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I am not a Doctor. I do not have a doctorate and I do not wish to be called Dr. Edgar Lungu

Headlines I am not a Doctor. I do not have a doctorate and...

President Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu says he does not wish to be called Dr. Lungu as he is more interested in being a man of service.

Speaking in Ndola at the International Airport, Saturday, the Head of State who boasted of being one of the best law students in his class said if he had wanted to pursue an academic life he would have been a professor by now.

“Firstly, I am not a Doctor. I do not have a doctorate and I do not wish to be called Dr. Edgar Lungu. There is so much talk about the doctorate to be conferred on me by the University of Zambia which I am greatly humbled with,” President Lungu said.

“But, let me tell you – in class I was one of the best students and if I wanted to venture into the academia world, I would have been a professor by now. But I chose to pursue the political life and practice of the law.”

He went on to emphasize that even if UNZA honors him with the doctorate, he would rather still be addressed as ‘simple’ Lungu.

“Those who think I do not deserve to be honored by the University of Zambia, well, that is politics and I will not respond to that.”

“And even if I am conferred by the institution, I wouldn’t really want to be called Dr. Lungu, I still want to remain simple Lungu.”

President Lungu highlighted that he is not one who seeks to bask in the glory of being perceived knowledgeable because of title but would rather stick to being of good service.

“There are people who strive to want to become doctors, professors because they want to serve and there those that want to bask in that glory of being perceived knowledgeable and I am not part of those, whether you call me Doctor or not, what I have – I already have, what I was acquiring I have acquired already. I got my first degree from UNZA, I have done a few post graduate diplomas and courses so I am not worried about being called Doctor,” he said.

“What matters to me is am I of service to the people of Zambia?”


  1. Give me the man credit – will you?

    Well done Mr President.

    He has just insulted any other person masquerading as,..



    • “But, let me tell you – in class I was one of the best students and if I wanted to venture into the academia world, I would have been a professor by now….

      Too much Hubris Mr President.

      Being a professor doesn’t mean you would have been very bright when one was young and certainly a Professor doesn’t imply they have more common IQ or can do a better jon than other person would..

      Most people that end up winning Nobel or become immortal are not necessarily that.

      Some people with momentous educations and even professors probably didn’t even get 9 points or less and equally i know people with 6/7 points that envy a lot more people than just me.

      Do I have your attention now?



    • Lungu we have more important things to talk about …..besides people are not against conferring you an honorary PhD but are more concerned with the reasoning behind it ….. Good Governance?? Seriously ??? Just look at how Zambia has been deteriorating in most governance KPIs …,. Naimwebene kukana Fimo

    • I have read the whole article and he has not categorically rejected it …as a leader your message has to be on the point not beating about the bush, who are you to self assess yourself about your performance at UNZA. This where I like one Michael Sata he would have told them where to stick it.
      Why is that you always issue statements at Airport tarmacs …what is it that you are afraid of at State House? Does the nation have to wait for your trip too the airport to hear from you.

      Isn’t a Professor HIGHER THAN a Doctor? You should also read about the originator of Nobel Prizes. If ECL of awarded one, you will still find something bad to post about it. Why is it so?

    • I have no problems with Edgar being conferred a doctorate. But a doctorate in physical education which he is good at doing on weekends would have been more befitting than a doctorate in good governance which he has no track record of to-date.

    • Quote of the day
      ‘THE University of Zambia should honour President ECL with a doctorate in stealing and lack of integrity because that’s what he deserves’ the Zambianobserver

    • This article is half baked according to a video on social media Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe introduced this utterly lazy sausage “Dr Edgar Lungu” and he refused to be called “Doctor”…the fact of the matter is he already accepted this honorary degree from UNZA despite protests…he should be ashamed of himself to even talk about it when he has accepted it.

    • Well said mr President,don’t worry about some political parties that have jealous of you. The truth is they’re jealous. There’s nothing wrong with what you said but yet jealous people are looking for ways of condemning you. When kambili was given a Doctorate no one said anything, has he been to unza? I don’t know. All l hear is he stripped the rail tracks from luanshya to Ndola. Has hh been given a doctorate? All l know is that he sold the mines for the song to benefit himself and he turned around and said l will buy a house for anyone with proof that l sold the mines. The truth is the government entrusted him to sell the assets at the reasonable price, but you sold it cheaply so he could benefit. I know Upnd bloggers here don’t like the truth because it hates. Lungu you’re a great man…

    • I have heard that student Lungu had a merit or distinction (and now he has confirmed it himself) and the policy of UNZA was to recruit from students who had a merit or distinction as staff development fellows and he would have easily become a lecturer to eventually become a professor.

