his own ego thereby neglecting the people who voted for him.


    • HH was right, the NDF resolutions were shams and did not serve any interest of any Zambian



    • All PF MPs also vote yes, even on issues that affect the very people who sent them to parliament. What do you call this type of blind partisan voting?

    • Even if that is true, atleast he would be a dictator who is competent and has a track record of business success. Better than a dictator who is incompetent and whose only track record is defrauding a widow out of her money, corruption and plunder of national resources.

    • PF is indeed a Partya Fiwelewele, instead of focusing on preparing a great leader better than Edgar, they are busy fighting HH.
      – Bo Inonge is done, she had a heart small issue, but PF forced her on unnecessary medical treatment. Now she done.
      – Ba Edgar may have heart attack at anytime, too many problems this month, simply too many. And mostly because the President Inonge was mistakenly taken out work by you PF.
      PF may end up with GBM.

    • Does anyone disagree with Eddie thieving Lungu? What I am saying is that Lungu and HH are no different. Stop taking people for mops.

    • If all the evidence is burnt anyone can say bring the evidence because the person involved knows very well that no matter how much one looks he will never find it. From the word go people have been saying he sold the mines but he kept quite but now that he burnt all the evidence he’s offering the house. This is cheap politics. Lol. I can’t be brought this cheap proclamation. Nothing has changed he sold the mines for the song to benefit himself.

  1. It is wrong to coerce them to vote against the NDF. It is their democratic rights to vote the way they want. After all,by virtue of them not attending NDF meeting is proof enough that they did not want it. Why should they vote for something which they are not part of? They did not attend the NDF so it is folly to vote for something they were not part and parcel.
    Voting is a right of a citizen.No one is obligated to cast a vote. just like I am thing not to vote in 2021. No one will force me not to cast a vote. Voting does not yield any purpose apart from ushering in characters who are corrupt and immune to prosecution like Chitotela. We have a duty to pay tax though it is abused. Voting is not a duty. It is a right.

    • Would you vote for something that has come from a place you refused to attend…if they are brave enough I think they should walk out or stay away as the NDF is a sham!!

    • @Jay Jay exactly my point. They did not attend the NDF. It will be illogical to vote for something which they are not preview to.Let the MPs shun it altogether. It is their democratic right.

    • mbaluso – This is not even debatable…some of these bloggers are just blind cadres who lack critical analysis….these are the selfsame dingbats Lazy Lungu is appointing as Ministers like Bowman there!!

    • If PF vote as a party, what is wrong with the opposition to vote as a team? I can see why this masquerade is worried, without the opposition and independents, the bill will not pass.

    • What are you talking about the same pf stopped it’s mps to attend the NCC during mwanawasa in the mmd so what has now changes to be a bad move upnd,ka kafwaya don’t argue u where not there, remember what is good for the gander should be good for the ……….? complete the sentence you dull mp kafwaya

    • Zamzam – tell us who was chairing NCC then compare to who chaired NDF? Dont use lame excuse of painting everyone as UPND fooools.

  2. These PF mps are a disappointment how on earth would one support the reinstatement of the deputy minister portfolio, reduction of the campaign period to 60 days and the taking away of voting of mayors from the people.
    These fools once voted into office they do nothing but appease the president in parliament they only make baboon yeah yeah noise.
    Its just shows how stupid that event at heroes stadium was

    • To legislate those Resolutions in the NDF Act PF need Constitutional Amendment Bills which can only be passed by a 2/3 Majority in Parliament. All UPND MPs and Right Thinking Members of Parliament should vote against all the Bills from NDF Resolutions.This Vote is thru a Secret Ballot. Its in the interest of MPs and Zambia not to vote for these NDF/PF Resolutions which are killing our Rights, Freedoms and Democracy.

