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Isaac Chipampe is the new State House Press Aide to replace Amos Chanda

General News Isaac Chipampe is the new State House Press Aide to replace Amos...

Isaac Chipampe (center)
Isaac Chipampe (center)

President Edgar Lungu has appointed Mr Isaac Chipampe as as State House Press Aide to replace Amos Chanda.

He was until his appointment, Director for Press and Media Development at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

He also previously served as Managing Editor of the government owned Daily Mail.

He is due to be sworn in this morning at State House.

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    • Amos Stated very well, then he became so styupid to extent of insulting abena Kambwili.
      Good Ba Edgar state to grow-up, he has appointed a more mature guy. A former managing director for Daily Mail like Mukwita. Chipampe should never ever allow Chi Kaizer to visit him at his house.
      There are now 2 workers at State House, Chipampe and Miti.
      Chipampe choose better friends, don’t disrespect us the Opposition Leaders like Amos used to do.

    • Best time to do a lifestyle audit on Isaac Chipampe and his close family as by 2020 ..this man will be like Amos throwing the biggest Kitchen parties in the country for his fiance!!

    • Rare Mfwiti Mfwiti appointment that meets with public approval. A public and civil servant. Not those goons at the PF Media Directory!!!

  1. Would have loved to see a woman, one who’s smart as hell and always on her feet. Our country seems to be in short supply of such women, or maybe it the male politicians who are afraid of such women. Who knows!

    • Yeah like Maureen Nkandu. Why does our President think he has to be surrounded only by men?

    • A smart woman can not work with dull thieving chaps like Kaizer and Lazy Lungu…only the likes of Mumbi and Dora would fit in

    • Yes like Maureen Nkandu, Kwangu Liwewe, Mulenga Kapwepwe, Samba Yonga, Mukosha Funga, Linda Kasonde, Cathy Phiri, Hope Chishala (I know). With a slight exception of Hope Chishala these women believe in something – a better Zambia. As for Hope Chishala, I love her but I think she’s no longer who she’s supposed to be.

    • But for yourself..its clear that you are not smart as you can not use the creative side of your brain to come up with you own blogging alias.

  2. Congratulations! Don’t do what the other one did. Or else you will also resign giving three different reasons

  3. At least he was not among the list of speculated would be. But bwana Plot 1 is Zambia Daily Mail. Careful?

  4. I know he will be better. Isaac is measured and does not buckle under pressure or provocation like Amos often did. Congratulations, abena Isaac! You will make us proud.

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