    • Muzo – People like you and Japhen Mwakalombe are the ones that cheat this lazy man that he is humble and hard working …that people who are against this are merely jealous and from opposition..please stop cheat this lazy moron how can you be jealous of someone honoured for doing nothing UNZA’s sister university CBU has been closed indefinitely their students didnt even graduate this year.

    • Jay Jay that’s why l call you ichipuba you contribute a lot on topics here, but you don’t reason, you just condemn for the sake of condemning. Look here my friend I was at CBU and l don’t encourage closures of any university this is the problem of both students and the government. The government must end this nonsense of paying student allowances, they must introduce student loans which help the students to be reasonable in their behaviour. Do you have see these nonsense in the developed world? It’s because students know their will have to pay back the loans whether one graduates or not. So they work hard to make sure they graduate get a job and pay back the loan. Coming to lungu what’s wrong with him saying he was a smart student, what’s wrong with him saying he would rather be called…

    • Muzo – If you were at CBU then you are the ichipuba for contradicting yourself, I doubt you were at uni with such flawed reasoning ….This govt should and has put in place something in relation to student loans but the difference with developed countries is that the repayment APR is high in Zambia.There is none of this behavior in developed countries as they have independent student unions, students are adequately looked after.

    • By the way students only start paying back student loans in developed countries when they start earning a certain amount say £21,000 a year…they are not politicized or controlled by the incumbent govt, in Zambia you have a minister who wants to ban student unions…how foooolish is that banning the intermediary between university, govt and students. Get this through your thick skull, President and the ministry are not the disciplinaries for university students. Universities have polices to tackle that…if govt paid CBU and UNZA the full grant every year none of this would be happening instead of a minister stating that they should support themselves.

    • Iwe Nipnak a professor isnt higher than a doctor. A doctor may not earn professorship if he isnt at a University. Professorship is confined only at universities. It is given for hard work

    • Your President who was elected to issue statements on airport tarmacs…last 6 months all statements have come from the airport!!

    • Mulepwilikisha; ‘My President is a m0r0n’. Like that. You run out of bundles to finihs the sentence or what?”

  2. Best thing I have heard him say in ages. And said at the Airport too where he normally suffers “Foot in Mouth” Disease

  3. What is this fetish with Lungu and the airports? Why cant he call a press conference if he has something to say. Its always at the airports and to the cadres. Please call a press conference to explain the state of our political, social and economical situation. A press conference where you could be asked questions and not at the run way. Thats what presidents all over the world do, except Trump who tweets.

  4. It’s true,some titles are on line of chasing after wind.

    Dr. Kambwili,Dr.lusamba,Dr.mumbas ( cosmo & nevers) ……

    Kudos ECL for clearing out your throat.

  5. Anama. He is lying.His PF party has secretly demanded for it from UNZA. Even the dictator Josef Stalin of the former USSR publicly pretended not to be willing to accept the supreme military rank of Generalisimo when in fact he had used loyalists to secretly demand for it it. In fact people in Zambia are not opposed to ECL getting the Honorary Doctorate but are more opposed to the reasons used to justify it :GOOD GOVERNANCE.

    • He has not rejected it ..he says he is humbled but falls short to reject it and tell them to focus on far important issues. He can be still honored and not take up any titles…he has had all two weeks to come with an answer and still an not articulate himself and he is shameless parading himself as an excellent student of law.

    • Topical, selfish and greedy. After stuffing his pockets, he increased his salary while there is austerity. Asks for proof of corruption rather than asking the thieves where they got the wealth they have amassed. The worst deceit is to patronise the best dictators on the continent. Might as well be horoned for undemocratic tendencies. Mind you there unsung heroes who liberated this great nation and the region.

  6. Unfortunately even what Mr.Lungu wants he is NOT, HE IS NOT OF SERVICE TO THE ZAMBIANS BCOZ POOR GOVERNANCE IS ON THE INCREASE – No need to list the failures in his governance bcoz they are too numerous!!