  3. As Zambians we need to learn to be serious with issues. There is too much politicking in this Country as we politicize everything, maize marketing, road construction, University riots everything is politicized. There is need for honesty and sincerity to both our respected leaders and those in the opposition. Exhibiting pride will not help this Country at all. Lets learn to uphold respect and humility. Unfortunately this is a trait lacking in this Country. Failure to build consensus from the very beginning is a clear sign that whatever we put in place shall be shut down no matter how good the results may appear to be. People should learn even to listen to their enemies and choose to agree. This is a mark of maturity. Always wanting my way will not help anybody in this Country. Our…

  4. We don’t need this character and his group distracting us at this time. We want to progress with development.

    Ban this group.

  5. What is this guy talking about? Which MP does go against what PF wants? PF MPs votes are always partisan. They do not look at the merits and demerits of motions. All of them vote “YES” or “NO” for any motion or bill.

  6. He has corrected himself by saying: “Lungusha’s directive to PFools MPs to vote for NDF resolutions is a clear sign of Dictatorship – Kafwayafwaya”.
    Clear disaster!!!!

  7. Iam not a politician but what i don’t agree with in honourable Kafwayas statement is that HH is a dictator. All the people who participated in the forum did not represent anyone but themselves and there interest.Which MP went to his constituency and held a meeting with his or her electorates concerning the NDF?Zero!! They all went there with their opinions or of that of their parties.Dont hide in representing pipo when some of you have not even been to your constituency for sometime now.Can any MP prove by minutes of such a consultative meeting or a list of names of pipo who they consulted?The zambian pipo regardless the area are now mature in politics and are watching as we pretend to represent them.Lets consult them and not just use them when it befits us.

    • They think a smelly rat like Tayali was representing them …he is not even ashamed to state that this guy gave me K1000 for fuel and that person gave me K6000 ..really laughable.

  8. These PF mps are a disappointment how on earth would one support the reinstatement of the deputy minister portfolio, reduction of the campaign period to 60 days and the taking away of voting of mayors from the people.
    These fools once voted into office they do nothing but appease the president in parliament they only make yeah yeah noise.
    Its just shows how stupid that event at heroes stadium was

  9. Just as it is clear sign of dictatorship in the PF that all it’s MPs must vote yes for the NDF resolutions in parliament. I challenge anyone saying otherwise to name any number of PF MPs who’ve denounced the NDF.

  10. With his mentality he think he can win 2021 general elections…?

    2021 whether you like it or hate it ,you be buried at once.In 4 provinces PF will sum up 45%. He will see if his hatred politics will win him presidency.

  11. If they follow the directive of Trib.al Hacks then the upnd MPs will qualify as spineless twits, or twats or both. I know PF that has its share of twats and twits, but all I am saying is that that’s not a good sign of a human being…. in bemba tutila ati ifinangwa.

  12. When God was giving political clout in the early days, Trib.al Hacks arrived too late.
    In trying to be relevant in the political dispensation all he has acquired is a trib.al stronghold and trib.alism, which Zambians including me loathe with a passion.

  13. There is no maturity in the opposition camp, the little sanity found in the opposition is in some opposition political parties that are for academic interests only or are just one-man family political parties. When HH decides to opposeeven even some of what he cried for previously he does not even give the reason(s). This leaves his sympathisers/followers with very little room to reason. So for HH being in opposition is a big thing, bigger than being Zambian. Am afraid that is where he (HH) has misled a lot of people. However, there has been progressive realisation by the electorate of this man’s character. And this is reflected in the numbers of those not voting for him as well as the losses he has incurred since the 2016 general elections.

  14. HHiv has been a dictator since 2006 when upnd had their last convention when hh was chosen not elected. He was chosen because he was Tonga and everyone who was not Tonga was fought tooth and nail at their convention. HH is the worst Dictator, worse than KK. The man is so blind that most of the time he does not understand what he does and the blind followers even applaud him for saying nonsense. Deception comes with consequences and there is a price to pay.

  15. This man never ceases to amaize me. I have been following politics from the Mazoka days and there is a bery bih difference with the Modern UPND. I have never ever ( if anyone has ever, please tell us) heard HH comemd a sitting president. Not just EL but all former presidents. Only praosing them in their graves. Nothing a sitting president ever does is ok. It insult after insult. Never never any solution. Cant seem to understand that he, like any leader, is kust human who is far from perfect.
    Lets join hands bane and find solutions to this ever degrading livelihood. Not just being insultious all the time.

