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Merciless and Ruthless expulsion of the CBU student union stinks-Msoni

Headlines Merciless and Ruthless expulsion of the CBU student union stinks-Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni says the merciless and ruthless expulsion of the Copperbelt university student union leaders by the PF regime stinks.

Party President Nason Msoni says the footprints are rather too apparent to be traced back to the source of the expulsion.

Mr. Msoni said in a nation with a leadership that acts on emotional turbulence and instil with the fear for regime change, this is entirely to be expected.

He said inferiority complex in any national leadership can be very destructive and shameful.

Mr. Msoni added that this is clearly illustrated by the willingness and without any sense of shame to deprive young vulnerable people of their much needed education whilst the leadership is busy putting itself forward to solicit and receive unearned university honours degrees for self gratification merely to satisfy their personal egos.

He has denounced the expulsion of students in the strongest terms and called for their immediate readmission in the university unconditionally.

Mr. Msoni warned that if the PF doesn’t change course Zambia is heading towards the same predicament as friends in Malawi.

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  1. No wonder we have undisciplined youths, it starts with teh reasoning of our leaders, especially opposition leaders, who condone indiscipline.Surely what has this do with Malawi?Leaders who always think of violence are liability to the national.They want to get power by all means regardless of the consequences.When the MCS died, I WITHDREW MY support to PF as it became apf. I thought the opposition would reform,but this has not happened. Apf at least doing something for the nation,unlike the opposition whose only concern is accusation without evidence

    • Merciless and Ruthless breaking of learning infrastructure at universities and stoning of innocent citizens’ vehicles passing near CBU stinks more, Msoni.
      I am not justifying Government’s and CBU administration’s shortcomings but the students’ taking of the law in their hands is a nonstarter.
      Civil servants at times go with delayed salary payments, a Government’s shortcoming stunt but whereas Workers often strike, they don’t cause destructive public disorder by breaking their own offices and Furniture. If a Worker oversteps even in your company, Msoni, it’s instant dismissal as you work to correct the situation.
      A call for an aggrieved partyto behave orderly is highly recommended.
      A Student Union leadership is to blame for needless loss…

    • of life,University property and citizens automobile period, unless you’re dull to see this.
      If your kids don’t eat at your home then it’s okay for them to smash your Furniture and the neighbors’. That’s preposterous.
      @1.1 Sakala
      Wait until your relative gets killed and your uncles daughter fails to go to University due to dilapidated infrastructure inflicted by your stup!d behavior.
      To be forewarned is to be forarmed.

    • Expel more of those Hooligans, Education must be respected. Let COBUSU yamafi join FRELIMO thats where their skills will be needed not in a University.

      P.S. Take Msoni with you.

  2. of life, University property and citizens automobile period, unless you’re dull to see this.
    If your kids don’t eat at your home then it’s okay for them to smash your Furniture and the neighbors’. That’s preposterous.


  4. Unfortunately for you people who think expelling students is the answer, you are too short sighted to see the injustice. You should consider why in the first place these protests happen, be objective and then only will you understand, otherwise it will forever be beyond your comprehension. These same universities leave much to be desired and you are so ok with it, like it or not Zambia does not produce world thought thinkers or scholars in large numbers let alone a 100. Part of the problem is that you have mediocre leadership and people like you that cannot think beyond your belly and may be komboni mentality, shameful

  5. Msoni, I hope you were a victim of those stone throwing hooligans. We now know where the students got that manic depressed behaviour like from a parent like you. Go and kiss a toilet sit with your one person party. Not that I support the continued closure of CBU, these kids ought and must learn that there are repercussions to senseless destroying of private and government property. So why not open your own university where these unruly hooligans can and destroy your property while you smile and watch them burn your SUV? Tiye panke we mbusi we. Law and order must be respected however you disagree with it.

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