Sunday, May 19, 2024

Morocco (2) vs Zambia (3) Extended Highlights



  1. We needed this during the qualifiers not now. Any way what do you expect from Kamanga good for nothing FAZ president.

    • Extracts:
      I watched full game.
      Nyondo It is unfortunate got injured early in the match, he started well.
      Salulani I can give man of the match he played both midfield and defense solidly.
      Kebson the boy playing ku 3, watch that boy, maybe they have finally found a left back.
      Mayembe umwaiche should have been substituted, he really suffered on the right.
      Allan Chibwe, I can’t stop laughing, that guy was drunk. But I like him, he has good sense of humor.
      Beston or Chiyangi, who should be National Team coach? I prefer Chiyangi. but keep Bilton Musonda as assistant he doing great pa touch line. Ba Beston should take all other teams; under 17 to 23.

    • Suppose the head is in the deep freezer what happens to the rest of the body. These are just excuses concocted by bembas. People are responsible for their behavior, not their bosses.

  2. Alan Chibwe should improve is goalkeeping skills.We need Suzu in defense. Kabaso was panicking to much

  3. The current FAZ ExCo is only good at sharing K800,000 and scandalizing King Kalu. Now Chipolopolo is just a good sparring partner

  4. What has Kamanga done this time around, was he suppose to select players and tell the coach which system to use or what, sometimes i fail to understand some reasoning. I dont think Kalusha was meant to rule faz forever.

    • I agree baMusah, Kamanga et el’s only responsibility to employ the technical bench. Then they get to manage the business of football!

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