  16. Let them keep away from the whole process YES.

    Sometimes I feel convinced he is the right man then suddenly he moves 10 steps backwards aftr movin 7 steps forward.

    It would seem he doesn’t know whether he is going or coming

    • @It’s political, FYI HH is by far the best candidate in opposition who can bring much success and economic hope to our mother Zambia. The problem is, like yourself and many others, YOU HAVE GONE 1000 STEPS BACKWARDS by supporting anything PF. Open your eyes for once. Zambia is bigger than Lungu and PF. 2021 SHOULD COME SOONER RATHER THAN LATER so these bamakaka can pack up and go to prison. I’m tired to see that many people are still continually being deceived by stupid laws and unnecessary constitutional changes by PF and that is a big big problem UNLESS we the real people change attitude. In 2021, PLEASE VOTE WISELY.

    • There you go. No agenda apart from waiting for 2021 to send people to jail. Very myopic and visionless

      By the way how did hh get rich between 1991 and 1995. Have you never heard of Nawaz Sheriff . He failed to explain his wealth. Please Google.

      El and your president have unexplained wealth and they both need to explanation to the Zambian people.

      How does a white collar criminal challenge illiterates that hes ready to build them houses if they have proof against him.

      The fact that he cant explain how he made money is a prima facie.

    • Nawaz Sharif was arrested after Panama papers leak. He failed to explain his wealth . Like hh interview on sbcnews interview.

      He cant even build his mother a decent house yet his challenging villagers to explain how he took money to Panama

    • Politicians are like a man coaxing a woman with all beautiful somethings but as soon as he gets that woman, he becomes his real self. Listen to Pichen Kazembe’so BaWilly.

  17. Yeah upnd MPs please give PF MPs a dose of their medicine for always voting blindly even. The NDF does not represent the will of the people that is why we the people are objecting to the reintroduction of deputy ministers, the coalision government crap and many more crap brought up in the NDF.

  18. Let’s face facts here. When did PF MPs defy their Party leadership and vote with their conscience. Maybe I have forgotten. Someone help me. The same standards applicable to the Ruling Party must also apply to the opposition. After all PF is leading this country and therefore must give us all the example and the way to follow in all matters including governance. This is how to build and unify the country and not tear it apart.

  19. the *****s are scared cos this will not be supported by all well meaning mps either from pf, upnd or indeed indipendent mps because it is a sham, a waste of resourses and time. remember GIVEN zayelo is good at bringing useless issues to test the peoples Iqs. which pf cant give answers to like the icc issue which wasted alot of money. HH is a great leader going by the standards. bravo mr president.

  20. The upndead supporters are really demonic, what more their leader is a free mason. They are under the umbrella of Demons God chased from heaven. Their souls are tide to the devil, everything they do is demonic, violence, lightning, bees, bringing down Zesco pylons and never support public good . silly ones.

  21. It is interesting enough on how pipo keep on chewing money,when everyone else knows that civil servants are not getting loans from lending institutions and our MPs are busy debating their interest instead of putting the relevant authorities to task.How and what plan is there for the civil servants? Ba UPND??????

  22. Kafwaya is being very petty and silly. Every organisation has a leader who gives directives and so HH does direct and equally Lungu does the same but nobody calls him a dictator. What a shallow mind Kafwaya has. Many people have seen what a sham the NDF was with premeditated results that will only serve the interest of the PF party. Kafwaya should instead be trying to convince the masses how the resolutions will improve our people’s livelihoods.

  23. There are positive and retrogressive ones. I don’t agree with coalition government and deputy ministers. As for the Christian Nation, it doesn’t bother me either way because nobody can force me to be something else.

  24. Even if they oppose in Parliament,will they defeat the motion? The moron has never indeed praised any sitting president. What type of a leader is he?besides, his party s tripartite bantustan party! I feel pity for highly educated turned into puppets in the like of our former prof lungwangwa, Musokotwane and more!

  25. This story is stale, why can’t you pull it off? If you don’t pull it off Hichilema will blame you for causing him to lose elections by allowing too many negative comments

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