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Bowman Lusambo donates goods worth K600 000 to the elderly in his constituency


Kabushi Member of Parliament  Bowman Lusambo
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has donated assorted Items including Mealie Meal and Cooking Oil worth K600,000.00 to the old aged and less privileged in his constituency.

Speaking during the donation at Musa Kasonka Grounds, Saturday, Hon Lusambo said it is important to look after the less privileged in Society and as Kabushi lawmaker, he will continue to extend his hand to his people in whatever little way he can.

Lusambo, alias the Bulldozer, has also donated 60 desktop computers to public schools through their respective PTA Committees in Kabushi to enhance education as it is important noting that education is the equaliser between those who are poor and the rich.

“The computers we are donating to some of the schools today can not be compared to those second hand computers some former member of Parliament for Roan constituency used to brag about. These are brand new computers because we believe that our people deserve the very best.”

Other items that were donated includes 3,000 blocks and cement to schools that are undertaking various infrastructure expansion projects and a thousand boxes of washing paste.

The Bulldozer has however warned against anyone trying to undermine his efforts to stop as such elements would never outdo the goodwill of His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu towards Kabushi through its elected lawmaker.

Hon Lusambo who is also Lusaka Province Minister is in his constituency to inspect ongoing developmental projects among other engagements.

And he will later today, Sunday, meet and interact with marketeers and hand over empowerment funds aimed at boosting their working capital.

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo
Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo


  1. A silly reactionary government which only wants to act when things go wrong. This is one thing that my swiss wife distates about most Zambians. They are using your own money and donating it to you after stealing and fattening themselved and then thr same hungry people will vote for them. You guys my mixed race sons blonde girlfriend who is only 18 hit on me. What should I do ? I asked this question last night. I need your help. Should I tell my son? Or call a family meeting. Elisa thinks it’s funny

    • I think your sons girlfriend is a little w.h.o.r.e. And also take the time you spend on here to properly F your wife and just maybe you may get yourself esteem back!

    • These kind of thieves don’t normally go to jail, because all evidence is distributed and people cook and eat. But some foools go hire Tutwa Ngulube to buy plots and houses.
      Bowman is doing just good, he collects money from Lusaka Cartels and he gives it away in Kabushi, job man. Go get more bribes man….

    • Finally we read about Bowman!! I have been asking were he disappeared to after Kambwili smeared him with his cheap politics from the gutter

    • Everyone has voices in their heads unless you are a brain dead cabbage. I didn’t ask you what she was . I asked what I should do about this situation. Is it hard for you lot to read simple sentences. No wonder you make wrong decisions at the ballot

    • “The computers we are donating to some of the schools today can not be compared to those second hand computers some former member of Parliament for Roan constituency used to brag about. These are brand new computers because we believe that our people deserve the very best.”

    • @ N.E.Z.

      You must be a relative or close friend of our Mushota – the same type of self-advertising which has nothing to do with the topic under discussion.
      Do you really believe that anyone on LT is interested in your CV? Swiss wife, coloured offspring,prospective blond daughter in law – etc.
      If you DO need help with your family issues, see a family-counseling institution in Switzerland and leave us alone.

  2. I am surprised that rat with akasaka ka ndalama wasn’t there. This is one reason I don’t want my mixed race daughter to marry some one without a minimum of a masters degree and salary below 120000 pounds a year

  3. Well done Bowman. There are a lot more of the politicians that can target the vulnerable in society to help out. If possible do it the Robbin Hood way.

    • Steal from the treasury our taxes, pocket 98% and give 2% back to the same people you stole from? Get your brain checked.

  4. I would have been impressed with this nice gesture only if the source of funds were revealed but No, Bowman has taken glory in distributing goodies tainted in criminality.Take the 2018 FIC report for instance, the issues mentioned therein are precisely the source of funds for Ba Mwishos generous donation. Sad , for the time being it will win him cheap publicity and endear him to the voters .But No, come change of Government and trouble begins for Ba Mwisho. For the record , the MP`s gratuity is it not K500,000.00?

  5. When you donate generously, you need not boast and compare yourself to others.It is like you haven’t given because of your pomposity.

