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Employment Code Act now in effect

General News Employment Code Act now in effect

Labour Minister Hon. Joyce Nonde Simukoko
Labour Minister Hon. Joyce Nonde Simukoko

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has announced that the Employment Code Act Number 3 of 2019, has officially been effected.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Joyce Simukoko earlier signed the commencement order to enact the Statutory Instrument (SI) number 29 of 2019 on May 9th, 2019, enabling the Employment Code Act Number 3 of 2019 to be cited to that effect.

This is according to a statement by Ministry of Labour and Social Security Public Relations Officer Inutu Mushambalwa.

Ms Mushambalwa says members of the public have seen been encouraged to buy a copy of the Employment Code Act from the government printers.

She added that the ministry has further appealed to workers and employers to read and understand the document.

The Employment Code Act No. 3 of 2019

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    • Hon Minister of Labour and Social Security Joyce Simukoko, can you direct the Labour Commissioner to send his team of inspectors to Kansanshi, Lumwana and Kalumbila mines where they are lots of ill qualified so called technical advisers, please? You find others who have been there for close to 10 years. Very sad indeed..!

    • Ba Minister you have included in this new law the registration of expartriates with the Labour Commisioner. I went to the labour office to check the register of expartriates in Northwestern province…it is non existent. We still have unqualified ëxperts”” working in the mines and other companies at the expense of qualified Zambians. Who is there to protect us??

    • I know of one arrogant bank which has stubbornly been recruiting Zimbabweans, all at the expense of that huge pool of qualified Zambians! Shame that we have left this situation unchecked for this long..

  1. How about stopping abuse the abuse of civil servants thru retirements in public and national interests? Address these concerns

  2. This Minister is included in the list of useless Ministers. Zambians are abused at their work places by foreigners yet she does nothing.

  3. My uncle now in his 90s once told me that in life there is nobody who is useless. One maybe better in one way or another but all are part to life. This is a lady who was so much talked about in her early days but things change. This time her job is not to run around in companies less you say she is being bribed. Hers is make laws and polish the existing. The executors are you and me through our unions or indeed individually.

    • It is not her job tp make laws!
      There’s only one body whose job is to make laws. IT IS CALLED PARLIAMENT !

      Her job is to call attention upon violating parties and ensure the investigating bodies follow thru.

      What is lacking in Zambia are job descriptions for ministers with specific performance expectations. We need them like yesterday!

  4. Pink toe laws l repeat should not be made by one person that’s the issue now with PF. You guys think dumping these half baked laws which no one has agreed to is the best way to go. No it’s not, let parliament make the labor laws and not some minister. Otherwise the laws this woman is making will tossed out when she leaves because no one except herself came up with these half baked laws and why should people be paying for a copy ridiculous. PF thinks people should pawn up for everything while they enjoy free stuff

    • Are you this incredibly dull?? Do you know what an ACT OF PARLIAMENT is? LAWS? Or you’re probably a kid – please stop missing CIVICS classes at school. You will soon come to know about words like BILL, ACT OF PARLIAMENT, FIRST READING, SECOND READING, ASSENT etc.

    • GS,
      Civics was conceived by a colonial mind. You need to decolonize your mind. First reading, second reading, does not legitimize a flawed process.

      There’s is only one legislative body.

      That’s why what Monde has out is called SI, a statutory instrument. That is not a law.

      Go read again, this time beyond civics.

    • @Vanduu, what are you doing here instead of attending grade 8 classes? Clearly you’re either a child playing with your dad’s smart phone or you’re an imbecile.


  6. This new LABOUR ACT is one of the most important pieces of legislation to have been devised. It is quite a progressive law if implemented effectively. Actually it is long overdue, it should have been introduced years ago! This is when we’re working up? Anyway many thanks to our legislators, both from the opposition and the ruling party for their concerted effort.

  7. Thank you Hon. Minister JOYCE NONDE for having officially effected the new Labour Act. We are proud of you. let the new law be implemented without exceptions. Please show us that you can deliver to the people of Zambia by ensuring COMPLIANCE across the whole country.

  8. How I wish this new Labour Act was effected when Hon. CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI was still Minister of Labour! This JOYCE NONDE appears compromised.

  9. 16. (1) Subject to subsection (3), a person shall not, except under prescribed conditions, employ or cause to be employed, a person under the age of fifteen years.

  10. Zambia definitely needs labor laws. However the Labor laws have to be productive to encourage growth. Unfortunately these laws will only encourage low pay and less productivity. Here’s my point.

    Public Holidays if I read this code right – between 14 and 18 a year.
    24 leave days a year
    26 sick days plus another 26 another half pay
    12 Compassionate days
    7 family leave
    3 family responsibility
    5 Paternity leave
    This is a total of 121 days in a year. With 261 working days in a year, people could only work for 140 days a year if they chose. This will force employers to keep the wages low due to less working days. This brings down productivity and morale.
    Lets compare this to unionized workers in the states. 12 holidays, 5 bereavement days, 6 sick days accrued, if 1 to 3 years in…

    • That is an extreme way of analysing this issue! What’s wrong with you? Don’t be negative and pessimistic. If you’re not happy with this ACT, go and leave in Wonderland.

  11. Labour Minister Hon. Joyce Nonde Simukoko, we thank you for the new employment code act.

    With this new trajectory, it is imperative that companies are audited and this law enforced. Especially division 3.4 & 3.5 (Employment of Expatriates). There are too many unqualified expatriates in Zambia doing jobs which qualified, highly skilled & experienced Zambians can do. Thousands of Zambian’s (locals) some graduates from good universities are either left unemployed or exploited with low income jobs while these expatriates enjoy luxurious life styles. The foreign nationals have taken up all the jobs and do not want to hand over their position to a skilled local even after over staying in the country.

    We the youths and future leaders of this great country Zambia are urging the…

  12. Excellent analysis. There’s a lot of rot which need to be corrected immediately. CORRUPTION should also be rooted out at Immigration Department – they are the ones who have been corruptly issuing WORK PERMITS to undeserving foreigners.
    Lets wait and see how this law will be implemented. We need to hold these leaders accountable.

  13. @Benzu Zulu that’s what is worrying. This minister is too idle to efficiently run the labour ministry.

  14. I’m especially impressed with the part which gives a directive on conditions for employing FOREIGNERS. This is the only country in the world that has thousands of foreigners masquerading as expatriates. These fake expatriates are all. Please for once madam Joyce Nonde act!

  15. I’m especially impressed with the part which gives a directive on conditions for employing FOREIGNERS. This is the only country in the world that has thousands of foreigners masquerading as expatriates. These fake expatriates are all over the show. Please for once madam Joyce Nonde act!

  16. Every year thousands of graduates are being offloaded on our streets, yet were busy giving the few available jobs to citizens of other countries? This is a time bomb. What’s wrong with my country Zambia??

  17. Before recruiting all companies should ensure that documents from candidates are thoroughly checked. Foreigners, especially CONGOLESE are in the habit of having FORGED identity records. You will find that many Congolese have two or more national IDs, one will falsely show that he’s Zambian! Other hidden NRCS will show he’s actually Congolese – born in DRC!

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