Health Facilities and Police Stations will not be load shedded -Energy Minister

Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa
Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa
Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa
Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa

Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa says ZESCO has no intentions of load-shedding critical Institutions like health facilities and police stations.

Mr. Nkhuwa has clarified that any power outages that may have occurred in some of these institutions could have been because of the current expansion of the roads in some parts of the country.

He says some power cables had been cut in the process of the road expansion works leading to outages in some areas.

Mr. Nkhuwa was speaking to journalists in Lusaka yesterday after the launch of the solar and wind resource Atlas and hand over of the resource mapping measuring equipment to Zambia by the World Bank.

Meanwhile, the Energy Minister said the solar and wind resource Atlas will provide variable information which will encourage developers to invest in solar and wind energy.

Mr. Nkhuwa said the development also supplements Government’s efforts in diversifying generation of electricity in the country.

And outgoing World Bank Country Manager, Ina Ruthernberg said Zambia is endowed with enormous renewable resources including solar energy, wind and small hydro.

Mrs. Ruthernberg added that the maps will provide quick and easy access to solar and wind resource data.


  1. But where are the LT resident PF rats who were singing and sontaring at how lungus exemplary leadership has ended load shedding. ????

    • But why even load shedding bwana Minister? You and the PF govt assured us that load shedding was a thing of the past.

  2. Water companies have little significance. Wait until rainy season that’s when we shall realise the importance of not load shedding major water treatment plants. Brings into discussion the need to give incentives for individual households drilling solar powered boreholes. They are relieving both the water system and the energy grid. Such policies would cheer the masses.

  3. I am not an electrical engineer but how do you isolate them (clinics and police offices) from the substations where I believe the switching off is done. Just buy them small diesel generators.

  4. And there was the old senile hen Bo Inonge last year saying Load-shedding had ended forever…really laughable…continue cheating the are you not going to load-shed police stations its not like they are separately connected to their own substations!!

    • Jay jay. You do not question why there is less maize this year because of the drought but you question why there is less electricity this year and yet BOTH depend on water i.e. rainfall. What logic but very logical on police stations. It is like switching off the main switch (in this case at the substation for the police station) for your house and expecting your master bedroom not to be affected.


    • Thanks for the correction as I also use the word “shedded”. Perhaps I am a lumpen, whatever that means. According to my research, “The verb shed is uninflected in the past tense and as a past participle. For example, she shed some fur yesterday and she has shed her excess fur are correct, as is we found some shed skin on the ground. Shedded appears occasionally, but dictionaries don’t recognize it, and it is rare in edited writing”.

  6. The Energy Minister’s statement “that health facilities will not be affected and if the have been it’s only because of road expansion works” is NOT CORRECT/NOT TRUE….. health institutions in Kitwe’s Parklands area are affected every day for close to 5hrs, and they are no roads expansion works in the area.

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