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PF says it is best Placed to Deliver Development as ECZ sets date for By Katuba By Election

Headlines PF says it is best Placed to Deliver Development as ECZ...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

The Patriotic Front is solidly on the ground in Katuba and best placed to deliver on development for the people, Party Media Director Sunday Chanda has said.

Mr. Chanda says the people of Katuba Constituency have experimented with the UPND and they know how inadequate the Opposition Party is.

He said it is a fallacy that the alliance has performed well in recent elections as the PF has won majority of the seats in the recent past including those in Opposition strongholds.

Mr. Chanda said the PF knows that UPND has come to a realization that it cannot win an election on its own and is now desperate for company with every Tom and harry.

“By the way, all other UPND alliance partners have no structures in Katuba”, he added.

He said the people of Katuba Constituency have an opportunity to vote for development in this by-election which can only get actualized by Patriotic Front.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has set Tuesday 30th July as the election date for the Katuba Parliamentary by election.

Elections will also be held on the same date in six local government by elections in Kitwe, Mansa, Shiwang’andu, and Kaoma Districts.

The Katuba Parliamentary by election has been necessitated following the death of the Incumbent area Member of Parliament Patricia Mwashingwere of the UPND on 2nd May 2019 while ward elections are as a result of resignations and deaths.

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  1. Really?
    1. 42 million USD for 42 fire wheelburrows.
    2. 1.2billion USD for 316km road
    3. 300 thousand USD for an ambulance
    4. 10 billion highlighted in FIC report
    5. All contracts given to chinese
    6. useless trips to USA for 2 weeks with a 25 man delegation to get useless old ambulances.
    Is it april fool’s?

  2. Really?
    1. 42 million USD for 42 fire wheelburrows.
    2. 1.2billion USD for 316km road
    3. 300 thousand USD for an ambulance
    4. 10 billion highlighted in FIC report
    5. All contracts given to chinese
    6. useless trips to USA for 2 weeks with a 25 man delegation to get useless old ambulances.
    Is it april fuul’s?

    • US400000, 22000 Euros and 1200 British Pounds in a suitcase for Pamela Gondwe, author of “Tears in suitcase”

    • @ JourneyMan
      Awe naimwe, these allegations have gone too far and if you have any evidence on people who may have stolen this money to the law agencies or to the public at least. Otherwise, you are just empty tins making noise for nothing. Does it mean that Government should not undertake development simply because to UPND every development undertaking is corruption.
      So why would anyone vote for you because its clear that in UPND, you believe that any development program is corruption. Jealous k1lls!

    • @ Malinso
      Give evidence to whom? Do yourself big favour. Stop defending Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation. You want evidence? You tell me from where your anointed and CONVICTED embezzler 23 million kwacha in less than two years? Business acumen? If so, how come salaries are not paid, kwacha has become joke and BoZ reserves are depleted?

    • If Sunday won’t be rewarded a job left by Amos Chanda, then expect a self-inflicted death in PF media department.

    • Malinso,
      which allegations? Everything i have mentioned is in the public domain. We must have integrity and stand for what is right. Hust because we have a ka job in foreign service shouldnt make us blind to evil. God is watching.
      Where have you ever seen a scania worth 1million USD,
      Where have you seen a road of 316km being built for 1.2billion USD?
      The FIC report is in the public domain. i can give you the link if you want. 10billion misappropriated in 2yrs.
      So which allegations are you talking about? These are hard core facts. you may try, but you cant get rid of facts baba

  3. What structures is this boy Sunday Fooking Chanda talking about which PF has in Katuba…he thinks bribing people and callboys with taxpayers money is a structure…go to developed countries and see what Party structures are they are not a bunch of kaponyas at the bar these are proper offices with employees

  4. A courageous PF member needs to tell the President the truth about the mood in Zambia because clowns like this one either have no clue of the mood or pretend all is okay.

  5. As for now only PF can spearhead development in our area, Katuba. We tried the UPND which does not know which is the right eye on their bodies. When the elections are through we should work together to do the best for the people in the area but UPND does not see that. Feeder roads are so poor and our late MP did very little if at all she deed something. Many people have moved to the semi rural, Katuba, and need those good roads whether tarred or not. Change with the weather!

    • That’s because you have no clue what the role of an MP is or how money is allocated…foooools like Sunday Fooking Chanda here pray on people like you am sure they will even send AVIC graders to Katuba to dupe you!!

    • Comment: Spearhead development with bare hands or with which money? Ask people of Mangango if there has been any developments since they voted for PF. PF is broke but someone is wishing for wishes to be horses, sure?

  6. Same old song played too often to be believed! Especially played by known thieves will take a lot of convincing to a populace tired of being fcked all the time.

  7. @ Just asking
    Just answer my question period. If you have no evidence its called witch hunt and illusion. Whats your development strategy in UPND anyway? If you cant beat PF in terms of development, forget it, you got to prove that you can do better than PF in terms of development.

    • !mbecile, just look at the red painted wheel-burrows valued at 1M dollars each.
      As to me doing “better than PF in terms of development”, I am to busy paying taxes and creating jobs.
      On the other hand, may I offer my mbuzi as the next candidate to be voted by the arsholes like you?

  8. Pink toe your PF party is at the forefront of dividing this country. You’re utilizing public funds to develop only places which vote for you, shameful. Right now you want to dupe the people of katuba into thinking that you care for them by doing this bribery development only to abandon them after stealing their votes. Your fake development has depleted our coffers and caused hardships on the people even causing women like Pamela to steal money

  9. I respect everybody and their opinion because we are all Gods Children, but for Sunday Chanda, quite frankly, he needs to visit a doctor. How can he say PF can bring development when truly Zambia is crumbling everyday, inflation going up every month, reserves are gone, exchange rate is all over the place, 71% debt ratio to GDP and one still has some energy to say something.

  10. Malinso what evidence do you want it’s all there in the reports that you guys are always fighting against. It’s also evident in how ministers are accruing wealth. You can deny it, but unfortunately you cannot hide your loot from our eyes, do you think citizens cannot see your lavish lifestyle

  11. All is NOT okay to you who lost elections the UPND for you are busy crying fauls but to the majority Zambian is okay.

  12. After Sesheke and Luanshya By-Elections PF is determined to steal this Constituency from UPND. They are relying on “Kasaka kandalama”. We hope UPND and other Opposition Parties will campaign together and put measures in Place to protect the Vote. PF knows its unpopular but has perfected the Art of Election Rigging and will up the Ante in Katuba to win. So UPND and Opposition Parties will have to campaign hard and borrow tactics from Sesheke and Luanshya to win and retain this MP Seat.

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