    • Ba @Nipnak naimwe! you cant defend this my dear. Examples are all over. You can pretend to be blind all you want. Let him just enjoy his wealth while it lasts. But his ending is coming. Even Mubutu’s end ( the president who was richer than the entire country he government) came, and it was bad…,

  7. Thats what I thought would be a response from ECL, whether at the airport or anywhere else, he has responded. Because when you read comments in social media for the past few days on this issue. It was something else. But still those who hate him have still found something to criticise. Any way the nature of the human being. I would like the University senate to consider canceling this Dr. Lungu issue. Mr Ecl is a very different head of state. For me . Even calling Mr. throughout his term will be fine and still with much honour. Compare the coments it had generated on LT and other platforms in the past few days. Zambians.

  8. “I would rather stick to being of good service”…but Bwana Lungu eveything is getting rotten -the economy ,healthcare ,debts ,falling kwacha ,cholera and more.

    • And your list is endless! It’s a shame when a Zambian resident, unlike those in the diaspora, comes out like this when ECL’s good efforts are right there to see.

    • @ Nipnak, yes maybe ECL’s “good efforts” are seen in your household and other select cadres. for the majority its hard life my dear..The malls are only for you and your household with money and not for the majority..

  9. Wise intelligent leaders are never scared to hold a press conference at address issues,suppose we were all one of the best in class then what…does that translate to the issues at hand in this country….it’s more of a toothless dog,Bowman spoke about stealing and the head of state can’t even say anything….list go on 2021 knock knock zambians are fed up…

    • Come 2021 Edgar will win the elections. As me why. The biggest answer among others is that among the current crop of opposition leaders/parties are none better than Edgar/PF. They are equally the same they fall the same fate of corruption, stealing, etc the list is endless

    • The man doesn’t have to be in front of cameras all the time addressing trivial matters for Christ sake. There are more pressing that come with that office that some small minds here cannot fathom. And yes he deserves a doctorate for good governance because our country has continued to be a beacon of peace and we continue to attract FDI despite the challenges.

  10. Gay Jay and all other trib.als will cry and cry and cry until their eyes become sore. Give credit where it is due and your crying and the resulting sore eyes will drastically reduce and you will become happier humans and more productive too….. NO I don’t mean the bull type of productivity.
    Look here, His Excellency MR Lungu has stated his mind and I agree with him 100%, and it’s my idea of humility and I don’t care what trib.als think, criticising anything and everything, who do you think you are anyway? To me a trib.al is a one cell animal like an amoeba, no reasoning capability AT ALL.

  11. I wish he had indeed pursued his academics and become a professor. At least we would have been saved from his (mis)rule.

  12. that was going to embarrass the title of a professor with a record of theft . kikikiki this world mwaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Issuing statements at airports, you want my opinion?
    Well I don’t care where such a humble statement was issued, I am only interested in the humble statement, OK trib.als? You can report me to your Trib.al Hacks, I don’t give a hoot what ANY trib.als think!

    But aside from this humble statement, I also think that His Excellency MR Lungu must learn to address press conferences where he can share his ideas and listen to questions and what people have on their minds. What President in the whole world cannot face his people at state house press conferences?
    I was more disappointed this week when His Excellency had to issue a statement on KCM from Maputo and yet his own citizens to whom he reports were absolutely ignorant. Always trying to impress foreigners, well, where does he report…

  14. Trib.als, Gay Jay in particular, not too long ago you gave your opinion on DR Chimbwili, was that a trib.al opinion? Obviously trib.als have no sense of shame, how can they when they are ALL incapable of reasoning?

    • LT it’s enough now with this xenophobic, racist, tribalist individual called upnd cadre. Ban him from all the blogs. Too much hate from this man or woman’s keyboard.
      He copied my name also. He’s a hate blogger.

  15. I bet, the UPND pathological critics have been baffled and stunned by President Lungu’s humble approach to his Presidency in Ndola. I guess that even if the President decided to share “mabisi” with our equally humble village families in Chipepo, Kabulamwanda, Maala, Mapangazya, Sinazeze or Syamungala, UPND cadres would consistently CRITICIZE President Lungu for demonstrating a down to earth leadership quality.

    Apparently, its food for thought for some politicians who crave to be addressed as a *Dr. Xyz* without having been in a University lecture room.
    God bless Zambia

    • Actually no we are not stunned or baffled. This dull man saw the backlash this useless honour had created so to avoid embarrassment he did this knowing people with simple minds such as yourself will jump up and down like excited monkeys. This same humble approach is what has brought the economy to its knees.