  6. African politicians, and this time Zambian in particular are fond of making personal donations to the less privileged, so that they appear to be good caring individuals. Rather than donate, donate and donate, they should work on government policies to improve the welfare of everyone in their communities and society as a whole. Lower the cost of living so that the less privileged can afford to buy their own needs and wants. Leave donating to philanthropists that do it for their kindness and not for votes. Mr minister if you really want to donate from the bottom of your heart, do it through charitable organisations, otherwise your donations are purely for political gain. Once your political life is exhausted I am quite sure those donations will be no more. Many people see those…

  7. There is another FIC report dog using stolen Money for popularity purposes, kaili their useless thieving boss who is a good for nothing, debarred thieving wanna be lawyer who is also the worst president on the face of the earth is so dull

  8. Just imagine if Lazy Lungu had a press conference and was asked how this boy Bowman who was renting a one room shack 2 years ago has accumulated so much worth that he is now a philanthropists.
    This is why I laugh at foooooools who say Zambia should remain a Christianity country …when politicians are stealing with impunity.

  9. This is what a so called rich man in Zambia HH have failed to do since 2006!!!Bowman Lusambo is a giver and many so called rich men in Zambia should learn a lot from him.It will be extremely hard for anyone to defeat Hon.Lusambo in Kabushi or Hon.Chitalu Chilufya in Mansa Central because these two PF MPs really care for their voters!!!If all MPs in Zambia worked as hard as these two,people would value the importance of voting for a ruling party!!!

    • Ati

      “ this is what a rich man HH has failed to do …….”

      You know sometimes , being a dimwit is bliss. You are happy with rubbish.

      FYI HH employs and gives a living to more than than 800 Zambians …..

    • This i how dull people think …they think Bill Gates has $7 Billion sleeping in his current account to hand out…millionaires work hard for their money and they know how hard it is to earn that money. Its only these thieves highlighted in FIC Report like Bowman who are getting rich at the expense of poor taxpayers through inflating of contracts. I tell you for a fact these boys like Bowman would never be flushing stolen money like this if old man Sata was around in fact he wouldn’t be in PF…he has not even been questioned by Charity Katanga girl.

    • There is no doubt that Lusambo is using money from corruption and you say well done! To a cheap thief who in other countries should have been in prison.I know one day Lusambo will regret his foolish actions of publicly showing off his corruption.

  10. I would like to congratulate honorable Lusambo for this selfless gesture of offering a hand to the poor. But a comment or two in the other direction will suffice as well. Honorable K600,000 is a lot of money that you would have built a classroom block or two in your constituency, restocked the local library, or just donate towards something that will raise the human development index of the lovely people in your constituency. Of course you are playing within the current politics of the stomach pertaining in our lovely country. God Bless you.

    • Its like thanking your friend who owns a brothel for giving your wife and sister jobs as maids at his hotel that doubles as a brothel.

  11. @N.E.Z, you damn mate, typical Zambian with no brains, get a grip and some education, absolutely a disgrace, certain we have achieved great things, we keep them to ourselves, scum.

  12. Very du.ll chap.
    Focusing on consumption.

    The dullard could have taken that money and looked for a forigne NGO to partner with to provide skills training for youth or unemployed in his constituency……

  13. Your friends in the west that’s what they do, make a ka donation to a university or hospital and have their names engraved on a building or two. That is how you leave a long lasting legacy of service to your people. Not vakudya baba, muntu akadya mailo vizachoka. An empowered individual reciprocates ka. But muntu akakuta ama luma. Think beyond next ballot and focus on real lasting impact, I guess that is why you chose to serve in government.

  14. Setting up ka entrepreurship or innovation fund in your constituency would also have gone a long way. People can start tuntemba in that ka ndalama. Just have business school professors from unilus or any institution pick the best ten ideas from your people and fund these ventures. They can also offer on going training and support and development to those people so that those tuma SME’S are well managed. That is how we give back baba.


  16. This is deceiving people,where a bag of mealie meal take someone.Are you going to do this every month.Good lawmakers improve the quality of lives of people by making good policies that improve the economy for everyone.Where did you get the money from.We know that’s jus the tip of ice berg of the stolen money.

  17. He needs to be educated. This is not development. Actually, he is being counter productive. He needs to build capacity in the local people to be able to fend for themselves. It’s not sustainable. Just two weeks from the days they received the food staffs they will be at the same position. Unless, he promises that he will be doing that every other month.

  18. Imwe ba UPND, is it a sin for someone to be rich in Zambia? This notion that whoever has money, or makes it in our society, then he is a thief or corrupt must STOP and come to END. Zambia is not a poor country except that it has poor people all because of laziness and misplaced thinking, period. Have you ever seen a foreigner suffering in this country and why dont you call them thieves altogether?
    If you get you keep listening and associating yourself with negative people, you will die a bitter and poor person.

  19. When you vote for me in 2031. I will declare Zambia to be ruled under sharia law. All these thiefing ministers will have there hands amputated.

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