  16. If Lungu was one of the best students in his class, his failures tell a lot about him as a person when compared to Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (SC) also a lawyer by profession and republican president. In every school, we have those good at passing number one and those good at being last. Here are two Lawyers both serving as head of state but when it comes to applied academic knowledge between Mwanawasa and Lungu, its not difficult to put which student were, Good at passing or good at failing. Explain the death of “Jasper”, an Alumni at the very institution you want to shower you with a title. SHAME ON YOU BA LUNGU!!! I will gladly endorse you as a Dr in poverty engineering and corruption with distinctions

    • Good point…good law student who signed hastily draft constitution without reading it..really laughable!!

    • What makes you think he didn’t read it? Mwilasula abantu. “The stone that builder refused became the head cornerstone.” Apparently the man is university graduate and we all know those degrees aren’t just handed out, so he is very very literate and intelligent. Character assasination is never the best way of addressing issues and airing grievances. And just coz someone is a public figure its not a rallying call ati “ok nomba ntukeni.” Most of us who criticise here cannot even dare to run for office in our country coz we too comfortable in our ivory towers overseas.

  17. Good man Mr President. There are too many fake doctors in Zambia using the title without having worked for it. Any time you here “Dr so and so” in Zambia its most likely that the title is honorary.

  18. What a shambles. In short he is saying he doesn’t deserve the title (no surprises there) At the same time he is trying to allude that, had he pursued the same academically, he would have been ‘brilliant’. No, not with this showing.

    Where does this leave UNZA, then? Rock bottom in terms of credibility in my estimation. Fluffing about with trying to gain accolades when the institution should have been at the forefront of offering solutions and challenging the current political nonsense spearheaded by the very person they want to ‘honour’.

  19. So why is Egghead accepting the title? Many eminent British People have declined Knighthoods and other Title Carrying Awards that the Queen has wanted to confer on them.

    One can accept or decline. He has chosen to accept an honorary degree that he does not deserve.
    He has been the most devisive President we have ever had.

    He deserves an OScar for being the Biggest Pretender. He does not possess a single humble bone.

  20. What service is being talked about here? You are being honored for good governance and yet CBU is still closed, FIC report being treated as a memo.

  21. You deserve all the Honours for your service to the nation Your Excellency. You are a fine and exemplary holder of the Office of the President. Blessed, shaken down, your cup overflows with God’s Grace and Favour. Chosen to serve His people to build a new country. Praise His Good Name, God is great. His honour is never earned by sweat nor personal effort.

    His Excellency Dr Lungu!!!

  22. Worst president Zambia has ever produced. God forgive us and help us find a leader of magufuli or sata Calibre.

  23. Wonders shall never end in Babel tower country, it only in zed where have heard people been addressed as Rev,Dr,his excellence, honourable, Lt colonel chibwika or whatever, watch how pf cadres will be praising him with so many titles before finally mentioning his name, the praise the North Koreans heap on their leader with be equal to kindergarten class.

  24. Good one Mr president.Service to fellow man is more important than these tittles.It will go down in history that Zambia has and had a humble president.

  25. Kkkkkk. Why are people very aprehensive over this doctrate. Chiluba, Kk, Kambwili, and a lot more were confered, please tell us with evidence what they REALLY did to deserve. whether you chose to burry your head in sand or not, we have seen some really good things happen during these leaders’ tenure. Off course not all will be rosy. Just give congrats and move on. You may deserve one sooner or later yourself and we will also congratulate you.

  26. It is important to clarify a number of things. First, President Lungu is being very untruthful when he claims he was one of the best students in his undergraduate law class at the University of Zambia (UNZA). The fact of the matter is that the top students in Lungu’s class were: Melvin Mbao (now Professor and retired Executive Dean of Law at North West University, South Africa), who was awarded the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree with Distinction – a very rare feat at UNZA; Timothy Katanekwa (now Judge), who was awarded the degree with Merit (immediately below distinction); and Louis Mukande, who was also awarded the degree with Merit. All three are alive and can confirm this. Second, the convention in all credible universities worldwide is that the award of an honorary degree DOES NOT…

  27. Am not a Doctor am a criminal
    I studied law and was top of the class but in practice I was very poor ,I never won a case in court.
    All am good at is misinterpreting the law to further my ambitions.

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